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    All I'm saying is that the

    All I'm saying is that the warnings about how dangerous they are and the anectdotal "evidence" don't match. The story about the pregnant girl is not told from an eyewitness account. I believe this type of thing should be addressed in front of the church. You call it public humiliation, but you or the other guy who posted it wasn't there. Unquestioned submission to authority?? Well on that one I think it has to come down to what is that authority doing and saying. I mean you guys aren't coming up with stories about them stealing people's homes or life savings. They aren't getting girls pregnant. They talk really weird and have a view of the church taking the dominion and rule the Lord told us to take. Honestly, the church in America today is missing a hierarchy. Everybody does what they want and if they crash and burn or live in hidden sin for years, oh well. I'm not saying everything these guys have to say is on point. But, what harm are they doing?? I still haven't seen any atrocities.


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      For the record curious george,

      For the record curious george, the accout was from an eye witness. I doubt this would affect you as you seem bent on defending the indefensible. I suppose you agree that the God will now abandon the Human race as the Congress have the spirutal DNA he requires for His purposes.


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        Dude, it is obvious that the a

        Dude, it is obvious that the account was not from an eye witness. He leaves out details and just the way he tells it it is obviously no an eyewitness account. If you believe that then you need just as much help as these people you are talking about. Not only that but I ain't defending nothing. I don't care what people do and say if they ain't hurting anyone. These guys don't seem to be hurting anyone. That's what I keep asking WHAT ATROCITIES!!??!!?? I don't care if someone call himself the man in the moon, is it so bad if someone believes it? I looked at their web site and it doesn't seem to me they are saying that God is abandoning the human race. BUT, if that was what they believe, as long as they are not telling people to sell their homes and abandon their families because of it, big whoopy.


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          Curious George, cult apologist

          Curious George, cult apologist.


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            Hi, Franklin. Glad to see you

            Hi, Franklin. Glad to see you have joined the fray. Maybe you can identify the ATROCITIES going on here. Nobody else seems to be able to illustrate anything horrendous. Sure WBN is wierd and full of hot air. Their doctrine is not traditional, but c'mon dude!!


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              What is you


              What is your reason for being defensive or protective of Congress WBN? I did a message search by your name for the last 30 days and the only thread in the Religious Cults and Sects boards you seem to be posting on is this one, about Congress WBN. Do you have a particular interest in this group or a reason why you keep posting on this thread to defend the group?


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                I suspect curious george may b

                I suspect curious george may be the super apostle himself or one of his agents. By pretending to be silly (word use in a pleasant context) he is trying to deflect from the stench that is obvious by the revelations made about this cult.


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                  I wonder what curious george w

                  I wonder what curious george would think if I mentioned that this group has been raising finances since 1993 for a building fund. I should know as I have contributed thousands of dollars over the years.

                  They were due to construct a church with the money however evey year there was always a problem with the land or deed for the building. It dawned on me that in 13 years they are still leasing their current premises and have not built a thing to my knowledge. In 1996 the fund was annonced to be over $ 1 Million. God only knows how much it is today.

                  I am in no way implying anything dishonest but simply giving the facts. I was laughed at by some work colleagues when they asked ' so did they ever build the building?' In answering the question I realised that in the 13 years since they started, I have had a few kids, bought 4 properties of my own while they are still renting. Again no implications of dishonesty from me.

                  I do get annoyed however when some people are able to spend over $200,000 for relatives to do MBAs in the best European Business Schools while the average person struggles through life.


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                    I have looked at wbn and this

                    I have looked at wbn and this phony apostle for over a year. I have read their websites and found most of it to read like communist propaganda and of a confusing context and sentence structure that is familiar to all cultic writings. My gut reaction and what I perceive to be discernment from the Holy Spirit is this is a dangerous mind control cult with megalomaniac intentions of world political infiltration and conquest. All we need in this world is another tin horn dictator who self proclaims himself to be an apostle. When I read or hear of any Christian claiming to be an apostle then I smell a man worshipping cult. This is what I discern. And I hate man worshipping, self elevation and cults.


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                      TO on the road:
                      This thread

                      TO on the road:
                      This thread has been the only one that has interested me because it is the one of the few in this forum I had no previous knowledge of. I have seen a vehemence that I merely want to understand. This CWBN seems to be a some what new group so I want to be well informed and prepared for any encounters with them. I don't see where I have defended anything. I'm just CURIOUS.


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                        To anonymous505050:

                        Yea, I&

                        To anonymous505050:

                        Yea, I'm the super apostle. But, your mention of the building fund, while repeatedly stating no charge of dishonesty, is what I am trying to get at. What is so dangerous?? That's all I'm saying. Lighten up a bit, dude.


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                          I knew that one would flush th

                          I knew that one would flush the 'fox out of its lair.'

                          The sentence construction resembles the leader i know. Well everything I said is factual and with no intention to question anyone's integrity.


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                            You're funny, 5050!! Dude,

                            You're funny, 5050!! Dude, I want someone's integrity's to be questioned if need be. Your facts may very well be accurate. But where is the danger?? Churches all around the world spend millions on buildings. Where is the danger.


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                              You do not seem to be playing

                              You do not seem to be playing with a full deck of cards mate. Think I will leave you to your folly. Later Dude!


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                                Just as I thought there is no

                                Just as I thought there is no danger. You are speaking of what you think not of what you know. As most of us do. Thanx for the input 505050. You've been helpful.