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Luis Cordoba Ole Larsen The ISA Experience

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  • Luis Cordoba Ole Larsen The ISA Experience

    Anyone have family members involved with the "ISA Experience" and care to share details? It would appear that Ole Larsen and Luis Cordoba should be kept well away from families.

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    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I've been going to isa seminars for the past 15 years. It's a remarkable weekend. You should check it out for yourself before you badmouth it. Read the letters to Ole... you may change your point of view... :-)


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      Dear Anonymous

      I second Sus

      Dear Anonymous

      I second Susan.
      Irrespective of what goes on in other organisations, the isa seminar is really excellent, full of insights, and new ways of looking at things, and very practical.
      The seminar, and isa as an organisation put a lot of emphasis on family and relationships, and from a really constructive point of view - namely that if there are problems in relationships it is up to the individual to deal first with whatever in themselves is contributing to those problems. This is a big subject which I'm not going to try do justice to in this email.

      Unlike Susan I have not been to an Experience for a good many years, but every day I use things that I learned there, and I have no hesitation in saying that it is hugely beneficial

      That said, it is true that there can occasionally be issues when one partner goes to the experience without the other, depending on the real level of trust between them.
      The partner who goes has an experience of 40 or so hours of ideas, interactions and conversations which the other does not, and usually comes back buzzing with excitement and ideas for change.
      If the relationship - as is not uncommon - is built on compromises, the other partner may find this quite unsettling.
      I would therefore always recommend that couples go together.
      For the most part the couples I have known who have got past this initial hurdle are shining examples of how families can really work.

      No don't keep families away from Luis & Ole; recommend them - urge them - to go and take what they have to offer.


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        I have just completed an isa

        I have just completed an isa weekend for the first time in a few years and had forgotten how wonderful and insightful they are.

        I have learnt so much this time, about how wonderful my parents are and how honouring them is very important.

        Thanks to Ole and luis.


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          To anonymous at top of page..

          To anonymous at top of page.. You are correct about keeping families especially your young daughters away from Larsen and Cordoba. They have pedophiliac ideations about young girls in the cult. I can tell you much about them and their view on nubile young girls................. Beware!!


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            To the last poster, If you ar

            To the last poster, If you are so sure you know what you do why wont you even post who you are? What do you fear? My bet it is the fact that what you have writen is slander and you have no evidence to back up your statement! Some people post interesting arguments and are looking for what they believe is the truth, others are just mindless yobs that get off on posting rubbish.


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              Ole Larsen and Luis Cordoba a

              Ole Larsen and Luis Cordoba are nothing but jet-set gurus. Part of the dharma glitteratti. Isa is a superficial pep rally


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                Ole Larsen founded ISA 1977.

                Ole Larsen founded ISA 1977. There is no way a man with opportunistic goals would continue for so many years. If that was the case whey would have faded away along time ago.


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                  I assisted on the experience

                  I assisted on the experience for quite sometime and spent a lot of time around Ole and Luis. I doubt Ole Larsen is a pedophile, I doubt it very much.

                  He is, in my experience, sexually predatory. I stopped assisting because I couldn't respect Ole as my teacher after he touched me up at a get together, he thought it was funny, I guess he thought it was innocent; to me it felt like incest. According to a very reliable friend he did the same to her. He lives in France with a house full of women and he is a dinosaur when it comes to women's emancipation. He used to forever whitter on about how powerful women are. In his opinion men being violent or sexually predatory with women was due to this power we have over the poor saps.

                  Hakan, the only way such an opportunistic man would continue for so many years is that he created a cult following that sustains his power. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if the experience, the GIT and other courses net big bucks and the hotels are cheap and nasty and all the kings horses and all the kings men work for nothing, over the last 26 years or so Ole has made some serious money. I'm no accountant, but I reckon he's made around the $52 million mark.

                  Ole is a charismatic man, as is Luis, who by the way I experienced as delightful, if a little juvenile around the bra strap, pinging them boyishly whenever Ole was off in his room having a drink. Having a charismatic leader and double standards both feature highly in descriptions of cults.

                  After experiencing a weekend of mind-control techniques at the ISA experience culminating in a harrowing exposure of ”Three things I don’t want you to know about me” in front of a couple of hundred people, participants are asked not to tell their loved ones what happened at the experience. Live life in the open BUT/AND lie to everyone you know or meet.

                  If you are afraid for a loved one involved in ISA, there are some very supportive links to groups who help nurture you whilst your youngster (or mum and dad) wake up and realise that they really are in a cult. My intention is not to scare you, I am certain isa will never ever advocate self-harm or physically hurt anyone. The assistants all think they're doing great and being of service assisting on isa, they just don't get it that it's all very ordinary and a little bit sad.

                  For anyone who may be concerned, I recommend checking out the relevent links on factnet.


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                    Larsen is a pedophile

                    Larsen is a pedophile


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                      There is a factual story abou

                      There is a factual story about a man shot down in WW2 and was captured by the Nazi's. He was put in charge of dead bodies going out of the concentration camp. One day he decided to escape and set up a plan that took two weeks to implement. He got naked and got in with all the dead bodies only bringing a pair of pants. After the truck left the compound and the bodies were driven to the dump site and dumped he lay there in that pile until dark. It took him two weeks to get back to his unit. Upon arrival he said nothing to his fellow pilots. He jumped into a plane and went back to the camp and dropped a bomb on them and then quietly flew back home........


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                        I am really glad to see this

                        I am really glad to see this website up and running. It is great that these people can be exposed for who they are. Word of mouth before the net was slow but now it can be seen around the world. There are lots and lots of people numbering in the thousands that do not even know about this place to empower themselves against what they "Got" from Isa. I met several of them but now I dont know where they are.


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                          One word Larsen and Cordoba:

                          One word Larsen and Cordoba:

                          Gabacho Gabacho Gabacho. Anybody that speaks spanish knows what this is. It is exactly what you are Gabacho. It means Men with lots of money that visit poorer countries and have lots and lots of sex with beautiful women while servants wait on them Gabacho


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                            Baachnal now, pay later......

                            Baachnal now, pay later............


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