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Sober 5 years Plus How did YOU do it

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  • Sober 5 years Plus How did YOU do it

    I have not had an alcoholic drink since 1995. (I am not an addict.) I do NOT promote AA, but I have been a regular AA meeting attender since then; and I have done a fairly decent job at doing all of the 12 steps a number of times.

    I just found this website, read a few posts. I related to some of the posts and, for some of the posts, have no idea which planet some of these people are on.

    I have known people who have died from alcoholism, have even carried a casket, and I know many people who lead extremely successful sober lives.

    My experience is that AA, like most organizations, if you want to call it an organization, is not perfect. And, most local AA groups are at least somewhat different ... because they are made up of the many individuals who can and do form their own groups.

    If one thoroughly reads the AA website, and all of the literature, you cann easily see that this is a very liberal organization, and that there are actually NO RULES.

    (For example, no one has to say that they are an alcoholic. In fact, the 3rd Tradition says "The only requirement for membership is THE DESIRE to stop drinking. Of course, as most of us know, there is no FORMAL membership either.)

    Anyway, I "have resigned from the debating society" (This is another one of our cult sayings.) and I believe that RESULTS are the most important.

    And, by RESULTS, I mean 5-YEARS plus.

    How did you it? How have CONTINUED to stay physically, mentally and emotionally sober?



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    cruth, PLEASE, don't waste

    cruth, PLEASE, don't waste your time on this site! It is full of paranoid, hypocritical, closed-minded, sheep-like bipeds who feed off each other's negativity! They can see a cult in a glass of water!

    Believe me, I have tried reason and personal experience with them, and they JUST DON'T GET IT! They haven't got a clue: They are like lemmings!

    I will say that I have done it the same way as you. We are cut of the same cloth. I understand. Just celebrated 8 years. So my only advice to you is to keep on doing what you're doing and don't frustrate yourself with this site. You will only get a headache.

    But if you are easily entertained, as I am, then please continue to visit! It is most entertaining to 'wind'em up and watch'em go', but I have tired of it. I really have better things to do. I monitor 'them' (from the "FACT"net planet, LOL).



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      we_agnostics is back!

      we_agnostics is back!
      HOO-RAH! (Rattle, rattle)


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        A perfect example of why you w

        A perfect example of why you will find nothing of value on these pages, dear reader.

        As you can see from the previous poster's wit, the yelping yahoos of FACTNet entertain themselves, not unlike masturbating mentally, which they seem pretty good at. So, at least that is one thing in their favour!

        These blogs are essentially useless, and I only pop in from time to time to see if anything has actually changed. NOPE!

        So, kind reader, do yourself a favour and Google for some MEANINGFUL facts: You shan't find any here on these pages. <---- This is the only REAL TRUTH you shall find here!

        So go, live long, be happy, and never shall your intelligence be sullied by the wretched retoric of 'FACTNet'.

        (Oh, yeah......Hi, art! Nice of you to acknowledge something concrete (like my absence) other than your cranium! I love you, too!)

        Take care! I care! With love (of the unconditional sort) ALWAYS, ~~~WE_AGNOSTICS


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          W_A wrote [i]... "the wret

          W_A wrote ... "the wretched rhetoric of 'FACTNet'".

          I love FACTNet because of it's belief in free speech we can question the cult of AA and it's contempt for non-believers. AA's disease model is the ultimate of junk science.

          And now YOU know something concrete W_A. Yea, yea, we know, you hate us unconditionally,... blah blah blah.


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            Your words, not mine, art. Ta

            Your words, not mine, art. Talk to your shrink.
            You'll work it out, before you kill somebody with your bile! Tsk, you demonstration is pathetic!


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              I've never seen you so ang

              I've never seen you so angry troll, didn't get to see your shrink today?


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                ^ Rage-aholic. Obviously. ^

                ^ Rage-aholic. Obviously. ^


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                  Is there is too much corruptio

                  Is there is too much corruption in A.A. and other 12 step cults? Yes!
                  Corruption is all there is in 12 Stepism. The treatment industry is a multi-billion-dollar game. They don't want to give up all of that money.
                  That last thing that they want the public to know is that 12-Step treatment is just superstitious cult religion that doesn't work at all.
                  There's plenty of good money to be made selling cult religion to the suckers.
                  Good thing that there is FACTNet here to point that out!


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                    FACTNet points out nothing. Y

                    FACTNet points out nothing. You are the only one pointing, my friend.





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                      AA is not only a religious cul

                      AA is not only a religious cult, it is a radical cult, an evil cult, a widespread cult, and a dangerous cult. AA has become an engine of social decay posing as a noble, altruistic fellowship.
                      That last thing that they want the public to know is that 12-Step treatment is just superstitious cult religion that doesn't work at all.
                      There's plenty of good money to be made selling cult religion to the suckers.

                      Good thing that we all know that we_ag is a troll.