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Racial Hatred . . . Obama's

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  • Racial Hatred . . . Obama's

    Can you imagine a Whites for Democrat/Republican? Talk about double standards . . . not to mention the filthy racial hatred of Obama.

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    There was a record amount of voters in the 2008 election - 130 million
    It was the largest number of African-Americans that voted in that election in the history of the United States.
    The African-American Community accounted for 12.1% of the vote.
    Of the African-American Community there was 95% that voted for President Obama.
    President Obama beat Senator McCain by a margin of 52.9% to 45.7%, a difference of 7.2%.

    If President Obama does not get the African-American base energized like he did in 2008, he is probably toast.

    I think that the African-American community will look at President Obama's record and there will only be a 9% showing, based on past elections. That 3% gap could be quite big, since the Moderates and Independents with a brain looking at an increase in the National Debt from 10 Trillion to 15.4 Trillion are probably not going to vote for the President like they did in 2008!
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      Here is a major point!

      If you are African-American and you like President Obama you better get to the polls! The African-American vote was vital for the President's election in 2008, and will be super important not only for the President, but the House and Senate for the Democrats. Come on we all know that 92% of African-Americans vote for Democrats!!

      If the African-American community had the same number vote as they did in 2004 President Obama would have beaten Senator McCain by only around 2.5%, (around 50.43%-48.17%).

      Consider, that the National Debt has gone up from 10 Trillion to 15.4 Trillion, an amount more than the entire Presidency of President Bush, and the fact that every month during the Obama Administration the Unemployment Rate has been worse than any month during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. I think that Moderates and Independent will go for a Governor Romney President, (perhaps Senator Santorum V.P, or Congressman Ron Paul V.P., Speaker Gingrich has toasted himself for this scenario), and beat President Obama.

      I am predicting it right now, based on what I think the numbers indicate. If the African-America community votes like it did last time - President Obama will lose by only around 51%-48%, (close enough to make a difference!), compared to the community voting like the community did in 2004, around 53%-46%. I think Governor Romney is a better candidate than Senator McCain, especially paired with a person from the Senate.

      I predict the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans after this coming election. That may be more certain then President Obama winning, based on numbers.

      ...and, just to say it, everybody knows that President Obama is more Caucasian/Arab, then he is Negroid, (mom all Caucasian, dad mostly Negroid some Arab), although, he really is 50% African-American classification.

      I am not looking at President Obama's skin color, that isn't how we should look at a person. We should consider his background, and what the President has done in office.

      For this fact is true about looking at an individual:

      "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

      At least the President seems for the most part to be a good family man! That is something that even Senator Santorum has stated about President Obama. This, however, is not enough to get my vote.
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