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OM Omlovers William Brumfield Richard Thorne in Berkeley

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  • OM Omlovers William Brumfield Richard Thorne in Berkeley

    I have first hand knowledge of "richard Thorne's" ("OM" and many other aliases) Pedophile cult. they have operated in berkeley and oakland for years, drive big school buses, sell incense and sage on the street with the help of several female followers of "OM"
    "OM" wrote his own scripture called "the song of OM" wherein he instructs followers to engage in sex with children. this is just the beginning.
    if anyone has more knowledge on this very dangerous cult
    please feel free to respond.
    yours truly
    Piero O

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    Piero, I am a survivor of the

    Piero, I am a survivor of the om cult. I knew Omson and reading about him being homeless made me so sad. I was with him in New York. Please let me know if I can help.