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Pastor Sister Crouch and Reverend Fred Price needs to teach President Obama about MONEY!

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  • Pastor Sister Crouch and Reverend Fred Price needs to teach President Obama about MONEY!

    The last African-American Church I was at.

    “Sister Crouch, I would like to give a testimony! Praise the Lord! My niece needed to buy a car, Praise the Lord! We went to the salesperson and found the car she wanted, Praise the Lord! It was a beautiful car! My niece did not have enough money for the car, Praise the Lord! But we knew that Jesus is the Provider, Praise the Lord! So, my niece took out her check book and wrote a check for the down payment, Praise the Lord! She did not have the money in the bank account, but Praise the Lord! We know he will provide the money! Praise the Lord!”

    Sister Crouch after the testimony time look at the Aunt and said, “We need to have a talk after the meeting on writing checks when you don’t have the money in the bank!”

    A month after that Reverend Price had to correct his congregation for writing bounced checks for the offering…oh God will provide…

    This describes the problem with the Liberal Democrats. I am talking about the President, Vice President, and every Liberal Democrat in the House and Senate! You don’t add $5.5 Trillion to the National Debt in 3 years, you don’t write a check when you don’t have the money. You don’t triple the Deficit in 3 years! You don’t spend more of a percentage of the Spending vs. GDP, (except 3 years WWII), more than any other Administration in the History of the United States!

    If you are a Liberal Democrat on Social Issues you should consider voting for Governor Romney, a Mormon knows how to handle money!

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    Just for the record:

    Bush Administration
    From 9/30/2000 the National Debt was 5.5. Trillion, and it went to 10 Trillion by 9/30/08. That is a 4.5 Trillion increase in the National Debt in 8 years. That was too much. No Excuse!

    Obama Administration
    From 9/30/2008 the National Debt was 10 Trillion, and it is now at 15.6 Trillion. That is a 5.6 Trillion increase in only a little over 3 years. That is over double the rate of the Bush Administration! That is a disaster! No Excuse! There needs to be a change!


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      easeltine are you a mathmatician? If so explain to me how someone can be in the red and the negative numbers increase though there is no extra spending. Making the numbers look more then they are.


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        If Romney is the nominee than I will hold my nose and vote for Romney over Obama. Both of them are in Cults, Obama is in a extreme Leftist political mind control Cult and Romney is in an extreme NON Christian religious mind control Cult, Mormonism. But such is American politics.

        But the always successful workhorse of America is capitalism. Capitalism and our prosperity stand a better chance of survival under a Republican president with a Republican Congress than with 4 more years of Obama's deceptive socialism and blatant Chicago style graft and corruption.

        The pendulum desperately needs to swing back to compassionate conservative methods. Under fair, minimally regulated capitalism all ships rise with the tide.

        But until ALL city, county, state and federal taxes, fees are repealed and replaced with a consumption sales tax (excluding food and medicine) collected, administered, distributed by the states we will get nowhere. There can be no incentive to succeed when success is penalized.

        Think about it!

        Romney is far from the best candidate the Republicans have to offer. But I am left with no other choice to vote for him to help get America back on the right track.


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          Hi Franklin. Tell me, what “extreme leftist political mind-control cult" is the President of the United States in?


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            How about deceptive "Socialism" disguised as "Progressivism". Falsely linking himself to Theodore Roosevelt who was a Capitalist but Obama is not. How about "Black Liberation" theology which is a Cult all to itself. How about the Chicago political mafia cult, which imprisoned Governor Blagojevich is just tip of the iceberg!

            I am all for a government balanced between compassionate conservatism and capitalist liberalism.

            Obama is very far to the Left of those two groups.

            Obama is the most extreme Leftist president this country has ever had. And the economy is proof of that.

            We have seen many political cults occupy the White House. Nixon's was one of the worst. The Obama administration is one of the worst also.

            Happy to have a black president, just not Obama!


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              Hi Franklin. You didn’t answer my question as to what “extremist leftist political mind-control cult” that you say President Obama belongs to. You mentioned “socialism disguised as progressivism,” “Black Liberation theology,” and the “Chicago political mafia cult.” none of which our President is a member of.

              Franklin, the President of the United States is a Christian Democrat, and that is not a “mind-control cult.” Barack Obama is not a socialist, he is not a Muslim, nor is he the anti-Christ. He’s a citizen of the United States who is a graduate of Harvard Law School (who was selected as the first black editor of Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year and president of the journal in his second year), then a Visiting Law and Government Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School where he taught for twelve years teaching constitutional law, a lawyer specializing in civil rights litigation, and a board member of the Wood Fund of Chicago and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

              This man was then elected to the Illinois Senate, then re-elected twice. He then became chairman of the Illinois Senates’ Health and Human Services Committee. The rest is history.

              Franklin, the President of the United States does not belong to any “mind-control cult.”


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                Will if Dodge say so then it must be true.



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                  franklin, dodge and whoever else not for kids to hear and adults can't handle fowl language ignorre this. Who is turtle people here. one more thing it was on CB thread.

                  HOpefully a monitor will have enought sense to delete this post.
                  Last edited by turtle; 04-15-2012, 11:02 PM.


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                    Pastor Sister Crouch and Reverend Fred Price needs to teach President Obama about MONEY!

                    The last African-American Church I was at.
                    I don't know who "Sister Crouch" is, but.. I suspect he'd be better off taking those lessons in economics from the governors of Iowa and North Dakota.


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                      Hi Stage,

                      Sandra Crouch is the twin sister, of Andre Crouch. Sandra was a singer with Andre back in the days of the group Andre Crouch and the Disciples. Andre and Sandra Crouch have co-pastored their father's COGIC church after he died. The church is near my home -

                      You might remember who Sandra Crouch is now?

                      There was a lady that was dying from MS in an Old People's Home that I bacame friends with. I would visit her every week before her death. One day I came and I found a music cassette of Andre Crouch with his signature. I asked her, "Andre Crouch came and visited you?" She was just beaming and said, "Yes, he just came by to see me a few days ago."

                      Sometimes people do good, and nobody knows about it except Andre Crouch, myself, the lady dying, and God. Nobody should have a problem with a famous person making a dying person feel better?


                      When I visited Sandra's Church she was doing worship and I could feel her look and me and say, "If you don't know how to dance, do a little side step, left, middle, right, middle... This is for you Conservatives out there."

                      The blood that Jesus shed for me,
                      way back on Calvary;
                      the blood that gives me strength
                      from day to day,
                      it will never lose its power.

                      It reaches to the highest mountain,
                      it flows to the lowest valley;
                      the blood that gives me strength
                      from day to day,
                      it will never lose its power.

                      It soothes my doubts and calms my fears,
                      and it dries all my tears;
                      the blood that gives me strength
                      from day to day,
                      it will never lose its power.
                      Last edited by easeltine; 04-19-2012, 03:40 PM.


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                        I wonder is andrea crouch kin to paul crouch of tbn? Oh just joking. I remember the name andrea, and perhaps song some his songs.


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                          I'm asking for this shirt for my birthday.


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                            Easeltine, you say some of the strangest things at different times where shirt come from. Misprint?


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                              "If you don't know how to dance, do a little side step, left, middle, right, middle... This is for you Conservatives out there."
                              lol That's funny.