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Dodge, down here dodge

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  • Dodge, down here dodge

    Did you do what i suggested? No, I didn't think you had the manhood to turn off manipulated media for a full week. You are like a cocaine addict who needs a daily fix . . . except your fix is manipulated media. We did. Andy and I took our four wheelers and traveled the southeast. We started in the mountains of north Georgia, then over to Tennessee, then south to the sandy beaches of Alabama. We finished our riding in the pine forrest of Mississippi. Thank you we had a great time.

    It is a shame you have never smelled raw earth, flowers and trees. Never heard a bird sing, or a brook babble. Never watched sand ooze up between your toes. Never heard the calming sounds of breaking waves or seen the jagged clift ablaze. Never tasted grits cooked over a campfire or drank from an artesian well. Never looked at the stars in the night sky and wondered who arranged them. Never had a conversation with a complete stranger. What a horrible life you live . . . plugged into manipulated media.

    But that is alright, dodge, keep looking down your nose at us commoners. We are enjoying every minute of every day. Something you can't do. The first step to recovery is admitting you are addicted.

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      Originally posted by dodge View Post
      There there now. The first signs of addiction is denial.


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        Hmmm, be careful you don't spray yourself in the face. 'Nuff said..