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Walter Walker in BWOCEN

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  • Walter Walker in BWOCEN

    This was reported on Rice Broocks' Multiply blog last week but I didn't see it until today. Walter Walker is Communications Director for the Nashville Youth Life Learning Center, which is a chapter of the (EN-affiliated) Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation.

    Broocks has consistently referred to Walker's influence on his life and ministry throughout MSI/EN's history, though not always naming Maranatha in the process.

    Anyway, if any former MCMers who usually hang out at the 'Nest are around, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this development.

    I did find this quote on Tik's blog:

    <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

    There were, of course, hard core MCM locales led by fanatics such as Bob Martin and Mark Caulk &#40;Mike’s brother&#41; and Walter Walker that made the Auburn Ministry look like a nursery school. These guys seemed to delight in terrorizing their flocks and they seemed to like nothing more than having some poor soul “leave MCM”, at the end of their psychic ropes and then take relish in the joy of destroying the character of these people whilst describing the behavior of such a one to demons and to Satan.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

    and this from the 1984 Christianity Today article about the ad hoc committee:

    <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

    Several former pastors say they recognized problems in MCM and hoped the Santa Barbara meeting would lead to reform. But not long after that meeting, word circulated that Rose Weiner and Maranatha leader Walter Walker had received a &#34;word from the Lord.&#34; According to their revelation, those who had gathered in Santa Barbara were under a &#34;spirit of deception.&#34; CHRISTIANITY TODAY spoke with six former pastors who confirmed this. Weiner says he knows nothing about it.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

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    I guess the next thing is I wi

    I guess the next thing is I will be receiving a call for being Jody&#39;s first pastor. I am looking for a job which pays well&#40;really well&#41; very flexible hours and I won&#39;t have to move to Nashville. And one where all the things I have learned since leaving the ministry can be integrated immediately into the plethora of churches that now is Every Nation. I also will not be called champ or have to make a covenant relationship with anyone. I would also not want to go to meetings or home groups. A job where I would not have to go to church, make covenant relationships, be called champ, not read my bible unless I wanted to, not pray unless I wanted to or had to, be sort of lukewarm and a compromiser, not have to wear a tie or starched shirt, could say a few curse words occasionally, not have to smoke cigars or drink beer to fit in, not have to get into hot tub with other &#34;leaders&#34;, could still post here without reprimand and finally I can do what I want to do without asking someone their opinion. Oh and tell them to kiss my <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font>.

    joshua and caleb



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      I think you are S.O.L. Flo. &#

      I think you are S.O.L. Flo. &#40;sadly outta luck&#41;-{polite form}.

      Stick with wood. It doesn&#39;t lie to you.


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        it is interesting to note that

        it is interesting to note that he is also director of &#39;donor relations&#39; whateverthehell that is.

        within every movement, revolution, or psuedo-revolution there are always those gifted at communicating the ideas, vision, theology, reasoning, etc. of said movement. I liked walter, but he was never my pastor, just an older &#39;brother&#39;. he definitely was a walking think tank and could intellectualize/spiritualize/theologize anything within a 100yds. Which makes him scarier imho, that he could legitmize the ministry of EN and its offshoots. More power to Darrell Green for helping at risk kids, but by god, it better not be a <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> tax shelter for you rich ministers.

        I&#39;m sure ricey gave him an offer hard to refuse, and it will bring a slight smell of credibility to a bankrupt system, if only for a moment. walter, say it ain&#39;t so.

        flo, ricey called and said it was all good until you vamped on the hot tub. he will not abide such independence. smoke &#39;em if you got &#39;em.



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          [i]Anyway, if any former MCMer

          Anyway, if any former MCMers who usually hang out at the &#39;Nest are around, I&#39;d love to hear your thoughts on this development.

          Be careful what you ask for Uly!

          Wadda ya mean &#34;think&#34; flo? Poor confession, brother. I AM, not I think I am...

          Seriously, Uly, this same crowd that existed back in the 70&#39;s just can&#39;t do anything else. They have a difficult time making it in a world that doesn&#39;t treat them like rock stars and many have long since traded what may have been a sincere relationship with God for a sincere way to make lots of money for nothing.


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            You mean like this Dilly? fro

            You mean like this Dilly? from WW&#39;s blog &#34;The ethics of the Kingdom of God are often contrary to our natural inclinations. It has recently occurred to me that it is far more “unchristlike” to be one who is offended than to offend others. &#34;




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              Walter like dilly said, Say it

              Walter like dilly said, Say it isn&#39;t so. I graduated HS with Linda a sweeter person you will never meet. Walter was like dilly described. For him to talk about finances and giving maybe he has seen a turn around in his finances because they were some poor folks when I knew them. God bless there hearts.



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                Only thing I can offer at this

                Only thing I can offer at this time is that it is apparent they have no intention to embrace genuine reform.



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                  I like this section of Walters

                  I like this section of Walters blog where you find: Many assume that the opposition to the men of the Holy Club arose from their on campus evangelism. However, that was not the case. The Holy Club was a monastic group. They dedicated themselves to reading Scriptures, praying, and fasting. Begin inwardly focused on their own spiritual growth, no one in the Oxford community paid much attention; until that is, they got involved with philanthropy.

                  In August 1730, Wm. Morgan went to visit a condemned murderer being held in the Castle Prison. While there Morgan had the opportunity to speak with a few men who had been imprisoned for relatively insignificant unpaid debts. Morgan urged the two Wesley brothers to join him in an ongoing endeavor at the prison, and soon charitable giving became one of the primary ways the Holy Club attempted to apply their faith. Members determined to live simply and to give away all they had each year beyond their own necessities.

                  40/40 yeah that sounds like EN.


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                    Interesting, the Holy Club eve

                    Interesting, the Holy Club eventually became part of the Moravian Fetter Lane Society. Though the Holy Club was founded several years before &#40;John&#41; Wesley&#39;s encounter with the Moravians and his conversion in 1738. I seem to remember that the Moravians were an influence on MCM and EN as well. Though not necessarily always in a good way. They too were into some strange stuff, at least during the time of Zinzendorf&#39;s leadership... including arranged marriages.

                    Back to the topic, who&#39;s next? Bob Weiner appears to be very involved with the Call event that is going to take place in Nashville on 7/7/07. Is BWOC or EN going to take part in that? Is EN going back to its spiritual fathers/roots?


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                      Convenient how the [i]str

                      Convenient how the strange stuff is omitted. If this becomes Old Home Week and Maranatha rides again I&#39;ll be certain to post as much obnoxious stuff as possible to guard against being put on the invitation list. This &#34;ministry&#34; is like opening the fridge and finding something spoiled and returning it and opening it two weeks later and saying, &#34;Damn it&#39;s still spoiled&#34;.



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                        Wait, Jonesee, you mean leadin

                        Wait, Jonesee, you mean leading a revived MCM aka ENCM chapter at LSU won&#39;t be part of your DESTINY? Though I do wonder why there&#39;s an ENCM chapter here at ULaLa when the local church has left the network... in fact, it appeared to have been registered with our student affairs office AFTER the church left EN.

                        In all seriousness, that is a PERFECT analogy. Though I believe Scripture describes the same thing to a dog returning to its vomit.

                        Sad since I think there really are pastors and local leaders in EN who want reform and are trying to work toward it. But I do wonder how successful it will be on a local or even regional level if the top leaders continue to trot out warmed-over MCM couched in different terminology as reform. I&#39;m one of those folks that isn&#39;t sure EN as it stands right now can be reformed, due to its roots and its top leadership clinging so tightly to those roots. I believe some sectors can be, but not necessarily EN as a whole, as it is currently composed. Though that is for God to work out, not me. I am seeing a change in strategy over the last year and change at least in the US where dissenters are not being suppressed as in the past but are being quietly allowed to leave &#40;this is a key difference between Bonasso&#39;s and Murrell&#39;s leadership styles IMO&#41;. That along with reaching out to the most loyal of the loyal shepherding crowd is a bit disturbing.


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                          It is kind of funny though tha

                          It is kind of funny though that the names that leave always seem to be people I never heard of before or came later and the names of people who stay were the names of people that were esteemed in Maranatha and blew through my church in the mid eighties &#40;maybe just for a day&#41;. Uly I think the idea of letting dissenters being quietly allowed to leave is nothing new. It&#39;s cyclical sometimes they take the pragmatic benign approach.

                          The same names you heard a lot about in the mid eighties, Broocks, Houston, Walker, Fuller remain. Of course Ball is gone I guess he just could not stand having the crown jewel of EN yanked out of his hands.


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                            I looked up the Call event in

                            I looked up the Call event in Nashville, Bob Weiner will be there but I to wonder if anyone in EN will participate in a meaningful way?

                            It looks like a Dutch Sheets, Mike Bickle thing and they are going after the spirit of Jezebel. It sounds like Bob Jones &#40;kansas city prophet&#41; had a vision of this thing in the past. Anyway this will be a big NOLR shin dig.

                            They talk about why the republican party got slaughterd in the last election, immorality....etc. No mention of Iraq. If Bush had just partitioned Iraq into 3 pieces 2 years before the election maybe they would have not seen the screaming republican leader in their vision.

                            I am not happy their using a 40days/40years theme though.


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                              You know I guess this thing is

                              You know I guess this thing is actually a Lou Engel production even though Dutch Sheets and Mike Bickle will play a big part. Laffoon and Broocks seem to run in the same circles as Engle though or at least their names pop up at the same functions when you google them.