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    Hi Ba2. Cowshut is a troll, whoís only purpose here is to spread viral right-wing propaganda and attack liberals. Heís not interested in engaging in an exchange of ideas and opinions because heís here on a self-appointed mission to demonize the President and liberals in general. Talking with him is like trying to have a conversation with Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.


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      Hi Dodge,
      That's how I see it too. But its a slow day and I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.


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        Originally posted by ba2 View Post
        Hey Col. Bo,

        Like it or not, we are all a product of our experiences. Maybe I never pulled a calf from the mud, but it seems I have very different experiences than you, which makes me a very different person than you.

        Are you really a Col? That would make you part of a small club. I was a Spc4, one of thousands. Have you ever held a dear friend in your arms as they died a painful death? Have you ever believed, without any doubts, that at the next moment, you were going to die, or maybe worse? Have you ever experienced the smell of bodies burning? Or watch a river of human blood? Have you ever been forced to do things that continue to haunt you for over 40 years? Doing things because you were convinced it was your duty.

        It is easy to lose trust of authority.

        We are all a product of our experiences. We canít help that. Sometimes we can study and learn and grow in our experiences. As thinking adults in charge of our own lives, we can try to give ourselves good experiences. New experiences help create a new person, hopefully for the better. Maybe then we can try to forget the bad in our past and move on to something better.

        Have you ever sat back and though about how your experiences may have shaped your belief system, about everything and anything?
        My exact point to dodge. Should dodge ever get the balls to turn off manipulated media and factnet, he will see the world from an all new set of eyes.


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          Originally posted by dodge View Post
          Hi Cowshut. In answer to your questions:

          Have you ever heard a babbling brook? Yes, many times.

          Have you ever sat on a rock? Yes, countless times.

          Do you know what tree bark feels like? Yes. As a matter of fact I have extensive experience with trees.

          Have you ever changed a flat tire? Of course; and not only mine but othersí.

          Have you ever pulled a calf from the mud? No, but Iíve pulled porcupine quills out of a dogís mouth, helped free a horse from being stuck in mud, rescued dogs and cats from kill shelters, helped turtles across busy roads, and nursed injured wild animals back to health and returned them back their natural settings.

          Iíve climbed mountains, crossed deserts, lived in jungles, cleared trails, swam in oceans and lakes, built Indian sweat lodges, and am a retired disabled veteran who served in the military.

          Why do you ask me such questions? Whatís your point?
          The first step to breaking your addiction is admitting you are addicted.