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What are the dangers of a Sociopath

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  • What are the dangers of a Sociopath

    Recently, I have recently escaped from an affair with a woman who seems to be nothing less than a sociopath. Now being outside of the relationship, and speaking honestly with my wife about the issue, I can see all the signs that would indicate a sociopath. Manipulation of all members of my family (from being my mistress to my wife's best friend, to being our children's godmother). Her constant role of victim in all aspects of her life (having issues as a child, disowned by family, relationship with men...turns out I was not the first married man, etc.). Her delusions of greatness (at 35 and having a paralegal degree she was bound to be a judge within two years). Her sexual activities, she maintains "f*ck buddies" for sex without emotional attachment, etc. In fact when I read about sociopaths she seems meet every catagory.

    Now while I admit I am guilty of my acts, in fact the only innocents in this are my family. My concern is does she, as a sociopath, poise a continued danger to my family? Some things around the house seem to have been distrubed since the break-up. My wife noticed the appearance of some play-doe flowers like she used to make, after my wife had cleaned the room of all items associated with the woman. She also returned home to a lingering smell of the woman's cigarettes. Now the family dog does now the woman and would not feel her a threat to the home, so she could sneak in without trouble.

    How dangerous should we consider this woman?

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    Sociopaths may exhibit a vari

    Sociopaths may exhibit a variety of behaviors including, infidelity, feelings of victimization, paranoia, a need to tell others of their imagined fears. I would be more concerned about the retribution of a loving wife. Those who swim in sewers most likely will smell.


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      go read the other posts about

      go read the other posts about sociopaths,because you will see many characteristics listed and detailed, and personal accounts. It makes you wonder how people get to be that way, no regard for others' feelings.


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        This is a letter (undated

        This is a letter (undated) that Nicole Simpson wrote about Mr. Wonderful The Socio!

        Nicole Brown Simpson's letter to O.J. Simpson
        (This letter was introduced in Simpson's civil trial)
        Text of undated letter from Nicole Brown Simpson to O.J. Simpson. Simpson testified he never received the letter.

        O.J. --

        I think I have to put this all in a letter. Alot of years ago I used to do much better in a letter, I'm gonna try it again now.

        I'd like you to keep this letter if we split, so that you'll always know why we split. I'd also like you to keep it if we stay together, as a reminder.

        Right now I am so angry! If I didn't know that the courts would take Sydney & Justin away from me if I did this I would (expletive) every guy including some that you know just to let you know how it feels.

        I wish someone could explain all this to me. I see our marriage as a huge mistake & you don't.

        I knew what went on in our relationship before we got married. I knew after 6 years that all the things I thought were going on -- were! All the things I gave in to -- all the "I'm sorry for thinking that" "I'm sorry for not believing you" -- "I'm sorry for not trusting you."

        I made up with you all the time & even took the blame many times for your cheating. I know this took place because we fought about it alot & even discussed it before we got married with my family & a minister.

        OK before the marriage I lived with it & dealt with (illegible) mainly because you finally said that we weren't married at the time.

        I assumed that your recurring nasty attitude & mean streak was to cover up your cheating & a general disrespect for women & a lack of manners!

        I remember a long time ago a girlfriend of yours wrote you a letter -- she said well you aren't married yet so let's get together. Even she had the same idea of marriage as me. She believed that when you marry you wouldn't be going out anymore -- adultery is a very important thing to many people.

        It's one of the 1st 10 things I learned at Sunday school. You said it (illegible) some things you learn at school stick! And the 10 Comandments did!

        I wanted to be a wonderful wife!

        I believed you that it would finally be "you & me against the world" -- that people would be envious or in awe of us because we stuck through it & finally became one a real couple.

        I let my guard down -- I thought it was finally gonna be you & me -- you wanted a baby (so you said) & I wanted a baby -- then with each pound you were terrible. You gave me dirty looks looks of disgust -- said mean things to me at times about my appearance walked out on me & lied to me.

        I remember one day my mom said "he actually thinks you can have a baby & not get fat."

        I gained 10 to 15 lbs more that I should have with Sydney. Well that's by the book -- Most women gain twice that. It's not like it was that much -- but you made me feel so ugly! I've battled 10 lbs up & down the scale since I was 15 -- It was no more X-tra weight than was normal for me to be up -- I believe my mom -- you thought a baby weighs 7 lbs & the woman should gain 7 lbs. I'd like to finally tell you that that's not the way it is -- And had you read those books I got you on pregnancy you may have known that.

        Talk about feeling alone ....

        In between Sydney & justin you say my clothes bothered you -- that my shoes were on the floor that I bugged you -- Wow that's so terrible! Try I had a low self esteem because since we got married I felt like the paragraph above.

        There was also that time before Justin & after few months Sydney, I felt really good about how I got back into shape and we made out. You beat the holy hell out of me & we lied at the X-ray lab & said I fell off a bike ... Remember!??

        Great for my self esteem.

        There are a number of other instances that I could talk about that made my marriage so wonderful ... like the televised Clipper game & going to (illegible) before the game & your 40th birthday party & the week leading up to it. But I don't like talking about the past It depressed me.

        Then came the pregnancy with Justin & oh how wonderful you treated me again -- I remember swearing to God & myself that under no circumstances would I let you be in that delivery room.

        I hated you so much.

        And since Justin birth & the mad New Years Eve beat up.

        I just don't see how our stories compare -- I was so bad because I wore sweats & left shoes around & didn't keep a perfect house or comb my hair the way you liked it -- or had dinner ready at the precise moment you walked through the door or that I just plain got on your nerves sometimes.

        I just don't see how that compares to infidelity, wife beating verbal abuse --

        I just don't think everybody goes through this --

        And if I wanted to hurt you or had it in me to be anything like the person you are -- I would have done so after the (illegible) incident. But I didn't even do it then. I called the cops to save my life whether you believe it or not. But I didn't pursue anything after that -- I didn't prosecute, I didn't call the press & I didn't make a big charade out of it. I waited for it to die down and asked for it to. But I've never loved you since or been the same.

        It made me take a look at my life with you -- my wonderful life with the superstar that wonderful man, O.J. Simpson the father of my kids -- that husband of that terribly insecure (illegible) -- the girl with no self esteem (illegible) of worth -- she must be (illegible) those things to with a guy like that.

        It certainly doesn't take a strong person to be with a guy like that and certainly no one would be envious of that life.

        I agree after we married things changed -- we couldn't have house fulls of people like I used to have over & barbque for, because I had other responsabilities. I didn't want to go to alot of events & I'd back down at the last minute on fuctions & trips I admit I'm sorry --

        I just believe that a relationship is based on trust -- and the last time I trusted you was at our wedding ceremony. it's just so hard for me to trust you again. Even though you say you're a different guy. That O.J. Simpson guy brought me alot of pain heatache -- I tried so hard with him -- I wanted so to be a good wife. But he never gave me a chance.

        Simpson Trial Page


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          Hi honest 1967

          re your pos

          Hi honest 1967

          re your post of may

          i wonder how you are doing now?

          do you know more about sociopaths?

          has it been confirmed that the lady you were having an affair with, really is a sociopath?

          if not, why did you (need to) suspect she was?

          If yes, do you know what lured you into a relationship with one in the first place?

          You must have known and trusted the lady for a long time, for her to be your wifes friend and your childs godmother and i'm just wondering what made you eventually suspect she was a sociopath?

          how is your family, especially your wife, coping with this?


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            So I just moved to a new area

            So I just moved to a new area and one of the first people to talk to me in one of my classes was this guy named Andrew. As I started hanging out with him more and more I wondered where is this person from? He would constantly insult people and then be like... im just joking. And he would boss me around while I was driving. Telling me I'm either not driving fast enough or I missed a good parking spot. And he always talks about how he is a Christian... but he doesnt live a very Christian life. He sometimes goes to clubs and occationally drinks and smokes pot and he has a crazy sex drive. And if I try to confront him with a problem he gets so angry and he's like whatever, you're ****ing me off. It seems like he can dish it but not take it. If he acts a certain way to me and then I give it back to him he can't stand it. Twice I have made plans with him that he has canceled last minute and not understood why it bothered me. I mean, don't get me wrong he can be very nice and fun to hang out with. Sometimes he expresses and interest in going out with me and it throws me off. I feel like an idiot for continuing to talk to him...

            Is there anyway you can confront someone like this? He is only 18... is he young enough to change his behavior or can it not be changed? Should I just stay away from him?


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              First of all, you probably wou

              First of all, you probably would not be on this board if you thought everything was ok with Andrew.
              Good relationships are not filled with all the emotional abuse, and ups and downs like the ones that you discribe. He sounds very similar to someone that I knew. The person that I knew, only got worse as I was around him more.

              I think one of the biggest problems is the person who wants to be around the kind of behavior that you describe, and allows themselves to be a victim of that kind of abuse.

              You can't fix him. Maybe a good therapist can. It doesnt matter if Andrew says he is a christian or not if he is not behaving like a christian.

              If I were you, knowing what I know, and having been in a relationship with a sociopath, and having allowed myself to be his victim, I would never, never, see or talk to anyone like you descibe Andrew to be, again.

              I would get far away from this guy. Sociopaths can be very manipulative. They will do anything they can to keep you in their snare. They seem to not have the same feelings that non-socipaths have. No sense of right and wrong so to speak.

              They will lie, cheat, confuse, and sometimes even hypnotize, all while being very charming. It can be very confusing, if you are the least bit vulnerable.

              For your own good drop him.
              Believe it or not, there are alot of good, kind, loving people out there. If you find yourself being attracted the Andrew type, over and over, then you must ask yourself why? The problem may be a self-esteem issue that you have, that needs to be addressed. Ask yourself why you would allow yourself to be a victim of this kind of person.
              I hope and pray you drop this one for your own good.
              God Bless