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Rev Eleanor Kalinsky Full Gospel Church Manchester CT

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  • Rev Eleanor Kalinsky Full Gospel Church Manchester CT

    Is this church a cult? The website has alot of stuff on it about this place. Seems there have been covered up child molestation issues. I know the former pastor was a great man but this one is a controlling one. They are involved with legalism and alot of "work" requirements. Does anyone know anything more on this place?

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    While I see you seem to be aga

    While I see you seem to be against this church vigously I am having a hard time understanding why.Most of the sites you have posted no longer exist and the one that does is a Mormon/Baptist based organization from Texas.Have they spent much time at this church to call it a cult?I saw where you said you could only last about one year.Were you an actual member of the church and did you want to get involved in any church ministries?Did you actually see people forced to follow and do what the Pastor told them to do?Were they forced to sign a commitment to do any thing wrong or unethical and if so did you see this document?I researched the organization you tout that has put this church on it's and that's all it is,is their list as a cult.By the way what do they call Extreme and what is Modalism mean?Look up Modalism in the dictionary.What does it say?Do you go to church and what religion is your church and why is it not a cult?


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      While Watchman Fellowship list

      While Watchman Fellowship listed FGIC in their book they have not as yet listed them as a cult on their list of cults.Could it be there is not enough info on this church to even consider it a cult?As for your allegations of child abuse there is no court decision against the FGIC or any of it's current or former members.Where did you get your supposed info from or should I say WHO?You said the Postmaster of Manchester got the church the Postal Contract Unit,but the only one who decides on that is the Postal Commision in Washington DC.I have been in the Post Office for over 20 years and I personally know the this Postmaster has no influence on th national Postal Commision.His influence in the Hartford Regional District is not even that good,although he may think and say it is he is not to be believed.The last PCU in Manchester was in a religious gift and card shop.To get to PCU you had to go through their entire store of religious artifacts,cards,literature etc.,and the Jewish man who was the one and only one to get the ACLU to file a lawsuit on the FGIC frequented the former PCU.If it were not for him there would be no lawsuit which by the way is a national one affecting many other PCU'S around the country which may have to close because of him and the ACLU.This country was originally founded on Church and Government just read the Declation of Independence and you will see it.Have you read it lately or ever?Organizations like the ACLU,Madelin O'hare and this Jewish man want to change all this for there benefit and for there beliefs which is not what this country was originally formed for by all those who preceded us and fought to make this nation a free country with,in GOD WE TRUST.There was not and is not a separation of God and State except nowadays government is so corrupt it does not want to recognize God or the original intent of why this country was born into existence.Hope to have a reply from you soon as you seem to be believing to much of what others are telling you and not on any facts that can be found or in your case not found.


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        Well all I can tell you is tha

        Well all I can tell you is that you are deceived. We have been in this family and church for 30 years. We were there when they moved into the theatre and painted the walls. Took the curtains down. We remember Eleanor as a child. We saw her grown up.
        The church is a cult. I am sorry. But there is not enough time to discuss all the cultish traits. Were you at the Sex Survey Meeting? Do you abide by the laws of the church? Do you truly understand Romans 3 and Galatians?

        I would just suggest to take your kids and run. The church divides and if they have not done it to you yet your turn will come soon.



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          To Exparte:

          I must tell you

          To Exparte:

          I must tell you separation of Church and State is the best thing this country can do for Christians. I do not trust this government and certainly do not want them in the business of the church.

          As for your comments on the FGIC place.

          Here is my take. I attended for a few years between 2004-2006. I have been a Christian for 30 years. I am well versed in scripture and doctrine. What I saw of her was that she is what is called the "Shepardship Doctrine". Check out Bob Mumford comments. He was one of the originators of this doctrine. He later apologized for what he saw was the error of his ways in founding this doctrine. What typically happens, as in Catholic churches as well. the pastor is elevated and almost takes a secondary place next to Jesus. Such as a priest. Everything goes thru the pastor, no one can do anything without the pastor, and the pastors work is like Gods work. The pastor is elevated and people stand and give 'double' honor for the pastor.

          This is the beginnings of big trouble when your salvation is filtered thru man and not directly thru God.

          Also, FGIC is KNOWN in the Connecticut Area for being a cult. Mention this church to any Christian in the state and they will MOST LIKLY look at you funny. They have a bad reputation in CT.

          After I left I went to a church in Enfield and the pastor asked where I came from. I told him i was a former member of FGIC and he said "well here you will find liberty and not be controlled." A month later in a discussion with him I learned about how Kalinsky had the ability to allow her father to live but did something drastically different and so ungodly that it is not even worth getting into.

          I also when there never liked the comments about how the previous pastor died. It is like everyone had their own story and she was not very open and honest about the transition and death of Saunders.

          So many of these issues make people look for a sound church without such gossip and doctrinal errors.

          I pray people who leave there get healing and find a healthy church relationship.



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            I was a member for many years

            I was a member for many years and recently resigned. Although I'm not prepared to say the FGIC is an outright cult, I believe there are some cultic attributes. I think the main problems are the extreme shepherding and UPC Oneness doctrine. These problems were the foundation of Pastor Saunders' ministry. He had a very powerful and forceful personality. FGIC was formed in his express image. If I may play you-know-whose advocate, I must say that like her father, Rev. Kalinsky is a very upright and God-fearing leader. I believe her to be fiscally honest and truly concerned about lost souls. However, she leads the church as prescribed by her late father, just as he taught her to do. It is well that she has spiritual integrity, because the church government there is one of "benign dictatorship". One unfortunate drawback is that although FGIC gives first place to the Bible as the Word of God, they don't really preach well or deeply as they don't trust sound and theological education. It's more or less Pentecostal revival preaching and you can't really mature on a steady diet of that. Can we really call it a cult? I had many friends there. I know they love God, and their lives have been transformed by Him. There is some Truth there. That's how I responded to the Gospel there. Unfortunately there is error and heresy also


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              Latest report from the field.

              Latest report from the field. On November 18th in service they brought the children in to fill seats in the service. Reports have the church at the lowest levels of attendance in 25 years. <br>
              Seems God's judgement is falling still.</br>


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                Well, I don't know if anyone's watching this thread anymore, but I would like to add input. I was pretty much made to attend FGIC from 1980 until 1995, when I was 19, and that was when I got the courage to do something for myself for a change. I was the first "child" (I was 12) allowed to be a full-time participant in the band and convalescent home ministries, at which I exceeded. I dated a childhood sweetheart of mine, and we had been friends for a decade. I was 14. A year and a half later, I lost my place in both ministries, and had also lost someone who at the time meant the world to me. I was hurt, angry, and the worst thing for me was the fact that she said "It's because of your parents." It was one of the worst days in my life. Anyways.......In 1995, I decided on the spur of the moment to up and leave my job before my dad came to pick me up. It was the single most important decision of my life, and the only reason I made it was because the FGIC was, as I've heard stated, oppressive.

                I only ended up on this site because I was searching through sex offender databases, because my wife, myself, and our two young girls are moving in a couple of months. Well, one thing led to another, and lo and behold, in my HOMETOWN is a registry for my best friend growing up. Me and my brothers, and him and his sister and brother all grew up together. And here he is, on the SO page. So, I called a member of my family who's in the church. She won't tell me what happened. So, I look for headlines, articles from newspapers, etc. Just because I'm curious. There was NONE. So, what am I to believe? From my shoes, if I hadn't left when I did, that could've been me. So unhappily married and repressed emotionally (or whatever), that I could have been the one to commit this crime.

                In conclusion, This is going to be the only post I will ever make in here. I just wanted to get my story out there and let y'all know that I'm supporting you. If anyone would happen to want to talk to me further, my email address is , and I would be really really happy to talk to ya.