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Apostolic Pentecostal cult first dangerous sign

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  • Apostolic Pentecostal cult first dangerous sign

    My daughter has been brainwashed by an Apostolic Pentecostal cult church, and the first thing I noticed that I did not see in your web page is that the first dangerous sign of any cult is that they alienate the subject from his/her family. She and I used to be close and called each other every day. Today, she only gets in touch with me once every few months and that's when she wants or needs something. She has become a robotic, mannequin-like figure who only answers in terse, "yes," or "no," monosyllabic tone. I have tried to intervene but it only drives a bigger wedge between us. It's getting where I just don't like her any more. I can never see the grandkids and they look like Children Of The Corn in how she dresses them. She has robbed them of their childhood: no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, no Disney figures: only "church" and screaming and yelling their "faith."

    This has made me anti-ALL religions!

    Nancy A. Fox

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    dear si fox,
    i pray that yo

    dear si fox,
    i pray that you will try one more time to find prace in JESUS. get in a good CHURCH that beleives in JESUS as THE WAY. put your trust in HIM and hold on to the LORD. dont give up on all CHURCES just because you have found a bad bunch
    we are praying for you and you daughter


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      Praise the Lord! I was readi

      Praise the Lord! I was reading your message about the daughter who had been brainwashed by an Apostolic Pentacostal Church and I have some concerns. First of all anything that can be backed by Biblical Scripture can not be a cult. The Apostolic Faith is backed by biblical scripture. It was sad to hear about your daughter but it is hard for me to believe that a church who believes and teaches strictly by the word of God could do this type of thing to her. Please do not judge the apostolic churches by this incident because Apostolic churches do not alienate you from your family. They teach you to believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and anyone is invited to come. I pray that the Lord leads you and directs you to a church that exemplifies love and truth.


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        I want to respond to the firs

        I want to respond to the first lady that posted about her daughter and then to the one who posted last.
        I am so sorry about your daughter and I feel for you. No wonder you are anti-ALL religion.
        Anonymous is trying to stick up for the Apostolic Faith, when he/she is mixed up.
        RULE #1 - NEVER take a stand for and entire movement or organization. These movements are run by individuals. It is the individuals that need to be addressed.
        RULE #2 - ALWAYS take a stand for what is fair and what is true and what is right. If YOU see the truth in the scriptures, live those truths. But do not expect yourself to uphold someone elses standards. You may be an honest person, but how do you know the intentions of another man's heart.
        I have known many a dishonest preacher. I was fooled into believing the very ground they walked on was holy.
        I gave my whole life for a church.
        I am smarter now. I look at my family now. I live what is right and I do look to see what I CAN DO for my neighbors.

        Have you ever stopped and wondered how much people spend and how much energy is directed toward the Apostolic Faith on their convictions and no energy, money, charity or help to the people? NONE!! The ministers seem to be the only ones designated to RECIEVE!
        Oh they are the most helpful if they think you will come to their church, but after they have you, or if you refuse to come to their church, you never see them again.
        IT is a type of Hollywood, being called to the ministry. The stage is grand and the audience is there to hang on your every word. That is if you are lucky enough to be accepted as a preacher. But if you are a lowly saint, my oh my, you better get used to being a door mat.

        NANCY FOX,
        Keep trying with your daughter. Don't give up on God. If she sees that you can have a healthy relationship with God, then she will see that there is a possible life outside of the controlled one she is in. SHE IS NOT HAPPY. SHE NEEDS YOU!!!!!


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          I was in a christia


          I was in a christian church in the 90's it became a cult w/the Pastor (Raimund Melz) controlling us more & more. Often these predators become the voice of GOD for their congregation. So a Christian Church can become a cult. Unfirtunately their is not a lot you can do except pray. GOD is faithful while men will always fail. I pray that you find healing and get your daughter back.


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            A family member of mine is in

            A family member of mine is involved with a Pentecostal cult.
            He too is being taken over by them.
            They encouraged him to stop taking his medication because he was 'healed' by the pastor and all of the other liars there who think they have the healing power of Jesus.
            He's in hospital now...recovering...he's alive but some formerly healthy parts of his body are no longer with him.
            What is SO wrong with needing medication?!!!!
            The pastor himself is on medication...
            why cant he heal himself?

            THey have been visiting him in hospital and brainwashing him to tell others that he alone had chosen to go off his meds and that the church had never encouraged it. This is patently false as he had been telling me what a wonderful and miraculous job they were doing of healing him before he went off them.

            I believe these people who are in a position of authority and influence over their congregation have a duty of care to tell people that there is nothing wrong with taking medication to maintain the balance that they need to function.

            If we are all required to be healed before we can be accepted as fit to enter heaven then we're all in big trouble..aging is a natural process that invloves deterioration and loss of sight, teeth, hearing etc. Through accidents and birth defects we lose limbs and organs etc.

            WHat is their obesession with bogus healings?!!!
            Isnt being a devoted christian enough? Im sure that God doesnt require us all to be 'healed' by charlatans before we enter heaven, or did i miss something in the bible?

            And demanding or expecting that God reveal himself to us through acts such as healing us is heretic anyway.

            If, and when Jesus comes back to earth I'll be happy to be healed by him if he sees fit to do so...but until that time I'm quite content as I am with medical help. I certainly do not want to have any liars touching me or 'praying' over me for a miracle.

            In short, I find these people to be very DANGEROUS and I want no part of them.
            I am quite content to visit my 'regular' church where good works are done, no attempts are made to heal anyone, the word of God is preached and discussed, and the biological families that we belong to are considered of great importance (whether or not they are christian or belong to our church).
            May these evil Pentecostal 'leaders' rot in hell.


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              I attended an apostolic churc

              I attended an apostolic church in Tulsa, OK for several years. The pastor was not only abusive in his words but totally ungodly in many of his actions. Apostolics may have a slice of the pie, but they certainly don't have the entire truth. You can't convince me that God wants people, such as apostolics, to curse people with a curse or tell them they are going to hell if they go to another church. That is not God. I feel sorry for anyone who gets brainwashed by the flattering lips of the preachers, ministers and even the bishops that continue to deceive people into believing they are the only way.


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                i am not a member of any apos

                i am not a member of any apostolic church. i am a member of a holiness CHURCH. we do not and have never ... faked a healing or faked any of the gifts of THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD. GOD'S SPIRIT is poured out in our services by the only ONE who can and that is THE LORD HIMSELF


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                  I am an Apostolic Pentecostal

                  I am an Apostolic Pentecostal, and I would beg of you not to consider ALL Pentecostals to be put in the same boat. There are extremists in everything and these people who call themselves Pentecostals, and do all these crazy things are NOT your typical Apostolic Pentecostal people.

                  Abstaining from your family and friends is NOT biblical.

                  I am embarrassed to say that I have to agree with an above post. Quote:"but they certainly don't have the entire truth." It is sad to say that some of these people have gone beyond what the bible says to try and control people.....and this is when you can consider it a "cult"

                  Please don't judge the whole basket because of one bad apple.


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                    Having been sucked in by Raim

                    Having been sucked in by Raimund Melz's Mt. Rock Church (a cult in Anderson, SC), and having my family destroyed upon leaving Melz's cult, I've been prompted to do some research about cults. I've written a fairly long paper about the subject which I will share with anyone who asks (including any of you Mt. Rock Cult members who might be reading this) in which I detail exactly how we got sucked in, how the leader kept control over us, what abuses we tolerated, and how Melz got control over my wife (and other women in the church).

                    For those of you who have family members in cults, there are things you can do to help draw them out. The universal recommendation by ďcult counselorsĒ is to keep up regular contact. Send pictures of them with you. Donít let them forget you. Tell them you love them. The cult leader wants them to forget you, and he will try to drive a wedge. If you are not aware of this, after a couple of years it will be tempting to give up. Do not give up. Never stop loving. You are then also being manipulated by the cult leader, and he has won. It is very likely that each cult member will have momentary lapses of sanity in which he doubts the cult leader. If there is no one else to turn to for love, this moment will be lost, and the victim will turn back to the only available source for loveóthe cult family. Remember that love is also one of the cult leaderís manipulative tools. Do NOT speak against their cult leader, even if you think itís a glaring truth. Remember, they are brainwashed; this will only distance you from them. Though the laws on physical abuse are clear, the laws on emotional abuse are far more vague. It is not easy to remain silent and watch people be subjected to such emotional abuse, but only love can draw them out.


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                      There are false one


                      There are false ones and their are good ones. The one you mentioned sounded more of a cult. I have been to a bad apostolic church. very controlling , very manipulative, liars , very deceptive. After ten years, we left. Then we transferred to a good apostolic church, this time, they were very loving, totally opposite of the first one. The first one is a cult, like your daughter is attending. Sadly is that there are a lot of them like that out there, than the nicer ones. They literally brain washed people. The only advised I can give you , since thats how we won people out of that church, is to keep loving them, don't mention they are in a bad church, because that will put a wedge between you and daughter. Just keep a tight lip about it. and pray. There is a book that will also help you daughter. Just tell her it was suggested to you.

                      1. Subtle power of spiritual abuse.
                      2. Ten lies that the church tells women. by lee grady.

                      this two books will open her eyes and she will definitely come back to you.


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                        Nancy Keep the Faith, these a

                        Nancy Keep the Faith, these are the times that souls are won and lost, God will bring his children out of this church.
                        There is no biblical scripture that a child shall forsake her Mother, no she is to love her Mother, if she is in a place that seperates her from the love of her family that is not a Christian Church. It is a cult.
                        You say that you are beginning not to like your daughter, wow bet Satan had a little dance at hearing that. This is what he has worked so hard for, you would almost think he planned it. Your child and yourself are in danger, this is his two for one plan.
                        Feel like throwing in the towel, washing your hands of her, there by sealing her fate and yours together.
                        My advise is to stop whatever you are doing and give your life up to God, then let him handle this and he will bring your daughter home.
                        You can not fight these people, that is why she is there, she can not save herself, but you can save her by giving your life to him and then let him deal with these false prophets. May God Be With You


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                          The Pentecostal belifes are no

                          The Pentecostal belifes are not cultic...THey are biblically based. Yes medican is needed...I mean God can heal you but he also gives you the common since to help your self. Everytihng happens in his time and his way. The pastor doesnt have the power to heal anyone...GOd does and will..In his time....Everyone one is intitled to search out there own truth...I am not here to judge by any means but there is a diffrence because the pentecostal belife system and others...Most christan religons take parts and pieces of the bible and manipulate it the way they want people to belive...We just take it as a whole and follow it...I mean some look at us as being crazy we are far from that our worship may be exuberant our dress to some may seem strang but thats all biblical...if your wondering what we belive go to and go to doctrine...Or e mail me at will be willing to answer what ever questions you have...DOnt give up on religon or god...There are bad seeds in every orginazation...


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                            The whole concept of apostoli

                            The whole concept of apostolic churches is cultic. Anyone who self appoints theirself to be an apostle (same level as the original 12) is a meglomaniac egotist looking for a flock to fleece. Minister, ok. Pastor, ok. Apostle, NO!


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                              To anonymous, I have never kn

                              To anonymous, I have never known one of our Apostolic ministers to ever belive that they are one of the 12 apostels.They follow the apostels doctrine and preach what Peter and Paul preached about.The message of baptizem in Jesus name and receving the Holy Ghost.Anyone who truley loves Jesus, in my opion would be delighted to have the name of Jesus applied to them in water baptisim.To have his name applied to you is a great honor!!!! In Jesus name!!!!