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Robb Thompson False Teacher

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    <font color="0077aa">you guys

    <font color="0077aa">you guys were saying that robb thompson encourages divorce is some situations..

    there is a couple at the church that is very well off with their biz they both own- two seperat bizes that is ..not working together...and are divorced have 4 children and still go to the same church...I find this odd...

    did any of you enroll in their marrage courses?</font>


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      Hi, soglad, and welcome. I&#39

      Hi, soglad, and welcome. I&#39;m SO GLAD that you got out, too!

      No, thank goodness we never did go to that, or any other class except for the long, boring and totally unnecesssary membership class &#40;we&#39;ve been saved for over 30 yrs, and really didn&#39;t need it - but no one ever took the time to check this out&#41;. We weren&#39;t exactly impressed by Robb&#39;s public relationship with his wife and didn&#39;t feel that we wanted his opinions on the subject. Robb seemed incapable of ever letting Linda get through an announcement without interrupting her, embellishing what she said, or acting like a hyperactive 10 yr old &#40;because he has a compulsive need to be the center of attention&#41;. A few comments in front of people of how &#34;cute&#34; she looked isn&#39;t enough for me to feel that they have a close, loving and mutually respectful relationship. And btw, why doesn&#39;t she go with him on his trips? They don&#39;t have any children who need her care. And with a staff as large as theirs, surely there are many other competent people who could be trusted enough to give a pre-digested, canned sermon that Robb has already given, in his place.

      Another question that the robbites will ignore!!



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        <font color="0077aa"> I have a

        <font color="0077aa"> I have another question...
        When I first went to FHC my father came up to help get suited in the city..we went and it was okay...but after a while on my own I really felt like it was a cult&#40;and thats why i am so glad to have found this site!&#41;. Everyone seemed to be in another place, smiling blank was scary..but as a young adult still in my teens at the parents reasured me..its just diffrent..well we all got suckered! That place really messed me up-

        Another thing..I do agree with some of his politics like on war..abuse of freedom for example..but he told this one story in church..
        He was upset one Thursday&#40;I believe&#41; he had to catch a plane but went down town to get some shoes...He was mad b/c he was held up in traffic b/c of the protesters..they were disrupting the public being in the street and blocking traffic..I understand..but at the same time..there is a mall out in the suburbs lots of stores down the road FHC and he has to go downtown chicago to get some shoes! This man is just over the edge....

        Sorry but you guy know.....
        And is appropriate for a woman in higher tell other women in the church to dress sexy for thier husbands to always look thier best fo thiedr one want to go around looking like a slob but isn&#39;t this shallow? This one church&#39;s pastor&#39;s&#40;brad spencer&#41; wife got a boob job and then so did other women in the church along with lipo and not all of them had the $ and who do you think paid for hers? The church! Its sad some of the people haven&#39;t caught parents left just to get sucked in by another...these people still give Avanzini $$$..infact he calls Brad Spencer his &#34;spirtual son&#34;
        </font> }


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          Harvest Church in Tampa still

          Harvest Church in Tampa still exists... I visited there a couple of months ago. I had never heard him teach before but Paledino was very strong the morning I was there. I speak in Spanish and in tongues both, but what was taught there that morning was clearly English.


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            <font color="0077aa">well they

            <font color="0077aa">well they must have moved b/c they are no longer in the location they first started in...from I-4 there is no longer the FHC sign but one for a spanish church!And I didn&#39;t mention anything about tongues.........</font>}


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              That&#39;s okay, just thought

              That&#39;s okay, just thought I&#39;d mention it... they meet in the clubhouse of a golf course, have two services and are uncomfortably crowded so I guess that they are getting ready to move to something bigger. Nice guy &#40;met him after service&#41;, very strong teaching - I really enjoyed his message. I know you didn&#39;t say anything about tongues, I was just messing with you soglad. RHBrowne&#39;s church &#34;The River&#34;, is right near &#34;4&#34; and &#34;75&#34;, you should try it some time when you&#39;re in Tampa... Vaya Con Dios!!!


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                <font color="0077aa">Like I sa

                <font color="0077aa">Like I said FHC Tamapa must have moved..they had a pretty big crowd...infact when I was present there,</font> it was a bigger crowd then fhc chicago...thats no lie!}


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                  Oh yeah... I&#39;m going to ru

                  Oh yeah... I&#39;m going to rush right over and check out Rodney&#39;s church when I go to Florida...

                  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    ya i wouldn&#39;t either I wen

                    ya i wouldn&#39;t either I went once what a waste of time!


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                      I agree, zaz and soglad.


                      I agree, zaz and soglad.

                      My former &#40;abusive, cultic&#41; church - not FHC, BTW, was really starting to get into RHB and all that stuff at the time we left. The one experience I never forgot was during worship one night. One of the men near me was making so much noise &#34;in the Spirit&#34; that it was very distracting, and was interfering with any singing/praying I was attempting. I prayed and asked the Father that if that noise &#40;actually very animal-like&#41; was not of Him, would He please shut the guy up because I wanted to worship Him, and was being prevented. In a few minutes, the guy stopped, and didn&#39;t do it again for the rest of the night. IMHO, anything that distracts from worshipping the Living God, and puts the attention on the worship/worshipper insead, is not of the Lord.

                      I know many will disagree with me, but I see no Biblical precedent for the things RHB promotes, and so want no part of it.

                      BTW, zaz, thanks so much for your input about WOF teachings - I was unaware of some of them. Again, this takes me deeper into the Word, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Sometimes it&#39;s hard to question someone we&#39;ve come to admire, but if what they teach is unbiblical, we need to renounce it and leave it, and them, alone. Thanks for watching our backs here!!



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                        Hi soglad! Glad you are with u

                        Hi soglad! Glad you are with us!

                        I&#39;ve not been on this thread for alwhile, so it took a bit of time to &#34;catch up&#34; on the happenings.

                        Several interesting articles on those being indicted for church related tax fraud. Thank God, judgment is first coming to the house of God. So, my question is, for those who said that Robb would go on as he has for years to come....what makes them think that the IRS is not investigating the many complaints against him? Is he above going down? I don&#39;t think so. And...I wouldn&#39;t be surprised if he stole more than all of the above mentioned. The &#34;thief&#34; cometh but to kill, steal and destroy&#34; &#40;that pretty much sums up Robb&#41;, and Jesus came that WE may have life and have it more abundantly. My life has been enriched so much spiritually and in every other since I left that &#34;hellhole&#34;. May many more follow the &#34;exit&#34; door.


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                          Your very welcome cybermom. I

                          Your very welcome cybermom. I felt the very same way... there were some of these teachers I just liked... you know what I mean.

                          But when push comes to shove, and we start really studying God&#39;s word, we find that most of the WOF teachers are way off in their doctrinal beliefs.

                          If these people are off on their foundational beliefs about who God is... who Jesus Christ is... what He did for us... and how we come to be justified and sanctified... well then, I don&#39;t really care how cute you are or how funny you are.. or how nice you dress... or how &#34;powerful&#34; your testimony might be; If you&#39;re &#34;OFF&#34; on the foundational principles of the Christian faith... I TURN THEM OFF... PERMANENTLY.

                          You know, the Word tells us in Romans 8:28 that God will work all things out for good for those who love the Lord. The one benefit that we may have received by default ... being a member of Family Harvest Church... and listening to that heretic and false teacher Robb Thompson for 5 or 6 years is this: It caused me to study the Word better... closer... and more diligently.

                          Isn&#39;t that what Paul taught us? Didn&#39;t he say that we should search the scriptures as the Bereans do... so that we will recognize a false teacher when we see one?? Well, I have learned now to recognize a phoney. I&#39;ve learned to recognize a false teacher when I hear one, and I think that&#39;s the &#34;good&#34; that God brought out of our family being there for so many years. Thanks be to God that there was some positive benefit that resulted from our being there for 6 years.

                          I thank God every day that we&#39;re out... and thank Him also that I am now more &#34;in tune&#34; with His Word and what it says about those who preach a &#34;different&#34; gospel.

                          I really appreciate your comments Cybermom. More that I can express here and now. Thanks!

                          Love to all,



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                            <font color="0077aa">this is a

                            <font color="0077aa">this is an on going epidemic...these &#34;men of God&#34; just minpulating&#40;?&#41; weak and unknowing people..&#34;oh look what I have you can too&#34;...and sometimes they&#39;ll through someting to someone or more in the masses..Why can&#39;t these people see..the church is becoming greedy the bible says &#34;the love of money&#34; and they preach yet it works in their favor...kind of like satan although in the bible he quotes scripture he also perverts it...</font>}


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                              It is sad how quickl


                              It is sad how quickly people will let anyone tickle their ears with promises of health and wealth, with no thought as to what the Word of God actually says. And that&#39;s the heart of the matter - taking EVERYTHING we&#39;re being taught and holding it up to our standard, the written Word of God. That&#39;s how people are deceived - that&#39;s how I&#39;ve been deceived in the past - because I took what someone said about the Bible as if it was the Bible. I didn&#39;t go and check out what was taught for myself, but just swallowed someone else&#39;s spin on what it says. The Church everywhere has to learn to read the Bible, not hear teachings about the Bible, or listen to someone else&#39;s ideas of what it says. But actually read what is written there, and then ask the Holy Spirit to use it to change us and make us more like Jesus.

                              Here&#39;s what Paul had to say regarding the pursuit of riches &#40;Message translation&#41;:

                              1Ti 6:3 If you have leaders there who teach otherwise, who refuse the solid words of our Master Jesus and this godly instruction,
                              1Ti 6:4 tag them for what they are: ignorant windbags who infect the air with germs of envy, controversy, bad-mouthing, suspicious rumors.
                              1Ti 6:5 Eventually there&#39;s an epidemic of backstabbing, and truth is but a distant memory. They think religion is a way to make a fast buck.
                              1Ti 6:6 A devout life does bring wealth, but it&#39;s the rich simplicity of being yourself before God.
                              1Ti 6:7 Since we entered the world penniless and will leave it penniless,
                              1Ti 6:8 if we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that&#39;s enough.
                              1Ti 6:9 But if it&#39;s only money these leaders are after, they&#39;ll self-destruct in no time.
                              1Ti 6:10 Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after.
                              1Ti 6:11 But you, Timothy, man of God: Run for your life from all this. Pursue a righteous life--a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, courtesy.

                              Now what would the prosperity people say in answer to this? I know I never heard this mentioned at FHC.



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                                Wow, cybermom. VERY GOOD. I lo

                                Wow, cybermom. VERY GOOD. I love the translation of these Scriptures. &#40;Message Bible?&#41; Yep, somehow these &#34;prosperity&#34; teachers must have &#34;skipped&#34; over these. On purpose, maybe? &#40;They love to tickle their own ears as much as they do others...&#41;

                                Zaz, I truly enjoyed your post as well. Right on, very truthful and encouraging. &#40;As usual, buddy&#41;

                                I love you guys! Cheryl