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Pastor Melissa Scott and Paul Crouch Jr

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    Watchman: with Momma crouch, I

    Watchman: with Momma crouch, I mean Jan. With her hair stacked 6 feet in the air and 2 wigs on at the same time.

    Compounded with enough make-up to embarress, Tammy Fay. She is a real live Jezebell.

    Hay! with her money, I wouldn't be surpised to see her come out with a new make-up line, with wigs to soon follow!!

    Who know's they may even come out with burkas for christ.


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      dobman, wat is this about alla

      dobman, wat is this about allah? i have never heared about this, can you provide more information, please?


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        i gotta tell you, y


        i gotta tell you, your so right. I can not stand the phoney ness!

        I remember Jan crying over teddy bears for kids in Africa and the makup and mascara falling from her face was competition to mud slides in California.


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          Robert: I't was here oh ma

          Robert: I't was here oh maybe a year and a half ago. Paul had some weirdo prophet on TBN. I don't remember his name. He had long hair that went down to the middle of his back.

          Paul made a big time production out of this guy like he was Daniel or something. The drums were rolling as he let loose with a spew of holy double talk.

          Then at the end of his tyraid, the cymbuls crashed, and he anounced :PAUL I GIVE YOU THE MIDDLE EAST: He did it with such bravado, one could easily be lead to think God was actually speaking through this crazy fool. Of course Paul reacted like he was totally shocked!!

          Then Paul anounced they had just purchased a new broadcasting outfit in one of the Moslem countries. Sorta funny how Paul went from shock, to all business.

          The next day there or so, Hall Lindsey anounced he would no longer be on TBN because his ministery didn't present Allah in a favorable light.

          Hall being the gentleman he is, went on to say he wished Paul and Jan the best of luck. To my knowledge he has never mentioned them again.

          Since then if you pay attention they'll slip in now and again something favorable about Allah, and how it's all the same God.

          Though they'll never mention Allah has no forgiveness for sin. Nor does Allah have a son. As a matter of fact Allah never mentions that he himself has love for anybody. It's only do as Allah say's or, off with your head. He is not nor shall he ever be the same God we know!!!

          TBN is HELL BOUND!!!


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            And as far as I'm concerne

            And as far as I'm concerned so is Melisa. DOBMAN


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              Hey folks,

              Hal Lindsey is b

              Hey folks,

              Hal Lindsey is back on TBN. Now he pays for his own air time, though, and is not an inside programmer as he once was.

              Also, dobman, I don't think Paul & Jan teach that Allah is the same as the Christian God that you and I believe in. I think they want to be softie because they want to evangelize Muslims. Do I think THAT approach is right? Of course not, but it is NOT a reason to say that TBN is hellbound. Paul & Jan & TBN needs God's love just like you and I do, as do all the Muslims, amen?


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                ...and they need LOTS of grace

                ...and they need LOTS of grace...just like me!


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                  jbkrems: I have Dish TV at my

                  jbkrems: I have Dish TV at my home. I often search the programing guide where they have several christian networks along with TBN listed all together.

                  Perhaps he might be back on TBN and I just didn't realise it as so. Maybe they can now cutt and paste another program over Hall's program for the Moselum network.

                  Though what I spoke about him having a fall out with TBN are true. and he did wish them all the best.

                  It was stated about his harshness towards Moselums, as being the reason.

                  This softness towards Allah is very suddle, but it is there.

                  these days I only watch TBN for the old christian movies in the evening anyways. I have no love for Benny Hinn, or the majority found on that network anyways.

                  Speaking of brother Benny. Did you ever see that one guy that showed up at several of his healings.

                  The blessed Benny only had to point his finger at this fool, and he would jump straight up in the air. kick his feet, and legs straight out. Parallel to the ground 4 or 5 feet in the air and fall flat on his back.

                  Now thats what I call a healing if I ever did see one. He must have recieved such a wonderfull healing he followed brother Ben around the world for another, and another, and another. That poor soul must have been really, really, really, sick.

                  I can only Imagine the dollars flowing in from that sight!!!


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                    Dobman: TBN does not have a Mu

                    Dobman: TBN does not have a Muslim network. They DO have a Farsi network, to reach Muslim people, but the programming is all Christian.

                    Yes, Hal and TBN did have a temporary fallout. But they brought him back on and he pays for his own air time. The Islam issue was NOT the only issue, though. They had pre-empted his program because of Christmas specials, and he was offended at that. They CANNOT pre-empt a paid programmer, but they CAN pre-empt their internal programmers. So he changed categories, and all is well. I think that is good.

                    Yeah, I agree that TBN can be too soft towards Allah. This is why I prefer Daystar.

                    As regards to Benny Hinn... ehhhh... I am halfway fond of him. I like the fact that he gets people saved and healed at his meetings. I do not always agree with his teachings.


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                      dobman, thanks for the informa

                      dobman, thanks for the information.
                      i never did like TBN. the crouches are spooky, ...
                      here in Europe TBN is not big anyhow, which is good.

                      my personal opinion, and i have done a lot of research
                      into it, is that the "christianity" the crouches and their
                      televengalists are representing is nothing more than new
                      age in "christian" cloths.


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                        Intellectual Hottie “Mesmerang

                        Intellectual Hottie “Mesmerangelist” – Televangelism is getting more bizarre. Witness the young widow of Gene Scott, who was a famous Los Angeles TV preacher. Her name is Melissa Scott and if the internet buzz about her is true, her past has been most indelicate. However, as an example of second iteration extremism – since she has appropriated Gene Scott’s style, or spirits – her new television ministry is a worthy study. Stated negatively, how does her ministry (and how did Gene’s) escape teaching God’s indwelling? Answer: By intellectualism, normally sufficient for the task of religious obfuscation, combined with a sexy flair, normally sufficient for all other obfuscation tasks. Suppose one wants to say, “Jesus saves.” An intellectual might say the same thing by 1) quoting John 3:16 and 2) talking 250 minutes, 3) making 1,000 exegetical points while 4) employing some brazen control mechanisms to hide the fact that to talk so long about so little is disingenuous if not inhumane. Add sex appeal, which Gene had and Melissa has, and what an exit-from-Jesus escape! All preaching does some good. No doubt she does some good. But why is preaching God’s indwelling left off in preference to factoids-a-plenty sermons creating atmospheres for deception, control and reverse-Robin-Hood giving?


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                          Here’s How! – Faith-only doctr

                          Here’s How! – Faith-only doctrine (which is Melissa Scott's core teaching if you take away the witchcraft mesmerization of brazen scripture-chasing confusion) is untrue. Works-only doctrine is also untrue. Faith plus works gives opportunity for Jesus to manifest in our lives. Observe how faith-heavy ministries solve their doctrinal (grin) "problem." When they increase faith in their sheep, the sheep must concurrently increase their works because the twin forces operate integrally. If you fail to teach how to manifest Jesus in good works, then you create an unfulfilled force. So the faith-heavy ministries fill this void they create. They exhort the sheep to (a) give until it hurts (Scott, et al) or (b) give-to-get (KCM, et al.) Restated: Simply pervert the natural way of worshipping God in spirit and truth by directing works (i.e. sacrificial giving of one’s life) to themselves as donations for economic gain, only don’t call it such. It simply fills in the doctrinal void created in their followers by their unbalanced emphasis on faith. In this fashion, the success of heavy-on-faith ministries disproves faith without works while proving anyone can be duplicitous. It’s a neat trick: Preach followers to increase “faith” while deemphasizing “works;” only to get them to “give the works” back to you. The only losers are Jesus and His sheep, who aren't able to manifest in each other. But the faith ministries are happy with their doctrines that result in such great incomes. As Frank Sinatra sang the George Gershwin tune, “Nice work if you can get it, and if you get it –won’t you tell me how?”


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                            I found this letter from Paul

                            I found this letter from Paul to the evil folk at recently and thought you'd like to read his comments on this topic.

                            Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 00:46:51 -0800 (PST)
                            Local: Wed, Dec 26 2007 12:46 am
                            Subject: Re: Paul Crouch Jr is fishing for a wife...
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                            On Dec 15, 10:40 pm, "rpbc" <spicer_17@protected> wrote:
                            - Show quoted text -

                            Dear faithful followers of Dr. Gene Scott,
                            As soon as someone alerted me that my "Dissolution of Marriage" had
                            been posted on the internet, I decided to peruse this site for the
                            last week or so. I've checked out many of the postings, and not being
                            an experienced "blogger", wanted to see exactly how forums like this
                            operate. I've always considered "blogging" to be the equivalent of
                            writing on the bathroom walls, but I digress.
                            What struck me as I read through the various posts is, "Where did all
                            of this hate and vileness emanate from?" I loved and respected Gene
                            Scott tremendously, I didn't always agree with his tactics, but the
                            man forgot more of the Bible, than most of us will ever know. Also,
                            if my father ever had a true hero of the faith, it was Dr. Scott, as
                            he watched him almost every evening in the late '80's and better part
                            of the '90's. (And no he was not offended at the "Rufuss
                            Glittertooth" references, and the fact that TBN sold, "Jesus Junk."
                            My father and Dr. Scott actually went to the same Bible college and
                            ministered together in the late '50's) After 35 years of TV ministry,
                            you build up a pretty thick skin, and both of my folks have hides as
                            tough as an me!
                            But here's the disturbing part, the Bible says, "By their fruit you
                            will know them." Dear Lord, if you guys are the "fruit" of Dr. Gene
                            Scott, then I think I'll pass!!


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                              the rest...

                              Most of the mes

                              the rest...

                              Most of the messages and posting I've
                              seen against me, Pastor Melissa Scott and others are full of anger,
                              lies, deceit, misinformation, and flat out false conjecture! Much of
                              it so inaccurate it's comical, some of it just skewed enough to be
                              slanderous. Why? Do you guys really think you're going to change
                              anything by posting words on a meaningless blog? Do you really think
                              in the long run it will even matter? The answer is obvious.
                              Pastor Melissa Scott, or PMS as I've learned from this forum, is doing
                              all she can to propagate the sermons and teachings of your esteemed
                              leader. She has spent millions on air time on ION / PAX to keep his
                              message available to a TV audience, she keeps his website operating,
                              and is publishing many of his sermons into book form. I have sat in
                              the church the last few months (to the disdain of many) and can tell
                              you from someone who has worked closely with hundreds of "prominent
                              ministers" in my day, (Billy Graham, Fred Jordan, Dr. Bill Bright, Dr.
                              Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, E.V. Hill, T.D. Jakes, etc.) Pastor
                              Melissa is an incredible teacher. She is communicating one of the
                              purest messages I've ever heard and have truly learned much in my
                              short time in attendance.
                              As for those of you who love to dig up a person's past...PLEASE! I
                              have interviewed hundreds of people on TBN with every sin known to man
                              lingering in the "past!" I've spoken with murderers, rapists, drug
                              dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, liars, thieves, etc.
                              And guess what? They've all been saved and cleansed by the same blood
                              of Christ that Dr. Gene Scott preached about his whole life. What's
                              in the past is buried, and would any of us want our whole life thrown
                              up for the world to see? I know I wouldn't.... All of us a just
                              sinners saved by grace and for that we should be eternally grateful.
                              My suggestion to all of the PMS bashers is, "get a life!" Go to the
                              beach, see a movie, take a walk with a loved one, whatever....sitting
                              around obsessing on what is, or is not, happening within the
                              University Cathedral is kind of strange to me, but I can honestly say
                              a bit amusing. I support all ministers who truly have a heart for the
                              Lord, and are preaching a true Gospel, to which Pastor Melissa
                              definitely is.
                              My overall feeling after reading many of your diatribes, is true
                              sadness. I read one post that said, "Doc, would turn over in his
                              grave if he knew...blah, blah, blah...." I feel he would "turn over
                              in his grave", by realizing many of YOU are the "fruits" of a lifetime
                              ministry. Tragic.....
                              Please don't waste a lot of time trying to "convince" me why I'm
                              wrong, misinformed, or full of crap....because I don't need to hear
                              it, and you will change nothing. God is blessing TBN, Pastor Melissa
                              Scott, (even though many of you want both of us to burn in hell) and
                              thousands of other ministers who will continue to preach his word.
                              (And blessing in spite of your incessant blogging!) My father took
                              the Great Commission literally, when Christ said, "Go into all the
                              world and preach the Gospel." We are doing that 24/7 365 days a
                              year...and will continue 'till the Lord returns, I promise you that.
                              Pastor Melissa is committed to keeping Dr. Scotts church open,
                              thriving, alive and well, despite the naysayers and those who have
                              left for one reason or another.



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                                the end...

                                She didn't a

                                the end...

                                She didn't ask for the job....God
                                called her to it, Gene Scott appointed her, and she sure isn't staying
                                for the money or her health, that's for sure!!
                                Blog away one and all, and say what you will.....God's work will
                                continue despite those who sit on the sidelines and criticize. Even
                                Christ had people who hated him, so why should today's ministers or
                                PMS be any different? :-)
                                Paul Crouch, Jr.
                                Chief of Staff
                                Trinity Broadcasting Network
                                (714) 731-2300 In case many of you don't think it's really me. But
                                also know we can instantly trace all calls to that line!! Be
                                warned. ;-)