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Racial Occupations

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  • Racial Occupations

    I asked previously which occupations are best suited for one race. Moments after the Zimmerman/Martin bit hit the news, the white police chief lost his job. He was replaced by a black junior officier. Obama has said "jobs no American wants" should be filled by Mexicans. Obama's appointee to the Supreme Court has said "hispanic women" make better decisions than white men. The majority of School Board jobs go to blacks. So come, my question was not that tuff was it?

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    Where did you get your statistics that ďthe majority of school board jobs go to blacks? You seem obsessed with race. You started this thread, and you have a few more just talking about Trayvon Martin. Seems to me that youíre politicizing not only the death of Trayvon Martin, but race itself. Looks like youíre just following the party line as a right-wing propagandist. Itís what you do. Are you being paid by Rush Limbaugh?


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      Can you answer my question? OH! by the by, it was your messiah who said "It is time for America to have a black president and I am black."


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        What question was that, Cowshut? I understand that youíre obsessed with race; but I donít see a question here.


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          Humans are equal cowbo, however sometimes different races in certain situations are better then others depending the group you working with. Meaning if you working with a white supremacy or black supremacy group best to stick to that particular race of people. However all groups should be involved.