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Looking for Discussion Regarding Shepherds Chapel Bible Studay

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  • Looking for Discussion Regarding Shepherds Chapel Bible Studay

    My 75 year old aunt is an avid viewer/student of Mr. Murray's Shepherds Chapel. She would love to find others in the area that would like to discuss the teachings.

    She lives in South Dakota and would love to hear from you. Her number is 605-692-7721 and her name is Marilyn.

    She does not have a computer and so I told her I would try to find somewhere to post this message for her...if I have done this in error...I apologize. I just want to see her be able to do would make her very happy and I love her very much.


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    Cheryl, First of all you are t

    Cheryl, First of all you are too trusting to place your aunt's phone number on this site. If you knew how much people hate Arnold Murray and Shepherd's Chapel, including his students, you would have been more careful. They are certainly not beyond calling and harrassing your aunt. By the way, if you look under the category Religious Cults, you'll find a few of my posts there. I am a staunch defender of Murray's. I've been a student of his for more 15 years, and if your aunt would really like to hear from me, reply to this message and I'll give her a call. Please write to me at my alias email acccount at
    "Peter Cephas"


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      Hello Cheryl,

      Hello Cheryl,
      I just wanted to let you know there is a new forum for Shepherd's Chapel students. is new but you should post for her and keep a look out under her state. Hopefully, some others in her area will post soon.



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        arnold murray is a false teach

        arnold murray is a false teacher and does not know what he is talking about


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          thank god for shehperds chapel

          thank god for shehperds chapel, and pastor murray and the boys....god sure has opened my eyes, with there teachings, and to his truth....a void has been filled in my soul....and an emptyness, and a search for the true living god. has been revealed......before i could not watch t.v evangleism, with its phoney healings, laying of hands , miracles, as pastor murray puts it begging for money....and as far as church is concerned...i never felt comfortable in any church i attented...35 minutes of music...anouncements..all sweet, and candy coated....and preaching one verse of gospel, for 20 minutes....then the basket comes around, sometimes twice...what a shame.....and they say i should have fellowship..with other christians.......well to be honest you must know christ to be a christian...and it saddens me these people are falling for satans the 2 years ive been watching the chapel...3hrs a morning , and im truly blessed for that..ive been waiting for pastor murray to slip up somehow..but he hasnt as of yet, and i thank god for that...........sure , hes gruff..but friggin honest and by know means racist, or anti semetic......these bashers will always dig up dirt, and sometimes outright lies.........but, for 49yrs, i was seeking god, and truth, and has revealed these truths to me through this ministry.....godbless sheperds chapel