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  • Fox News

    I have posted two articles on school news with more to follow. The articles were taken verbatim from ABC News. I knew the leftwing would justify itself by lamenting Fox News. I love watching them waffle and wallow.

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    Well then, Cowshut, what you need to do is post links to the stories you bring here. Your comment about the “leftwing waffling and wallowing” doesn’t really mean anything, and is only part of your toxic right-wing propaganda rhetoric.


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      "I love watching them waffle"


      Put a little more of that Maine syrup on them and enjoy!


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        I got your waffle right here, Easeltine. Take a great big bite.


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          Is "got your waffle right here" a metaphor for "pig in a blanket"?

          I sensed a tone of homoeroticism, which made me vaguely uncomfortable but only in the sense of the uncalled for sensualization of common, frozen breakfast items...


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            Actually, one has no reason to post a source for news. That is the nature of news. Reporters, news agencies, report fact. Manipulated media, on the other hand, reports opinions. That is why I do not listen to manipulated . . . lamestream media.


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              Cowshut -- Citing reliable sources is an important part in any sharing of information, in order to verify the material. Without linking to where you got your information anything you say is nothing but politically-motivated propaganda.

              It doesn’t surprise me that you, as a right-wing propagandist, used the term “lamestream media,” something Sarah Palin adopted to describe any news source other than Fox.

              As Arden Jensen, a Ph.D. professor of English at Lee University said, “The more she complains about the ‘lamestream media’ the more it covers her and increases her earnings potential.” This is how she talked her way into celebrity and wealth.


              “After the Republicans’ defeat in 2008, she quit her job as governor of Alaska and re-introduced herself to the public through Facebook, Twitter, a memior, a new gig as a commentator on Fox television and a reality TV show about Alaska, without the interference of what she called the ‘lamestream media.” (Alexis Gelber, Shorenstein Center Goldsmith Fellow)


              Using the term “lamestream media” reveals your association with the far right, and your posting here at FACTnet as a vehicle for right wing propaganda.


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                Actually, 80% of the people in the U.S. use the term "lame-stream media."

                As for Palin's "Alaska," she mantained a viewing audience of three-million-per-episode for all thirteen programs. That is a feat no leftwing radical can come close to. MSNBC, CNN, etc. do good to atract an audience of less than one-million-viewers-per-episode. So, yes, it is lame-stream media based on viewer numbers alone, not to mention its opinionated reporting bias. Even you have acknowledged lamestream media's reporting bias on this thread.


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                  What nether region did you pull that statistic from, “80% of people in the U.S. use the term lame-stream media?” Most likely from that place where the sun doesn’t shine and where your keep your head buried, the right-wing bubble of disinformation.

                  The same goes for your claims about Sarah Palin’s Alaska series ratings. You said that “she maintained a viewing audience of three-million-per-episode for all thirteen programs.” You seem to have forgotten that the Alaska series was on TLC, which is not a cable news channel; so comparing that to MSNBC or CNN doesn’t work in terms of ratings. AMC’s Walking Dead had almost seven million viewer last week, and The History Channel’s Pawn Stars and MTV’s Jersey Shore got more than five million viewers.


                  What does that tell you? As you said, “based on viewer numbers alone,” more people are interested in watching a group of survivors battle zombies and a reality series showing the daily activities of a pawn shop in Los Vegas then were interested in watching Sarah Palin live her life in Alaska.