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Smyrna’s Complaint Thread

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  • I invite every one at 8:00 ton

    I invite every one at 8:00 tonight at central time to come and join the open bible discussion at our website in the chatroom and we will see who actually knows the bible or not unless of course you can not handle an open discussion in a chatroom with real studends of God's word. yes this is a challenge. will you take it, maybe maybe not.the website is come and learn what they dont want you to know. a word to the wise who understand.



    • I guess today's posts from

      I guess today's posts from godchild answer our questions regarding the sincerity of her apology to SCers. As we all suspected, she didn't mean it. As usual, she is back to her usual tactics -- supposed quotes absent authenticity, twisting teachings with her opinion, and the usual bevy of wickedness.

      She has no answers -- she just hates the answers in the Bible.


      • I just want to say this. I hav

        I just want to say this. I have known some racists in my time and I can tell you this. They are not ashamed of it they are proud of it! SC students are not racists and they have claimed as such. IF they were racsist would they just not tell you! Do the athiests not admit they are Atheists? People who slander others are baring false witness in the name of God which I find an abomination!


        • The folks from cultblunders, w

          The folks from cultblunders, with all their claims of racism and false SC teachings, never ever get around to proving the SC teachings wrong by SCRIPTURE. They come here and are defeated every time.

          They claim Adam and Eve were the first; yet, they don't explain whom Cain was afraid of in Gen. 4:14 and whom he married in Gen. 4:17.

          They claim that all of the races came from Adam and Eve; yet, they don't say where in the scriptures that God performed this miracle.

          They claim that Cain was Adam's son; yet, they have no proof since Cain is not in Adam's geneology nor can they explain whom made Eve pregnant in Gen. 3:15.

          They claim that Satan can't have offspring; yet, the fallen angels had offspring [Gen. 6].

          They claim that Gen. 3:15 has nothing to do with offspring from Satan; yet, they fail to explain the orchard growing contest between a snake and Eve that produces fruit with such large seeds that the seeds bruise heads and heels.

          They claim that Noah and his family were the only ones to survive that flood; yet, they cannot explain how Gentile nations existed for the grandchildren of Noah to migrate into.

          The list is practically endless. Their knowledge of the scriptures is woefully inadequate to debate here. That's why they need to beam back up to Stardate One at cultblunders for reinforcement and new orders. They are getting killed [internet figuratively speaking] here.

          (Message edited by Watchman 2 on November 18, 2006)


          • kf: [i]"I DO NOT KNOW ENOU


            Then stop defending them if you do not know enough about the SS Doctrine.

            Why else would Arnold Murray pervert Genesis to be interpreted that only white people who blush (Nordic ethnic groups) are the chosen people of God? The same heresies believed by the Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists?

            Why???? Only one answer:


            The only reality here on these threads is that Arnie and his follower's racist beliefs are being exposed to the world.

            And the SC "students" will lower themselves to the lowest level to attack those who reveal their ugliness.

            Darkness hates the light. Liars hate those who speak the truth. Racists hate to be revealed for what they are.

            That is why the serpent seeders along with the atheists are the most hateful, spiteful people on factnet.

            We have lifted up the rock of deception they hide under and find them scurrying around cursing the light of day, of truth and cursing those who uncovered their putrid lies of RACISM!


            • Franklin,

              I will defend the


              I will defend them, you anyone who CLAIMS to love God and accept Yahshua as their Messiah. I do not have the liberty to walk amongst them and see if they are tyring to live a Godly life. But I do see them trying this noble walk here at Factnet. I also see you trying as well and I see most everyone failing at one point or another, my self included.

              Here is my take on interpretation of doctrines. You put 100 random God-fearing people in a room and I doubt you find 2 who agrees on everything.

              I believe that we are in the Tribulation right now and the spirit of Satan is pressing down very hard on this world. The atmosphere is thick with him and we all have been blinded to a degree. Scripture can be interpreted in so many different ways and it takes years of studying the book in its entirety to get a proper sense of it. All of us knew far less 10 years ago, right? How would ANYONE of us like to have been told 10 years ago how wrong we were?

              Every one's personal walk with Christ is just that, personal. If Yahshua come down today and made us all take a test on the entire Bible, would you pass or fail? I think we ALL would fail big time. I think that when all truths are made known to us that we ALL we be shocked to find how wrong we ALL are!!! How can a mere created being ever come close to understabding the mind of God? We can't.

              That is why Yahshua gave us easy instructions to follow. Just 10 little commandments and he summed it up with love. You give it you get it back from him, God and his people. Well, I want to be his people. I am not going to point the finger at anyone here and tell them how wrong they are and how right I am. I hardly find it edifying nor exercising in humility or righteousness.

              Now, if on the proper thread anyone asked me about my own personal beliefs I will gladly tell them and if someone posts to me in an offensive way then I will defend my beliefs. No defferent than what the SC students do here. We all have a passion for Christ and the word. But when we elevate ourselves to the point of 'Scripture Police' we lose our first love.

              The controversial Doctrines are just that controversial but you can take them as they are given to you, the non-racist way, or you can view them the way an evil person would view them and see them as a tool for racisism. Everything in life has a dark side. I chose the light. I am free of worry because I am protected by the blood of Christ. Christ said to come to him like little children. He meant little children who were full of innocent love, humility, mekeness and had a inquesitive and accepting nature.

              the only harm Sc and AM and the students have done to me is , well, nothing! I have suffered from the wrath of those who are mean to them but they in themselves have not harmed me one bit. Now I know that my words here will not do one bit of good. But I do hope that one day someone will take it to heart. The way we all love God is or should I say to personal to be attacked. When we purposely inflict hurt on another we are causing division. God does not like it. When we do that you have closed the door to coming back and sharing edifying conversation.

              What if God gave you a word for them, how would you be recieved if you had left the impression that you looked down on them? You see, your opnions are your and not Gods. Leave yourself open to recieve instruction from God so you can do his work, not your own.

              just my worthless opinion...


              • I see the Captain had to beam

                I see the Captain had to beam down to see the damage to his troops. Yes, they were laid waste here -- God's truth, as always, prevails.

                franklin wrote, only white people who blush (Nordic ethnic groups) are the chosen people of God?

                Please provide the reference post of the person claiming that Nordic ethnic groups are the chosen people of God. Otherwise, retract your claim [lie].

                Captain, I have asked you the same question every time you beam down to Earth. How is the teaching that God created all of the races and it was VERY GOOD a racist position?

                How is the fact that God ensured the purity of the lineage to Christ a racist position? If you answer this one, you are calling God a racist.

                Captain Franklin, and his pathetically weak scripture troops, know little of the Bible. They just know that God's Word, as presented by SCers, is not the same as the brainwashing that they received in Sunday school.

                Instead of demonstrating the scriptural veracity of their theology, they resort to name calling and bashing of individuals solely because SCers beliefs are different from their beliefs. Isn't racism similar in that one race has animosity toward another race solely because they are different?

                If anyone is a racist here, it is Captain Franklin. He has demonstrated repeatedly that his only concern is for black and oriental people.


                • [b][i]<font color="000000"><fo

                  <font color="000000"><font face="times new roman&#44;times&#44;roman"><font size="-1">
                  eagleman WROTE:
                  &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;
                  QUOTE: &#34; would like to point out something very important in the midst of all this arguing for the elect of God to pay attension to what is happenning this weekend. Their is going to be a meteor shower comming from the sign LEO. The meteorites are called by NASA LEONITES because they come from there. A word to the wise companion Bible Apendx 12 explaines what the sign LEO stands for. Divine wrath poured out, these leonites/meteorites are comming from Leo.check out yahoo news. All the watchmen watch the time is near.

                  In His Service
                  Paul &#34; END QUOTE
                  &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; &#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;</font></font></font>
                  <font color="ff0000"><font face="times new roman&#44;times&#44;roman"><font size="-1">

                  Viewer&#39;s Guide: The 2006 Leonid Meteor Shower

                  By Joe Rao
         Skywatching Columnist
                  posted: 17 November 2006
                  06:09 am ET

                  Mid-November brings us the return of the famous Leonid meteor shower, which has a storied history of producing some of the most sensational meteor displays ever recorded.

                  These meteors travel along the orbit of periodic comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle and whenever that comet is passing through the inner solar system, the Leonids have a chance to provide us with a dramatic show. But the most recent passage of the comet to the Sun came back in 1998 and we are now well past the favored time frame when, for several years running, observers in various parts of the world were witnessing very strong, even storm-level Leonid activity.

                  The most recent Leonid storms occurred in 2001 and 2002.

                  That&#39;s why this weekend, when the Leonids traditionally should be at their most numerous, we normally would expect to see no more than 10 meteors per hour, even with the promise of excellent viewing conditions thanks to a New Moon on the 20th.

                  Still, for parts of Europe, Africa and eastern North America, a far more prolific Leonid show could be in the offing this year.

                  Judging the future by the past

                  On the morning of Nov. 17, 1969, an unexpected burst of Leonid activity was observed from parts of the eastern United States.

                  Meteor rates had been rather lackluster that morning until quite suddenly at around 8:50 GMT, Leonids began falling fast and furiously, with some observers reporting an average of two to four meteor sightings per minute. Peak activity apparently occurred within a few minutes of 9:00 GMT. Then, just as abruptly as the surprising display began, it rapidly diminished until by around 9:20 GMT, things had pretty much returned to normal. Most of the meteors that were observed were relatively faint, although as is typical of the ultrafast Leonids, there were several brilliant meteors, leaving persistent trains in their wake that lasted for many seconds.

                  What caught observers off guard on that morning thirty-seven Novembers ago was the Earth&#39;s passage through a very narrow trail of dust that had been ejected from comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle back in 1932. The densest part of that trail was probably about 30,000 miles &#40;48,000 kilometers&#41; wide, yet the Earth, traveling in its orbit around the Sun at 18.5 miles per second &#40;29.8 kilometers per second&#41;, swept through it in only about a half an hour.</font></font></font>


                  • <font color="000000"><font fac

                    <font color="000000"><font face="arial&#44;helvetica"></font>
                    I really enjoyed the Leonid meteorite showers that I have witnessed in the past.

                    Pretty cool what God has created ,isn&#39;t it?
                    I think of it as &#34;living art.&#34;

                    All of creation proclaims the Glory of God.




                    • [b][i]<font color="000000"><fo

                      <font color="000000"><font face="times new roman&#44;times&#44;roman"></font>

                      I would have enjoyed seeing this David, how great you were able to see this in times past. : &#41; I&#39;m always still in awe of the stars I see here in my neck of the woods way up in the night sky. &#34; &#41; Makes me to always know just how lowly I truly am. Our God is VERY AWESOME ! His Creation, I&#39;m in always in awe of. And you know... then I think WOW ! He is our real Father, our closest of Kin, that thought brings greeeeat joy and comfort to my heart.



                      • <font color="000000"><font fac

                        <font color="000000"><font face="arial&#44;helvetica"></font>
                        Jude 1:14-25.



                        • Hello Franklin you do not kno

                          Hello Franklin you do not know me but you are going to know me well. I see the lies you post here and your non christian attitude. Who do you think you are acussing people of being racist when you do not even know them. Has God made you judge over every one. the nerve you have to to say these things. you sound like a total fooland dont even dare try to say I called you a fool, no I said you sound like a fool thats a big difference. you do sound like some one with out any sound knowledge. you think you can say what ever you want and get away with it but thats because you are behind the screen of your computer. How would you like to challenge a real stundent of God&#39;s word face to face. you wouldn&#39;t even stand a chance. you would go home feeling the burned because you would have came face to face with a minister of fire. have you ever been in the same room with one. probably not because you would not even think twice about the things you say. you are biblically illiterate and with out wisdom. you should really take some time and analize what you say because you should not judge and you will not be judge. you are not God and only God knows a persons heart and you judge by the way a person believes you are not a christian. This is not of God. If you want to learn the truth come to and we will be happy to give you a good lesson in God&#39;s word. only fools make statements like your and call themselves christian any time you feel you know something come forward and we will see how much of a scholar you really are. you still speak as a child grow up and then come talk to real men about the bible and you will finally learn truth. when you falsely accusse some one of something that is not true that makes you a false accusser and a liar.



                          • <font color="000000"><font fac

                            <font color="000000"><font face="arial&#44;helvetica"></font>
                            &#34; minister of fire&#34;
                            I thought we where ministers of reconciliation?
                            2 Corinthians 5:18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

                            Show me this verse that says we are ministers of fire.
                            Are you making this up as you go along?

                            Just had to ask.That statement didn&#39;t seem right.



                            • Here&#39;s a real Christian ma

                              Here&#39;s a real Christian man, me, Franklin, armed with the truth of God&#39;s word, telling you face to face that you and the Nazis, the KKK, and all other white supremacist groups are HERETICS and RACISTS.

                              You all believe the same garbage! That the Nordic white humans &#40;those who blush&#41; are superior to all other races and ethnic groups. It is all unscriptural, just a twisted perversion of God&#39;s word, and is NOT found anywhere in Christian theology.

                              Only in the cults of RACISTS!

                              Don&#39;t even dare to call yourself a Christian or belittle me for my beliefs. We do not believe in the same God.

                              Believe what you want to believe. Go ahead and be a racist, Trent Woodard or whoever you are, but do not dare call yourself a Christian!


                              • David this is your answer to y

                                David this is your answer to you question. psalms 104:4