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Two death tales

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  • Two death tales

    While traveling this past week, I read about a black on white (almost) murder in Columbus, Ga. (

    I wonder why Obama did not say "this could be my daughter."

    Of course, it would be too easy to compare the two cases. One has been tried to death in the court of public opinion, the other has on silence.

    Victim #1
    17 year-old-black-male has a long crimnal history

    Victim #2
    16 year-old-hispanic-female
    Straight A/Bs in school, never in trouble

    Shooter #1
    Never been in trouble of any kind

    Shooter #2
    Long history of crimnal trouble

    Black community reaction?
    Shooting #1
    white (hispanic) on black = hanging is too good for him

    Shooting #2
    Black on white(hispanci) = set him free