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Characteristics of a Sociopath

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    Psychopaths lack empathy.

    That is how they can be cruel to others. (and not feel "bad" about it.)

    Psychos see others only as objects to be used for personal gain.

    Psychos have to imitate human emotion. That is why they often seem "fake" and insincere. When they are not acting, they are cold and without affect. Oftentimes, small children are afraid of them. However, they use charm so convincingly that they even fool seasoned psychiatrists.

    Be careful who you choose to associate with!!!


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      "Religious Nutcase" should be it's own classification.

      Subtypes of Psychopaths:

      The Christian Mantra, "hate the sin, love the sinner," CANNOT be applied to psychopaths. Psychopaths are well aware of the pain they inflict. They thrive on it.

      And they don't care enough about others to stop themselves.
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        No Cure

        This is you Edwina…

        Originally posted by turningjapanese View Post

        The Characteristics of a Religious Sociopath

        The Sociopath is unable to develop any kind of true, loyal attachments to people. This inability to be genuinely connected to others renders their experience of life bland, colorless, boring, and tedious. Consequently, they turn to power, not love and relationship, as the primary motivational factor for their lives. The sociopath seeks to gain power through which she can find some sense of connection to humanity by causing the suffering of others. The more she is able to make another suffer or hurt, the greater her sense of personal power, and the more exciting and invigorating life becomes. Stout says that the motivation for self aggrandized power is so strong in the sociopath that many of them work hard to place themselves in leadership positions because the authority of an office or position gives the sociopath the tools and avenues she needs to both feed and fuel her mental illness....

        Sociopaths have no intervening sense of obligation to other people. They will betray whoever is convenient at the moment. They can’t maintain healthy and stable relationships primarily because sociopaths view people as disposable when their usefulness to their needs or agendas runs out, particularly if those people won’t help them with their mischief and abuse anymore. The people who were their "best friends" yesterday become their latest project of abuse, harrassment, and emotional torture the next....

        Sociopathy is incurable. Even if it were curable, sociopaths almost never want to be cured....
        Just like your disgusting hillbilly hero, you’re a freak! You sold out your friends over the years to live in your comfortable “prison.” You are the most ungrateful, worthless piece of excrement I have ever known. You take but you never give.

        Your wretched life is "bland, colorless, and boring." You are certainly dull and “tedious.” Just like you couldn’t keep your hardhat on in you five-week "career" as a carpenter, you couldn’t cut it the real world so you became a “pastor” who never had to do sh*t.

        Edwina, you testosterone deficient girly boy...there is no cure for you disorder!

        Do something you're real good at. Go eat and lay down.
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          Vry reliable informations are found in this post. The post about characteristics of sociopath are very much helpful for all the readers like me.....

          Thanxxxx a lot........keep posting...

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            Lots of A-holes in this world....

            Glad you found this information useful.

            Dr. Robert Hare and Martha Stout have worked extensively in that field, and would be a good starting point if you are researching this subject.

            Try googling "Anti-Social Personality Disorder" as well.

            Stay Safe,


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              Another deadly example of a huckster making a buck off the (spiritually) gullible.


              Ray accused the followers of not "being spiritual enough" if they left.....


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                Hazel--was your man a bedwetter?

                I don't know if any of this pertains to L.R. Davis, but I found it to be interesting:

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                  Keep reading up on psychopaths...

                  Keep this in mind for Flounder's Day in August:



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                    "Here a pastor, there a pastor, everywhere a pastor, pastor"

                    Originally posted by turningjapanese View Post
                    Pastor Gibson

                    Also read somewheres Mel was interested in starting his own church. He feels his "version" of religion is the one that's most adherent to God's wishes.

                    How VERY narcissistic of him.
                    "Old Ed Thomas had a church, E-I-E-I-O."

                    Looks like brother Mel too?

                    Save us from this evil world! (Or deluded, dumbfcuk pastors—same thing.)

                    Every depraved pathological narcissist wants to form their own pyramid with them at the top. All for a "better world"—of course. These psychos only have followers because so many sheep are ready and willing to play the role of victim. It's like the little lambs wear a sign: "Me stupid, nave and gullible, and ah loves hubcaps. Fcuk me over, please!"

                    Left unchecked, this kind of thinking leads to Kool Aid parties—or worse.
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                      I would add to the previous lists, tax evasion, or using the tax system and other laws for their advantage. For example, though Benny Hinn has one of the top four accounting firms do his "ministry's" taxes, he is not an ethical or moral person because of it. The ministry that blows its own horn all the time, can be using this as a cover for misdeeds.

                      On tax fraud and evasion I would distinguish between those who are the primary cause, and those who are "along for the ride"--i.e. the wolf in sheep's clothing, vs. the kids, wife and weaklings unable to see through the fraud.

                      Let me give a few examples of what I am talking about. This fellow was influenced by a long term tax non-filer and started fighting the IRS, and he is still under the delusion and has a website to buttress his active law non-compliance:

                      Also this business owner is "sincere" in his tax evasion and yet has not changed his position:

                      The Twelve Steps talks about being brought to accounability, and being ready to admit we are wrong if challenged properly. The wolves don't admit any wrongs. My sister bought a used car from an active 12 Steps member recently, and big mechanical issues developed within a few weeks. There are lemon laws, but when the matter was brought to his attention, he wanted no part in taking responsibility for things that happened by a safe driver (my sister). I guess the 12 Steps are not an enforcement program. This car dealer always tries to wangle cash out of people instead of checks, not a good sign.

                      BTW, Adolf Hitler was a long term tax cheat, and never ended up paying:
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                        Welcome aboard, Scout!

                        I agree with your post. I have also heard that CFCMI's accounting practices are as questionable and illegal as these other groups you have mentioned.

                        We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


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                          The examples I cite are very subtle. The two men are active "sovereigns" believing as they do that the laws are unconstitutional, and that the "authorities" are usurpers. Jude, Peter, and other late epistles warned about those who despise authority. Authority is not an absolute, it is imperfect, and the police and courts are under authority also. It may be very expensive for people to fight in the courts--Jesus said to try and agree with your adversary quickly so that you don't go to court.

                          The court case Mr. Millington cites in his case is interesting:

                          Tom's truck in State of Vermont v. Thomas H. Millington
                          The litigation information below deals with my personal experiences with the "State of Vermont" godless regime.
                          2002 UPDATE: By the spirit of "legal malice", I was finally unlawfully arrested (No warrant) and jailed overnight at Marble Valley Corrections in Rutland, VT. Nancy Corsones handed down sentence of 2 days in jail, time served, case closed. Despite all kinds of law (20+ laws) in my favor, the government defacto known as the State of Vermont mocked my authority. International Court is presently being constructed to prosecute public servants that habitually corrupt justice.
                          After 20 months of court process, the Rutland District Court and Vermont Supreme Court conclusively determined Kangaroo Courts; clearly violating due process of Law. Case going to Federal Court.

                          Appellant Brief
                          Vermont Supreme Court
                          State of Vermont v. Thomas H. Millington
                          Docket No. 2002-461

                          Now comes Thomas H. Millington, under threat, duress, and coercion, a Christian sovereign (Ambassador), indigenous and natural person, a divine preacher, in propria persona, not pro se, demands due process rights, and respectfully requests the court to fulfill oaths to the True Fundamental Constitutional Law in the presence of the Almighty God, and accepts accountability (VT Constitution Article 6, 17, 18) without corruption (28) 30), usurpations (Holy Scriptures-U.S. Constitution 1,9,10,13,14 and Vermont Constitution articles 1,3), surreptitious procedure, collusion, deprogramming, persecution, deprivation of (God given) rights, trapping in words, unprofitable technicalities, or genocide, DO ASK to rule favorably of this peacemaker, truthful, law abiding, and godly man of integrity. As suggested in letter by the Court dated October 22, 2002, "the administrative assignment of a number does not preclude dismissal of the appeal for lack of jurisdiction", it is to my desire for this Court to dismiss this case due to the conflict of law.
                          1). Officer Michael O'Neill of the Brandon Police Department first broke the law by making Unconstitutional demands when stopped due to unlighted tail-light marker. Vehicle was clearly marked "Mom" Marilynn Christian for Gov. and Howard Phillips, Constitution Party with a 5 foot cross (of Jesus) mounted in the bed of the pick-up truck being driven by appellant. The road side communications were not received at all by the Officer as they deviated too much from his training. The JESUS plate on truck was not understood and must have been offensive. Constitutional tort 42 U.S.C.A. 1983; coercion- Model Penal Code 212.5; Government de facto (Artificial Persons) Thorington, Smith, 75 U.S.(8 Wall.)1, 19 L.Ed. 361; Breach of duty via threat-State v. Schweppe, Minn., 237 N.W. 2d 609, 615; Legal willfulness-Bartolucci v. Falleti 314 Ill. App.551, 41 N.E. 2d, 777, 780; Color of law-Atkins v. Lanning D.C. Ok1., 415 F. Supp. 186, 188 and Windle v. Flinn, 196 Or. 654, 251 P.2d 136, 146; Excess of jurisdiction Wuest v. Wuest, 53 Cal. App.2d 339, 127 P.2d 934,937;
                          2) Officer Michael O'Neill is presently charged with abuse amongst a fellow Officer, Lori Krupp.
                          3) Officer Michael O'Neill demanded Unconstitutional papers: U.S. Constitution Amendment 13; Merdock v. Penn., 318 US 105; Ware v. Hylton, 3 Dall 199; 42 U.S.C. 1963; Ramsey v. Allegrie supra, p.399; Miranda v. Arizona 384 U.S. 436, 491; Vermont Constitution Article 1, 3 an Chapter II ss6; Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 22; Ligare v. Chicago, 28 NE 934; Boon v. Clark, 214 SSW 607; 25 Am.Jur. (1st) Highways Sect. 163; Houston County v. Martin, 232 A 1511, 169 So. 13; Norton v. Shelby County, U.S. 16 Am.Jur. 2d 177; Smith v. U.S. 502 F 2d 512, C.A. Tex (1974); International Border Rights under The Jay Treaty of 1794; U.C.C. 1-207; U.S. v. Minker, 350 U.S. 179 187.
                          4) Because there was no meeting of the minds in our short conversation, it was necessary for me to protect my person and proceeded to get witnesses to assist in settling matter peacefully. Wright v. Georgia, 337 U.S. 284, 291-2; Smith v. U.S. 502 F 2d 512, C.A. Tex (1974); Ware v. Hylton, 3 Dall 199; Snerer V. Cullen, 481 F. 946; Miller v. U.S., 230 F. 486. 489.
                          5) Since being in defense for what the State labels as "attempting to elude", the Rutland District Court has been corrupt. Nancy Corsones and Robert Manley (Honorable Judge and Deputy State's Attorney respectively) have muted my position, manipulated the Jury, have manifested a Kangaroo Court. Surely they are relying on the (false) doctrine of Judicial Immunity. Despotic, tyrannical and totalitarian, terrorists, anti-Christ blasphemers seems to be their Unconstitutional agenda. Vexatious Proceeding - Paramont Pictures v. Blumenthal, 256 App. Div. 756, 11 N.Y.S. 2d 768 772; Malicious abuse of legal process- Hughes v. Swinehart, D.C. Pa., 376 F. Supp. 650, 652; Chain conspiracy- Bolden v. State. 44. Md. App. 643, 410 A. 2d 1085, 1091. Fraud on Court as due process was negated- Vaughn v. State, 3 Tenn. Crim. App. 54, 456 S.W. 2d 879, 883; Collusion- Tomiyosu v. Golden, 81 Nev. 140, 400 P.2d 415, 417; Duress- Head v. Gadsden Civil Service Bd., Ala.Civ.App., 389 So. 2d 516, 519; Hyde v. Lewis 25 Ill. App.3d 495, 323 N.E.2d 533, 537; Subversive activities 18, U.S.C.A. ss2381 et seq., 50 U.S.C.A. 781; Title 18 U.S.C.A. ss241, 242; Treason in violation Vermont Constitution Articles 1, 3, 12, 17, 18, 6.
                          6) In regards to the "guilty" verdict by jury, it is Void Judgment which is in effect immediately. Obstruction of justice was manifest and witnessed with notarized affidavit. Klugh v. S.S., D.C.S.C., 620 F. Supp. 892, 901.
                          7) The historic hate crimes (fascism) have persisted in State of Vermont Courts against this Christian man since 1999 when forced divorced by Traffic Court Judge Rita Flynn Villa who also Unlawfully signed away his Christian Home for outreach (Chuck Colsen Prison Ministries) causing much legal injury. It is enough said that justice, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is impossible with so much abuse of authority. Evil is ever surmounted upon your heads...also known as moral turpitude.
                          The relief sought is maximum penalties for all parties involved with restitutions, for life is Not a chess game, but rather a Sacred gift by the Creator.
                          Thomas H. Millington Ambassador II Cor. 5:20
                          this 25 day of November 2002 A.D.

                          He claims to be a Christian "ambassador". He was driving with an "international driving permit", which is as legit as IHOP--last I knew, and had no insurance. His life is a tragic one by fighting against real government.

                          Check out a pastor's review of the book, "Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government":


                          I never saw a major ministry address the Patriot Movement in its many forms. We all heard about Randy Weaver, Waco, OK city, etc. But most people dismiss this movement as small and a fringe movement. It is big. Check out for further details on government prosecutions of illegal tax protestors.


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                            Taxes? That is what a 501(c)(3) is for!!

                            Originally posted by scout View Post
                            I would add to the previous lists, tax evasion, or using the tax system and other laws for their advantage.

                            This brings to mind Al Capone.

                            He also had syphilis.
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                              Characteristics of a Sociopath

                              People can be overly analytical on trying to label "sociopathy". On paying taxes, I have broad experience of CPA's with varying levels of ethical probity and honesty. I have done FOIA's to get my master file from the IRS, as any taxpayer can. The IRS does not have records of many non-Social Security tracked transactions. Therefore, although it is ultimately not a completely "voluntary" system, in practice there are huge areas of voluntariness due to the numerous ways to game the system. What happens when an honest man goes to a dishonest CPA? He may, in good conscience have to turn in the dishonest CPA to the accountant oversight board in his/her state. Then, based on proof or the facts of the case, enforcement action may move forward. Here is a case of a loose tax man sentenced to jail:


                              The effects on the conscience and mind of tax fraud and evasion are considerable. One must justify one's actions to oneself and others. A notable principled war tax protestor was Henry Thoreau, he set out his reasons for resisting taxes in this essay:


                              Many people have been perplexed by the military actions of the US and have sought to resist taxes as a means to counter an unjust system. Is this a form of sociopathy? I don't know.

                              I believe there can be collective sociopathy as well as individuals called sociopaths. I think the basics to this condition are a lack of feeling and empathy for others, a lack of accountability in areas where someone needs to be accountable, etc.. There are sociopathic regimes, and organizations. As painful as it is to witness the country under the control of a merciless sociopathic leader, it may not be our business to correct the problem, in fact it may violate other people's free will and God's ultimate will. He could set a family, a town, a country in order right? But He does not interfere in people's free will.


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                                To those of you seated in the gymnasium

                                ::: That would be those of you in this picture :::


                                Does your pastor exhibit any of these symptoms?

                                Originally posted by turningjapanese View Post
                                • NEW VIDEO Narcissism and Syphilis
                                According to Sam Vaknin, author of the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" (emphasis mine):
                                Syphilis is a venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. It has a few stages and involves unpleasant phenomena such as lesions and skin eruptions. Syphilis can go dormant (latent) for years or even decades before it affects the brain in a condition known as general paresis. Brain tissue is gradually destroyed by the tiny organisms that cause syphilis, the spirochetes. This progressive devastation causes mania, dementia, megalomania (delusions of grandeur), and paranoia. Even when its existence is suspected, syphilis is difficult to diagnose. Most mental health clinicians are unlikely to try to rule it out. Syphilis in its tertiary (brain consuming) phase produces symptoms that are easily misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder combined with the Narcissistic and the Paranoid Personality Disorders.

                                Syphilitic patients in the tertiary, brain consuming stage are often described as brutal, suspicious, delusional, moody, irritable, raging, lacking empathy, grandiose, and demanding. And if this sounds familiar, that's also a very good description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Syphilitic patients are indecisive, and absorbed in irrelevant detail one moment and irresponsible and maniacal impulses the next. They exhibit disorganized thinking, transient forced beliefs, mental rigidity, and obsessive compulsive mental behavior.
                                Let's review some history:

                                There was conclusive evidence that LR Davis had rashes and skin eruptions. (See the transcripts of Illinois vs. Lloyd R. Davis
                                • LR Davis was brutal, suspicious, delusional, moody, irritable, raging, lacking empathy, grandiose, and demanding
                                • LR Davis had syphilis
                                • Everybody screwed everybody years ago (at least two of the same guys that screwed Deb were "pestered" by LR Davis)
                                ::: Pause here to connect the dots :::

                                Now Eddie Thomas and Peter Paine are running the show, but let's focus on the little douchebag from Mentor-on-the-Lake OH:

                                Has the Oceanview hole-plugger ever exhibited the following behaviors? Was he/is he brutal? Suspicious? Delusional? Moody? Irritable? Raging? (James M can answer this.) Does he lack empathy? Is he grandiose? Is he demanding?

                                If you can honestly answer "yes" to these questions, you need to do some serious soul-searching about the people that you have granted control over your lives.

                                You need to question the degree you go to in order to maintain your belief in the infallibility of your religious leaders, your denial of their wrongdoings and false predictions, and your turning a blind eye to unethical conduct and your irrational acceptance of such conduct of your "trusted leaders."

                                Here's a little refresher material to help as you decide:

                                Originally posted by thistime View Post

                                I don't know if LR was the same, but whack-jobs are whack-jobs and I'm glad that old clown is dead. "Unremarkable genitalia" aside, I am curious if that freak had AIDS along with his blown-out butthole.

                                Viewmaster, from CityData

                                I’m not much a one on the esoteric language of the medical field, either. I was lucky enough for the “official” I acquired the report from to give me the lay synopsis of the Coroner’s findings. The interpreter of my autopsy copy implied that looking for the HIV/AIDS virus (and I’m going on sketchy memory because of all the time that has passed) in the serum of a cadaver was quite like looking for a needle in a haystack. It would’ve been very cost prohibitive as well. He said that they treated the body as if he did have the above, and besides, he said that about 40% of all long term inmates have the virus anyway. So he “expressed” a strong possibility.

                                I do know of a certainty that L.R.Davis had syphilis.

                                When a certain member of the group (CFCMI) left in the mid 80’s, I contacted him. Even flew from out west, where I was living at the time, back east to do so. I spent a few days with him and he revealed much. He said that L.R. had given him, and a few others, that nasty STD.

                                (This person is mentioned in a previous post of mine. But due to the weightiness of this topic my discretion is self advised.)

                                Now, in the world of STD’s, syphilis is a really big one. It blows stuff like gonorrhea out of the water as far as difficulty to treat, and lasting side effects, quite often lifetime lasting side effects. Gonorrhea, in simple essence, erodes away your urinary tract and “dingus”, while syphilis erodes away your brain and central nervous system. It’s symptoms can be far more subtle, too. And here’s the scary part. I’ll call it the Magic Johnson Syndrome. Some people can be “Carriers” of syphilis and never succumb to its latent pathology. As is Magic Johnson with the HIV. This guy told me that L.R. was found to be a carrier.

                                This man had nothing to gain by telling this stuff to me, and in the past I’ve never know him to be a liar. Not even a mild tall-tale-teller. He really had a lot of his own reputation to protect too, because of the job he acquired once gone.

                                He told me that they were on a pretty strict regimen of pills and L.R. ran about quite worried for a good spell. He told me L.R. went through a very quiet (for him) period for a couple weeks. For group standards they were being slightly pampered, and their bellies were a bit more full more often in that interim space. Maybe for a lifer getting an STD wasn’t all that bad?

                                In this case, this guy appears to conceivably be suffering some of the effects listed above. On occasion I’ll phone him and see how he is.

                                As for the reverend “Whack-Job”, a.k.a. “Lloyd Ray the Clown“, and him being dead? I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat eating crap off a comb just thinking about it. God is good!

                                As far as the blown-out butt hole is concerned, I think L.R.Davis has described it quite perfectly with his own multi-purpose mouth; “I have an Impacted Bowel.”

                                Oh, and one more thing. I have to differ with the findings of the good Coroner on this one. I find the genitalia of L.R. to be “completely remarkable”.

                                If it wasn’t, we could be doing more pleasant things with our time right now than this.


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