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World Breakthrough Network Elijah Centre Elijah Ministries International Noel Woodroffe

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  • World Breakthrough Network Elijah Centre Elijah Ministries International Noel Woodroffe

    Is anyone familiar with World Breakthrough Network, an apostolic organization founded by Noel Woodruffe? Woodruffe is also senior pastor at The Elijah Centre, a church in Trinidad. I have heard several sermons at my former church given by a visiting apostle who is affiliated with this network, and his sermons were very fringe and bordered on, possibly were, heresy. Their website also contains some alarming stuff, in particular on the section about their leadership structure. Here is the website:

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    Just bumping this thread up,

    Just bumping this thread up, hoping to keep it near the top, in case anyone has heard of WBN.



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      You can go here:


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        Yeah, i'm in a church tha

        Yeah, i'm in a church that's recently connected with WBN or Congress WBN as they're changing their name to... i'm in the process of challenging them (via my church leader) as I've been finding various things that don't seem quite right.

        Their arrogance as apostles
        Their self centered teaching
        Their teaching that paul would say is there to "tickle our ears" (II Timothy). Their teaching on "The Elijah Dimention" is a new concept that glorifies us by moving us to a "higher spiritual place" such that we can "conquer over the rules of this physical place", i'm feeling my ears being tickled!!!!

        They don't seem to have any evangelistic focus, their aim seems to be to spread WBN across the globe, not the gospel.

        It's suspicious ground, i've not made a decision on whether i'm sticking with my church, but it's not looking hopeful. I'd warn anyone who's looking like they're going to be involved with this network to weigh up EVERYTHING they hear, and check it with the ultimate plumb line... The Bible.


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          Do you know the details on th

          Do you know the details on the name change from World Breakthrough Network to Congress World Breakthrough Network? -- Why they are changing it, the significance, etc?

          This quote: "Their aim seems to be to spread WBN across the globe, not the gospel" is so true. Sad, but true.


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            You Need to be in accurete Di

            You Need to be in accurete Diamension with god to Understand the Apstolic Reformation of Congrees WBN. Get Closser For the Truth


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              That is very typical of the W

              That is very typical of the WBN's convoluted speech and condescension. It implies that the members of WBN are on a higher dimension or plane than the rest of us who poor people who are apparently not able to discern from our lower dimensions. This is very elitist and prideful.


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                People needs to understand th

                People needs to understand that Knowledge counts in Knowing the position of God. Knowing God depends on your ability to accend spiritually and accurately doing what he wants us to do and to avoid the avoidables. That is the angle you need to be to understand congress WBN. I still advice the onlookers to get involve for the present truth


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                  The Congress WBN, is not an e

                  The Congress WBN, is not an elitist group of people who feel they are better than others. They are basically a group of churches and people who have realised that Christians must get real.Christianity is not ONLY about GOd meeting your needs and blessing you and protecting you but also coming to be like Christ.The whole essence of Christ death and ressurrection was to elevate us back to our position in God before the Fall of Man.Man did not fall from not having money or cars or breakthroughs but from not being able to reach God in the way we ought to.CWBN is just trying to tell the body of christ that there is more in God than material things.Jesus Christ said greater things shall we do ,with our present focus on ourselves and material things i dont think we will be able to achieve that,if we dont look beyond these things.CWBN is a medium that is being used to spread the gospel if you think there is undue emphasis it is because it is presently expanding and people need to understand the way it operates.CWBN is a group of churches worldwide that intend to form a formidable force of people who want to do the will of GOD in every continent.I think it is commendable that churches are now looking beyond themselves and recognising that we are one and can and should work together as one voice.Remember one can put to flight a thousand two ten thousand.Finally,i encourage you to visit the web site as suggested and make up your own mind for your self.


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                    I forgot to add that the word

                    I forgot to add that the word apostole means the "sent",There are the apostles of the Lamb (The twelve) that no person can lay claim to, but there is also the office as provided for in ephesians 4:12 which is as relevant today as the other offices of the pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet.No office is superior to the other it is all a matter of function.Did Jesus NOT overcome the Laws of gravity by walking on water?Did Jesus not calm Storms?He was not limited to the PHysical laws and neither should we be.The BIBLe says he is the First among many Brothers, he came to show us the way and to set an example for us,he assured us that greater things shall we do and my brother i tell you we will never be able to operate and be like him if we dont arise from complacency and move to a "higher spiritual place" by getting closer to him. That im sorry to say is the Raw reality,He is coming for a church without spot wrinkle or blemish, people sold out to him ,You can never be sold out if you dont reach for more of GOD.Like every thing in life there is a time and a season.A time to be a child and a Time to be An Adult.Children Do Child Like things and Adults move on to do more mature things.The Call to Go to A Higher Spiritual Place Is Not Just for People in CWBN but i think That is what GOD would want for every man or woman who says he or she is a Christian.I dont think there is anything ticklish about that.Remember the world is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of GOd and im doubtful if complacent Christianity can achieve that.
                    Can You even begin to imagine the Evangelistic force a body of believers would have if the operated together.not as individuals but one people with one agenda Gods? Expolsive!!!
                    I am truly grateful to God for what he is starting to do in the Body of Christ.I THink This is the Beginining of the Golden Era for the Church. I tell you it is terribly exciting!!!!


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                      I have had perso


                      I have had personal experiences with and have personally heard numerous sermons by an "apostle" who is in the high up in the leadership hierarchy of World Breakthrough Network. The simple gosbep of reaching the lost for Jesus was not even mentioned in any of his sermons. They were all - everyone - about "invading" the current church to reform the thoughts and mentalities of the church and to achieve "kingdom dominion". His sermons were very condescending to all present church structure, in particular what he refers to as the "Americanized" church. He made it very plain that he and his network believe that they have the only true pattern for the church, and that any other pattern was inferior and even unbiblical, and that other churches needed new "technology downloaded" into their minds to see "present truths". If that does not met the definition of elitist, what does?

                      He also has been very condescending to women and borderline crude at times, at one point even stating that men would be more of who God wants them to be if there wives would just be more supportive and buy lingerie to keep them from straying from home and becoming distracted by others.

                      Also, I have read the WBN website. There are many red flags that go up, including some of their "mandates" and leadership structure and their wide corporate scope which seeks to gather money for when the "Babylon system" falls. Also, by their own words, they are influenced by the Latter Rain movement, which in and of itself is alarming.

                      I still say that this network organization is


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                        Dear anonymous,
                        Though Iam

                        Dear anonymous,
                        Though Iam an Indian residing in the other part of the globe I feel CWBN is on the right track setting an example for the entire church by boldly establishing the blueprint of God's tabernacle here on planet earth-a pattern which is after God's own heart.Lost people are not only in the world outside it is found right within the church.Just because you are saved doesn't mean you are completely saved,we still have the soul still creating a mess in the Body of Christ.By what i understand, salvation is a process in which we continuously worked it out .
                        Our mindsets needs to be aligned with God's present purposes on earth.


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                          don't let ignorance, prid

                          don't let ignorance, pride and sentiment blind u from seeing what God is crafting in the earth. do u really think even the way u have church now is the way it has always been? u should first seek the spirit of God to give understanding, dont make the mistake of judging by the flesh cos that is why the jews missed the coming of christ. study the history of the church and see how it has evolved and how God has restored truth to it at diferent times. the network isnt negating what God has done in the past but declaring the present emphasis of the spirit of God to the church. the structure of the body of christ in ist present state does not have the ability and capacity take believers and ultimately humanity to accomplish the true essence of the great commission and intention of God since the fall.the network is declaring to the body of christ the next level for it and not excluding itself from the body. dont think buy listening to one message u can get what the network is all about. have the spirit of a child christ talk about so that u can recieve this engrafted word of truth that has the ability to save ur soul (ensure ur salvation).


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                            Nicholas -

                            I know my convi

                            Nicholas -

                            I know my convictions regarding WBN; I believe it has some serious doctrinal and leadership issues. That is not out of ignorance, pride, or sentiment to hold those convictions, nor do my convictions come from simply listening to just "one message" as you wrote. I have heard quite a number of messages and had personal experience with one of the WBN leaders, and I have studied the WBN website. Those things all led me to have serious concerns about the WBN's doctrine, teachings, and leadership structure. I truly believe my concerns are based on God-given discernment, as do the majority of people who heard these same messages and had experiences with the WBN leader and studied the WBN website and articles.

                            How prideful of YOU, though, to assume that just because someone disagrees with you about WBN that means that person is ignorant and - much worse - that person is unsaved. I do not need my salvation to be ensured, as I accepted Christ as my savior many years ago and love Him very much. My disagreement with the teachings and leadership structure of the WBN does not put my salvation in jeopardy.

                            You wrote: "the network is declaring to the body of christ the next level for it and not excluding itself from the body. dont think buy listening to one message u can get what the network is all about. have the spirit of a child christ talk about so that u can recieve this engrafted word of truth that has the ability to save ur soul (ensure ur salvation)."

                            Does that mean that you believe that to have one's salvation ensured, one must believe in this new "engrafted", "next-level" truth? In my Bible, only one level - that of believing and receiving the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord - ensures salvation.

                            What exactly is this "next-level" truth you wrote about? It sounds very much like it is adding to the Scriptures, which is a BIG no-no.


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                              I read God, God, God in all o

                              I read God, God, God in all of this. But I don't read a word mentioning Jesus. Why is that? Are these so called "apostles" so high in God's favor that they've made an end run around Jesus and are instructed by God directly and not through the Holy Spirit. Whatever happened to Jesus?
                              A sure sign of a cult is no mention of Jesus. When you have an "Apostle" lording over you, who needs Jesus? These people will be shocked when they find out that these false prophets can't even get themselves into heaven much less their cult members. A church without Jesus is a C U L T.