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Excorcism or Deliverance

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  • Easeltine -- Just out of curiosity…were you home-schooled?


    • No, my dad was in the military. We were at Letterman in S.F., then Ft. Huachuca in AZ, then Ft. Devens in Mass., and then back to California when I was 10. I went through the Public School system in the Bay Area.
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      • When were you at Fort Devens? I was stationed there in the late sixties/early seventies; 18th Combat Engineer Battalion. Was your father ASA (Army Security Agency)?


        • As for the article, these were listed right under Christian Metal. I am assuming then that is what it is referring to by Fundametalists? LOL I mean no self respecting metal fan would list any of these bands as their favorites except for maybe Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, and Vixen and maybe Europe if they are into 80's hair metal. Which I don't agree with that actual term because most all metal bands have long hair. Glam seems more appropriate.

          Either that or someone was playing around in wiki. lol

          Fandametalists favouritest evah metal bands \m/


          • We left Ft. Devens in 1967, my dad was a Military Doctor.

            Shadowcat, they are probably talking about the orgins of Metal Music?


            • Sam,


              "The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a movement within the Catholic Church. Worship is characterized by vibrant Masses, as well as prayer meetings featuring prophecy, healing and "praying in tongues." This movement is based on the belief that certain charismata (a Greek word for gifts), bestowed by the Holy Spirit, such as the abilities to pray in tongues and to heal (which Christians generally believe existed in the early Church as described in the Bible) should still be practiced today."

              The article goes on to say that there are 119 million Charismatic Catholics worldwide, and that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have been favorable to it.


              • In the Pentecostal Church I go to nobody hardly ever "speaks in tongues" during the Services. This is something that is done in intercession at home praying or once in a while at a prayer meeting, and not enough by me, (hardly ever).

                We come to Service, start by singing contemporary worship songs. Then we take five minutes to break up into prayer groups of 3-4, stating that if you are new just say no and sit down. We each as one prayer request. Then we sing some songs. Then the minister gives a sermon.
                Then the minister gives an easy altar call, everybody bows there heads and prays, he tells nobody to look, and if you want to give your life to Christ look at him, and raise your hand. Then he instructs the person that at the end they can go to a certain minister, pray with the minister,and get a book written by Pastor Jack Hayford that shows verses...introductory stuff etc.

                Then they take offering, (I always do it online-and I am not a perfect 10% giver-due to economic circumstances), says a prayer benediction and we go home.

                The only unusual thing to this that might be out of the norm is when a person has a "prophetic word."

                In our church the word is given to the minister before it is shared, and if the person blows it by saying the words wrong, or not with the full meaning the Pastor corrects the meaning, or if he makes a mistake he corrects himself. Never is there a "Thus saith the LORD..." that disrupts the meeting.

                Sam, nothing is weird. You would not be freaked out, even Dodge would not think this is weird, EVEN A BAPTIST WOULD NOT OBJECT.

                Now, Pastor Gary, if you read this you know I will keep trying to get that tithe part right.
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                • Originally posted by easeltine View Post
                  What does he call the 4 Living Creatures in Ezekiel 10?

                  Easeltine is there a point to your madness to speak in the middle of an interview about four living creatures, only to know their name is Cherubim, This is repetition.And by all means you post keeps changing on the subject. You mention Ezekiel 1, Revelations 4, and Ezekiel 28 as well as go back to Ezekiel 10. Now I am no math whiz but I believe Factnet or admin is playing halloween prank with your post or you are. Either way the answer you seek is Cherubim and Ezekiel perhaps when he had his vision was sitting in the temple looking at the cherubims, and what God said spoke to Him about heaven. Either way the vision would be a symbolic to what the view of the throne of God looks like in heaven.


                  • Yes, Ezekiel 28 says that Satan was a Cherub angel!

                    All the pictures you have ever seen of Satan is incorrectly displaying his physical appearance!

                    He is unlike any creature was have ever seen him portrayed as, he may actually have more of the description of one of the four Living Creatures/Cherubim - That is what I have for you this halloween, (non-capitalized like

                    Now, I have to go to work 1/2 a block from what the homosexual community claims is the largest holloween party in the world. Oh...oh...I am feeling sick today...I can't come in today...
                    Oh, I hope he lets us out early!
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                    • Yes Easeltine you are near one of the biggest parties, but I hear New Orleans party is bigger. Consider this, if you need to leave early say you got to see a dentist no one ask for a dentist slip much, or your dog needs a vet it is an emergency, however make sure you and the rest of the workers do not use the same excuse.


                      • I left at 4:30, and then drove to the Church. I arrived at 6:30 due to Los Angeles traffic, (which is normal time for 40 miles away). Stayed for Trunk 'n Treat Retro evening.
                        At 8:30 the youth group had their play, "Interview with the Devil."
                        Basically, the devil is explaining to the youth minister how he lies, and catches people even when they don't know that he gets them. Things like "harmless" entertainments - Music, Video Games, Movies etc.

                        My favorite line is the act of these 3 young men on the couch playing a game where they are killing Demons. Some of the Demons are even naked, and on of them says, "I'm killing demons, what can be more Christian then that?"

                        Shadowcat, - My Pastor's sermon this last Sunday 10/30, "Reset Contrast," was done just for you!
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                        • easeltine, I do not see a clear statement of faith on your churches website. I do not see anything that states Jesus is God. IT basically says that we believe God is triune, which is exactly what Murray stated in the lecture I put up. But that wasn't good enough for you. Well I must say if that isn't good enough for you then YOUR churches website statement of faith is not good enough......

                          Very interesting that your pastor finds graveyards evil. What a strange thing to say.

                          And Amiee Semple McPherson?? What an interesting founder...kidnapping? lmao ok....sounded like an affair with her married secretary. And a 2 night stand with Milton Berle? Interesting!



                          • The claim was that she was having an affair with Ormiston, the engineer for KFSG.

                            Ormiston was in a wheelchair.
                            The poem in the newspaper went, "Down by the ocean, down by the sea, there sits Ormiston with Aimee on his knees."

                            One of the best friends of Roberta Semple at that time told me these things. Roberta put on a white dress, went in front of Angelus Temple and said, "The Lord gives, the Lord takes away, blessed by the name of the Lord." Yes, I know this story.

                            The real truth about Milton Berle is that in an interview he stated he had an affair only once. It was with an 18 year old early in his marriage. He felt bad about it and bought a centerpiece for the table for Gracie, and did not tell her a thing about it. He said years later he said he thinks it was Bob Hope's wife was over and was admiring the centerpiece. He heard Gracie said, "Yes, I hope that George cheats on me again, so I can get another centerpiece." The story about Aimee was just part of his funny show.

                            Though, I can also tell you the bit about coolness between Catholics and Pentecostals at the time was untrue in Aimee's case. One of her strongest supporters of her ministry was a Catholic Father that helped with her ministering to poor people. He dropped support of her after this incident.
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                            • Shadowcat,

                              Just to clarify for others, I know you really understand this.
                              It is essential that a non-denominational, independent, or home church gives a strong Statement of Faith for people to know what they believe.
                              A denominational church, such as the Catholic Church you showed me, is already covered by the Denomination's Statement of Faith.
                              It is best for the individual Church to have their own, but we know basically where a Catholic Church would stand.

                              An independent Church, such as Shepherd's Chapel cannot be vague on basic Christian Doctrines.

                              Primary example - The Diety of Jesus Christ. He has a problem stating that Jesus is God.

                              As an example of a Chruch's Statement of Faith, one can read the Statement of Faith of the Church that I posted, the first item says we believe in the Foursquare Denomination Statement of Faith, and below is an abbreviated form. If one clicks it on the phrase in the first line, we believe in the Foursquare Denomination Statment of Faith, it takes one to the Home Denominational Site, then we can click what the Head Denomination believes...and it will state the Truth regarding the Trinity in a more detailed form.
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                              • What is wrong Shadow? The Halloween Cat got your tongue?

                                ...I have three cats.