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Foundation for Human Understanding Roy Masters

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  • Foundation for Human Understanding Roy Masters

    I used to listen to him years ago, and now look back and wonder if he fit the definition of a cult. Does anyone know if he is even still around? He used to run the Foundation for Human Understanding

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    yeah he is still on the radio

    yeah he is still on the radio and makes some good points ,he gives advice but is not a cult.


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      He would be anti-cult because

      He would be anti-cult because he brings out how people manipulate and control each other. It seems like he is saying that the most important thing is that you are not to respond emotionally to pressures from others because that is how people end up being under control and are minipulated. If someone can get you to jump, they have got you under control.

      Forinstance, you may have seen in an old movie western, the sod buster coming into a saloon ordering a sasparilla and the bad guys shooting a pistol at his feet making him dance. If the sod buster has the courage to refuse -- the game is over. If a woman dangles her bait, and a guy comes panting after her like a dog -- guess who is in control? People, even family, do cruel things to each other just for the power to control and they mostly don't realize it.

      I am a Christian and I have been listening to him on radio since 1967. I've really read and listened carefully to determine whether we is a Christian or not. Although he doesn't use traditional rhetoric of organized sectarian religion he has made clear the uniqueness of Christ and that salvation is in Christ. Still, much of organized religion doesn't like him because he liberates people of all this man-made religion.

      The Foundation of Human Understanding was for many years in Los Angeles on Venice Boulevard next to the old Helms Bakery. In more recent years he moved to Grant's Pass, Oregon, and conducts his operation at Tall Timber's Ranch in Selma, Oregon. [I understand that the property used to belong to John Wayne who may have supported Roy Masters' program.] They have occassional retreats there. Last I heard, they have Sunday meetings every other week but he is not always there. His radio log and publications list is extensive.

      You can find Roy Masters at


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        I am also a Christian and i d

        I am also a Christian and i do like Roy ,he is there for the people taking live phone calls thru the radio and gives free good advice ,unlike the pastors that dont have time for anybody.. God bless Roy


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          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;Roy

          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;Roy Masters is the greatest living teacher of psychology. His writings illuminate the unconcious motivations of human behavior and provide for the reader a dazzling blueprint for action and personal growth.&#34;</FONT> -Dr. George M. Hayter, Psychiatrist Chairman, Department of Psychiatry St. Joseph&#39;s Hospital, Orange, California

          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;After reading this book, &#40;How to Conquer Negative Emotions&#41;, you will not be the same. It represents to psychology what jet travel represents to the horse and buggy.&#34;</FONT> -Paul Bahder, M.D. Princeton, New Jersey

          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;This book &#40;The Hypnosis of Life&#41; is a survival manual, leading you step by step towards becoming free from the subconcious pressures of your life. Beyond Socrates, beyond Freud, Roy Masters brings you face to face with the reality of your own being. Will you dare to see the truth?&#34;</FONT> -Teresa Bahder, M.A. Clinical Psychologist Princeton New Jersey

          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;Right on target! Roy Masters revitalizes ageless wisdom. For many, one hour with Roy Masters will be more beneficial than years of traditional insight psychotherapy.&#34;</FONT> -Clancy D. MacKenzie Director of Philadelphia Psychiatric Consultation Service

          <FONT COLOR="119911">&#34;What a pleasure and honor it is to endorse this book!
          &#34;I have had many years of training in the science of medicine. I have taught in universities and made contributions to medical literature and spent many years in private practice; then I heard Roy Masters&#39; radio program. I must admit I was shocked at first, but I listened.
          &#34;Although some of his statements appear contradictory to traditional scientific beliefs, I senced an underlying ring of Truth. I was intrigued and sent for the literature.
          &#34;I was astounded to find how right-on his principles were and how they filled in the gap I had always felt was missing in modern medicine. Today&#39;s fundamental misconception that science is the Truth is clearly rectified by what Roy Masters teaches.
          &#34;The Foundation of Human Understanding has been a great help to me in my work with many difficult problem patients.
          &#34;I must warn you, however, this book is not for everyone.&#34;</FONT> -Albert R. MacKenzie, M.D.


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            Douglas: It&#39;s nice to

            Douglas: It&#39;s nice to see you over here.


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              My wife picked up one of Roys

              My wife picked up one of Roys tapes and I&#39;ve never seen such a sudden and dramatic change for the better in someone.


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                He understands the nature of

                He understands the nature of the beast more than anyone I&#39;ve ever heard and he strikes close to home, causing us to check our attitudes and motivations.


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                  i hate to be the the one to bu

                  i hate to be the the one to burst your bubble. but i have known Roy for many years and he is not the guy you think he is. He is fake, does not live what he preaches at all! he makes big money on all you people. and funnels it thru the non-profit church status. But he is NOT a church. I know this first hand I worked there. Best wishes! But if i were you, i would look for God only, as your savoir.


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                    What is it that he pre

                    What is it that he preaches that he doesn&#39;t practice? How long did you work for him?

                    I never heard that he claimed to be a Church but the opposite, he doesn&#39;t want to become a Church. It&#39;s no secret the FHU is a non profit organization. How much of the FHU&#39;s money does he keep for himself and what kind of lifestyle does he live? Is he sexually immoral?


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                      A lot of answers from &#34;awa

                      A lot of answers from &#34;awakenhappy&#34;


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                        I used to listen to roy and kn

                        I used to listen to roy and knew some people who liked what he said. He makes a living off of his words and the spreading of his teaching and meditation but it seems honest to YOURMASTER. In fact if one were to seriously do the meditation it may be life changing and bring one to the point &#40;very quickly&#41; to see that all gurus and authorities are quacks and lazy hucksters.
                        Anyway, why not listen to him and see for thine self.


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                          There is very interesting crit

                          There is very interesting criticism on:


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                            I used to listen to Roy till I

                            I used to listen to Roy till I started to go on guilt trips because I could never be perfect. As far as Princess Diana is concerned, she left some devestated women&#39;s lives in her wake. Some are more than likely still ruined to this day. I strongly suspect she hasn&#39;t changed &#34;over there&#34; either.


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                              A friend of mine had his tapes

                              A friend of mine had his tapes and books. It sounded interesting at first till I kept listening. There is a tape where he describes saving his wife from herself by saving her from her physical appetites, most importantly saving her from her appetites by giving her less and less sex till he was giving her no more. And that by so doing he was loving her and saving her. Anyone ever hear that tape?