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    Dodge we know rain fell when it flooded. However dodge at two hundred feet below the ocean surface how cold is it. Is glaciers still melting today. After all Mount Ararat in Turkey was covered with snow and ice where the ark was. Now if you have two points way at the top and one way at the bottom, they seem to have cold temptatures do they not. Now Ark was found on mount Ararat. They have a park today. Back in the seventies when it was first discovered or might been earlier it was seen or spotted by a plane. Proof of ark. The ocean levels are not going down because of the melt off of glaciers from global warming. If mount Ararat is melted to a point they are able to now create a park in turkey where the ark was located, one has to consider that below the earth surface is also getting hotter by volcano lava that is below the earth surface. Now what happens when the earth is covered with lava everything is burnt up. However is there a place one can go from lava of course not, because of ash getting in jets engines. Now I might not be making any sense to you and that is okay. However what do you think will happen when glaciers are melted, wter in the ocean will slowly evaporate. His there a way to slow down global warming. Only conservation efforts, but no full proof so man needs a place off of earth, no probably not. There will be knew inventions on how to survive bubbling hot lava eventually, hopefully in time to save many. However if a rock like asteriod crashes into the earth surface covering over half the earth what would happen to the earth, climate change especially if the rock is so many miles thick and so many miles high. A climatic ice age could reoccur, also a loss of life. Who would live but those perhaps on a plane. Landing on this rock. However no way to get to the lower levels below these rocks.

    Of course I talking extremes rock would have to be higher then mount ararat to have that kind of effect would it not, but part of the earth would be in the shadow of this rock. Causing ice to form. And because of its heighth it would have ice cap. However the rest of the earth covered with molten lava. A lake of fire that is quenched out by the water that flows from the valley of the rock. Crazy. Maybe. The New Jerusalem is to descend from above at the time of the great tribulation.


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      Turtle -- There was no gigantic ark containing Noah and his family with two of every species of animal that landed on Mt. Ararat. It’s an imaginary religious myth and nothing more. You keep talking about it as if it were actual history.

      The fact that you believe that Noah’s Ark was found makes you rather naďve. You always misunderstand and fail to do any fact-checking about what it is you’re talking about. It was the same with Mitochondrial Eve, where you actually believed geneticists were referring to the Biblical Eve.

      We’ve been through this bogus ark thing before, Turtle. More than a year ago you brought this up, and here you are again perpetuating this crap. So, I’ll repost what I said back then.

      Hi Turtle. You really need to be more discerning about references you find, and learn how to research for yourself to find the truth. You mentioned a “Dr. Wyatt” in relationship to this so-called “discovery of Noah’s Ark.” It didn’t take me long to find out that his name was Ronald Eldon Wyatt (1933-1999), who was a nurse anesthetist (not a doctor). In 1960, Wyatt saw a picture in Life Magazine of the Durupinar site, and was so taken by it that he went to Turkey to become an amateur archaeologist.

      The Durupinar site is in Turkey, a natural aggregate structure that led some Bible believers to promote it as the original Noah’s Ark. It was discovered in 1948 after a series of earthquakes exposed the formation by Captain Durupinar, for whom it was subsequently named.

      The site was ignored until 1977, when Ron Wyatt “re-discovered” it and started promoting it.

      Wyatt’s claims have been dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and even the leaders of his own Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Wyatt also claimed to have found the grave markers of Noah and his wife, the location of the Tower of Babel, the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandment stones.

      At Answers in Genesis there is an article that exposes Ron Wyatt for the fraud that he was.

      And here you are, apparently believing that Noah’s Ark has been found. You’ve got to be one of the most gullible and naďve persons I’ve ever known. Do you believe everything you read as long as it confirms your religious mythology?


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        Dodge go to turkey and see for yourself


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          For Christ’s sake, Turtle, that website belongs to Ron Wyatt; who I just explained to you believes he found the grave markers of Noah and his wife, the location of the Tower of Babel, the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments. How gullible are you?


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            Considering dodge there is no snow on ararat and there was when their films first were shown on tv. I consider that Bible to be accurate and Noah ark is there. Now i doubt it is the right location because of it being embeded, but no doubt some of removed it from the cleft wall it was in.


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              Turtle -- Where did you get the idea that “there is no snow on Ararat?” Mount Ararat is permanently snow-capped.

              How many times do I have to explain to you that Noah’s Ark was not found. You seem to ignore reality and embrace fiction. Not surprising, since this is common with those who wrap themselves in scripture. It somehow compromises their ability to separate fact and imagination.


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                pictures of the park in turkey has no snow.


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                  This has been the recognized spot of the Ark since the Middle Ages.

                  It could be...