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New Life Tabernacle New Life Ministries Ariel ben Sherman

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  • New Life Tabernacle New Life Ministries Ariel ben Sherman

    Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Choosing Prayer Over Medical Care

    An East Tennessee woman is charged with child abuse for allegedly choosing prayer over medical care to treat her daughter's cancer. The mother could soon be facing a homicide charge as well.

    15-year-old Jessica Crank died of cancer last Sunday. Her mother now faces the possibility of years in prison because of a decision she made about her daughter's health.

    "They tried to cure her through prayer, relying on their faith as practicing Christians," said Gregory Isaacs, the mother's attorney.

    "They" are Jessica's mother, Jacqueline, and her church, a fundamentalist church called the New Life Tabernacle, run by a man also charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect. Lenoir City Police made the arrests before Jessica died.

    "She got medical care only after the children were removed from her custody," said Lenoir City Police Chief Jack Fine.

    Jessica and a younger brother were put in the care of the state Department of Children's Services seven weeks after their mother refused a doctor's advice to take Jessica to a hospital. As it turned out, Jessica had Ewing's Sarcoma and a 17 pound tumor on her shoulder.

    Jacqueline crank is out on bond, as is the church's leader, Ariel ben Sherman. They remain together with other congregates in the church building in rural Loudon county....

    News 2 at 5

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    Faith healers call on God to r

    Faith healers call on God to revive dead teen at her funeral
    By Jamie Satterfield, News-Sentinel staff writer
    September 19, 2002

    LOUDON - Members of a religious group who believed prayer would heal a terminally ill teenager called on God to raise the girl from the dead Wednesday.

    That didn't happen, and Jessica Lynn Crank, 15, was laid to rest in a Loudon County cemetery.

    ---Noting that it had been three days since Jessica died, Sherman said he believed Jessica "was trying to tell me something." He then called upon a handful of church members, including Crank, to stand beside Jessica's open casket and pray for her resurrection.

    "I don't want to offend anyone," Sherman said repeatedly.

    After a few minutes of prayer, Sherman returned to the podium and reflected that although God chose not to revive Jessica, church members' faith should not be swayed.

    "She has a greater purpose," he said. "What a treasure her life has been to everyone she came into contact with."

    Jamie Satterfield may be reached at 865-342-6308 or



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      Someone in the press needs to

      Someone in the press needs to do an in-depth of this man. He has been the leader of several cults, each with slightly different name, since the 70's

      In 1984 Ariel Ben Sherman, leader of the Good Shephered Tabernacle in-Salem Oregon, was charged with five counts of child abuse. Sherman was accused of having children from the religious commune tied up and handcuffed, confined in dark areas, suspended by ropes from ceiling hooks, and deprived of food, water, and sanitary facilities ("Police seek cult leader," Cult Observer, November 1984, p. 3, from the New York Times, 11/23/84, A19 and the Middlesex (MA) News, 11/15/84, 13A).

      Children and Cults
      excerpt from Recovery From Cults
      Micahel D. Langone, Ph.D., & Gary Eisenberg, M.A.


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        "Ariel Ben Sherman" is

        "Ariel Ben Sherman" is actually my cousin, Warren Sherman. He was born and brought up in Southeastern Massachusetts, and, as best I can remember (he's a lot older than I, and I don't think I've ever met him) he's been doing this sort of thing since the 50s or 60s. He got people to leave their spouses, sell their homes and give him the money etc. The whole bunch took off, I think, first to Arizona in the mid 60s, then to Sherman, TX, where they bought a retirement home. They skipped out of there owing lots of money. I think that's when they wound up in Oregon. He, and I presume his flock, fled to Indiana in 1984 after the Oregon child abuse charges. He was arrested in Indiana in 1987, and got 10 years probation on the Oregon charges. What he did in Indiana for three years, and what he's been doing since '87 are a mystery to me. I am attempting to put all the information together, and would appreciate anything anybody has on him.


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          you are not his cousin poe cu

          you are not his cousin poe cuz we aint got no davis in our family and you obviuosly dont know **** about him he didnt even know god in the 1950s he met god in 1967 and didnt even get involved in the churches till the early 70s and the allegations against him in oregon can be made up they cant be proven they are made up by some disgruntled church members if he was doing that too kids its their parents fault for allowing it why didnt their parents stop it. well it just proves you dont even know him at all im ashamed for you of so little knowledge of him and his escapades to even come on here and act like you know him you should be ashamed of yourself coming on and here saying anything when you got your facts wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            they went to az 1974 and texa

            they went to az 1974 and texas in 79 and never ever went to indiana so it shows you how much you know you poor crazy mixed up kid get a life!!!!!


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              Anonymous and me---You are the

              Anonymous and me---You are the villige idiot. He did to do all the things Poehouse said. I have proof of it thank you. And as for Salem that was the truth...parents did not lie nor did the children who were taken away from there parents...if they were not true and made up then why would the parents keep quite so they could keep there children....uh duh because it happened. He is a cult leader and I can verify that. He also did go to Indiana cause that is where he was found when he fled charges in Oregon you *******. get a clue and get your facts straight before you open your mouth and bash another. By the way how in the world would you know when he met God?
              email me at if you think you really know something worth talking about.


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                I know this man. He is a par

                I know this man. He is a paranoid schitzophrenic.(sorry about the spelling )
                God used him mightily at one time. Now he's on the list of those who will wish they were never born.


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                  Anonymous....Please get in tou

                  Anonymous....Please get in touch with me at I am very interested in getting facts on Warren/Ariel Ben Sherman. It's not so much that I have anything against him; I just would like to document and verify his career.


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                    Tuesday, March 09,

                    Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 08:41 pm your message.

                    you say you know him? Ok email me at
                    I would like to know your relation to Ariel. By chance in what time frame did you know him?


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                      Any others here know of this

                      Any others here know of this man, his history or have any other information on him, his past or those involved with him?

                      Any others here directly affected by this man at any time in their lives?


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                        I lived with the church for se

                        I lived with the church for seven years and your all partially right and wrong.


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                          This is quite sad. Though I be

                          This is quite sad. Though I believe that Believers should always pray for healing, I do not believe that we should refuse medical care.

                          The Muslims have a good saying regarding this:

                          "Trust Allah to protect your belongings, but still tie your camal to a post!!"

                          We are to trust God, but we are to do as much as we can within our ability.



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                            Trust in allah and $.50 will b

                            Trust in allah and $.50 will buy a cup of coffee

                            Jesus is the only way to God


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                              Slow your roll Mayrayah:


                              Slow your roll Mayrayah:

                              I am a believer, Christian if you prefer. I used the statement to illustrate the point, which it appears you missed.

                              Oy Veh