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Smyrna’s Complaint Thread

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  • Smyrna’s Complaint Thread

    You really have to question whether is really a cult itself. Those who have gone there may see the strange threads that are oriented to Star Trek, and the participants are lost in space,cyberspace in this case, and seem to be living vicariously through Star Trek oriented role playing. It's really goofy, especially on some site that calls themselves Cultbusters.

    You really have to go there and read the thread Star Date One. It's unbelievable.

    Now as for the coverage of the SC there, what you will see is mainly the same players that we find here. Same old same old, as they say down here in the south, which means "blah blah blah, we've heard it all before", the accusations, the misleading statements by critics, etc. etc.

    If you read about debate tactics here at Factnet, you will read of one that aims to tire out an opponent, by acting like they don't understand, and continually asking for clarifications, or asking the same questions over and over again, or taking someone's words, twisting them, and then attacking the now twisted statement, in the hope that the readers would think that the twisted statement was actually the original statement of the author.

    (To be fair, the SC critics there, which mainly consist of Godchild and Arron, are not into the weird Star Trek threads.)

    But that whole site is so strange, you really have to wonder whether the main participants, called "senior cultbusters", who earn that title not through actual "cultbusting" but merely by writing a certain number of posts, are a cult unto themselves.

    The moderators are the leaders, their doctrine is some strange mix of Star Trek language mixed with allusions of busting evil cults, as if they were fighting the "Klingons", the whole thing makes one wonder what is really meant by "down under" a common nickname for the site's home country, Austrailia.

    Prediction: Either Arron or Godchild will cut and paste this post there, so that the moderators/cult leaders will ban me.

    And you know what, folks? I don't care, and actually I will consider that a badge of honor!

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    From what I've seen of the

    From what I've seen of their site there is'nt any cultbusting work going on. The name is misleading. The participants have taken the original agenda(which is a worthy one) and have twisted it to suit their own needs.

    Their Prayer board is used to send secret messages back and forth to each other. I would expect to see routine prayer lists there for the 'lost souls' of Shepherds Chapel and Mormanism and now Sabbatarianism which has been named a cult. (It's not even a church folks!)

    I expected to see deep discussions on the boards as to how they casn reach the lost. Hotline numbers and other contact information to aid in their quest for exposing cult organizations and assisting the poor souls who come out of them. It must be a HUGE disapointment for anyone who has been 'brainwashed' by a dangerous cult, and folks, they are out there in abundance, to go to their site and see that the members there could care less for their needs.

    It appears Godchild has single-handedly took over and is pressing here own agenda. As to the contents are all about how she hates Shepherds Chapel, its minister AND its members as well as the Morman Church she grew up in. Maybe this is why Cultbusters is bearing little fruit and their membership is almost non-existant.

    Godchild has already ran off a member this week over her hate of SC's members(mainly us).

    At the rate its going, I doubt it will be on the net much longer. Pity though, they are really needed by many.

    Well, there is always Factnet.


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      Like I said Kim, that Cultbust

      Like I said Kim, that Cultbusters site is really strange. And you pointed out more of their strangness.
      Yeah, Godchild has ther stage there, but it looks like few are really there to read the posts.
      I won't be there for long either, and really don't see the need to be. The few times other folks have chimed in, they were obviously out of touch with the topics, especially the guy who calls himself logic_al. That guy is a mental midget, and to use logic in his handle is, well, as Spock says, "illogical."


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        <font color="000000"><font fac

        <font color="000000"><font face="arial&#44;helvetica"></font>
        Well here it goes,
        as a member of the site I think it should be mentioned that there are many aspects to it&#39;s community.
        Just like the mix of real life,you have some doctrine threads,some cult discussion threads,game sites to relax while playing,devotional threads,news updates
        ,</font>}current world event posts and long term discussions about such.

        So,if you&#39;re going to blast someone you&#39;re having difficulty with,please don&#39;t trash a whole site over it.
        You can overcome the urge to lash out,can&#39;t you?
        I mean ,with Christ ,all things are possible.
        Aren&#39;t they?

        By the way,
        I started the &#34;URGENT PRAYER&#34; thread and it&#39;s not a secret code thread for crying out loud.
        What&#39;s up wit dat?
        It is what it says.
        Though my flesh be weak
        I will yet praise Him.



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          READ the Urgent praye


          READ the Urgent prayer thread BEFORE you make a comment based on nothing!

          Can you not say one constuctive thing like, &#34;Yeah, we really need to start doing that or this&#34;?

          There was a wealth of ideas in Smyrnas and my posts

          Your not blind, you came over here to trash us for pointing out whats wrong with cultbusters

          We were not putting the site down. merely putting down those who waste there time there doing not much of nothing

          Please tell me when anyone busted a cult or assisted in the aid of a brainwashed cult member?

          And please don&#39;t tell us yall gave &#39;em a website to look at

          And your right, there is a lot of cool stuff, but that is besides the point of what our posts were about


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            Come on Munsun, are you really

            Come on Munsun, are you really going to spin off the whack jobs at cultbusters like that? I&#39;d go lighter on them if it were not for their brown shirt, lock step faking fairness, and censorship button pushing. I&#39;m surprised I haven&#39;t been kicked off of there yet, but I attribute that to the fact I have been careful about the way I have been choosing my words.

            I&#39;m not backing off that they are acting more like cultists over there than many of the so-called cult members of the groups they wish to attack.

            Really, man, Star Trek? Read that Star Date One thread and come back and tell me those people have it all together.

            They ought to get out of cyber-space and suck in some reality. They are way off the deep end.

            I&#39;m suprised llm hasn&#39;t shown up there, or that other nutcase 2pillars. The cultbusters site seems tailor made for them.

            Beam me up, Scotty!


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              Well, the cultbuster cultists

              Well, the cultbuster cultists just pulled the plug on the Arnold Murray/SC thread over there.

              You&#39;ve got to love it!

              Because now there is one less place on the web where anti-chapel nonsense can be found. A minor victory, and the old posts will still be there, but I think we presented ourselves pretty well, though Kimberly did go over the top at the end.

              Kim, it&#39;s better just to stay cool and never let them &#40;detractors&#41;get under your skin. Just let their own words defeat them, because they will, over time.


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                I just checked. It&#39;s not c

                I just checked. It&#39;s not closed as of this posting.

                If you&#39;ll notice Smyrna, the moderator for the SC thread is non other than Logical himself!!!

                He did&#39;nt like my post to him so he had to be a baby about it and threaten me!

                Funny, his post to me was certainly not on topic with SC. It appeared to me he was just trying to get something started.


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                  And another thing, all of Godc

                  And another thing, all of Godchild&#39;s copy/paste of my posts highlighting the different &#39;names&#39; I gave Cultbusters, you know like....Cultblunders, Cultlosers, Cultloco, Cultbooboos...did&#39;nt even get a mention from Administration.

                  But I must say that I am happy that Godchild found my posts so newssworthy that they deserved a second printing!

                  I wonder if I&#39;ll be recieving a royalty check in the mail???.......Nah!


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                    Username: smyrna

                    Post Number: 416
                    Registered: 1-2005
                    Posted From:
                    Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 7:08 pm:


                    Check this site out for much more info:

                    It covers the history of the book of Enoch&#39;s realtionship with the canon and why it wasn&#39;t made part of the canon.
                    Now I know sharing all of this here with you will certainly shake up the detractors that I call the &#39;fab five&#39; so don&#39;t be surprised if they post more of their snide, ingnorant rantings. After all, they are for the most part fundmentalists, people who stil hang on to Sunday school storis about a talking snake, a boat that carried every species of animal on earth, some evil guy making everyone wear 666 tatoos, etc.
                    They get their &#34;theological training&#34; from TBN, medieval art works, religious coloring books,and/or whacko conspiracy websites.
                    I know, suggesting you visit a site called &#34;alien resistance&#34; may cause you to think I&#39;m doing the same thing, but I believe that there is a connection between the fallen angels of ancient times and UFO accounts of today.
                    After all, modern UFO abduction accounts speak of genetic manipulation and alien-human hybrid children. Far out stuff, I know, but not any more far out then ancient texts speaking of beings coming from heaven and mating with women.
                    Franklin&#39;s harmless thread is used by smyrna to mock a website. Quote: Really, man, Star Trek? Read that Star Date One thread and come back and tell me those people have it all together.

                    smyrna should take his own advice. quote:
                    They ought to get out of cyber-space and suck in some reality. They are way off the deep end.


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                      <font color="000000"><font fac

                      <font color="000000"><font face="arial&#44;helvetica"></font>
                      &#34;Your not blind, you came over here to trash us for pointing out whats wrong with cultbusters.&#34;
                      You are so wrong Kim.
                      Nothing in what I posted trashes anyone and I hope you can readily see that.
                      I was just putting a balance out there because of the lopsided characterization that was being put forth,that&#39;s all and I didn&#39;t come here with that intention.I stumbled across this thread.

                      I don&#39;t come here to trash people and my purpose isn&#39;t to attack Sc&#39;ers.Go and read my former posts and see some of the changes in attitude with what&#39;s been said.
                      I don&#39;t &#34;devote&#34; my self to disputing doctrines with Sc or any others.It comes up and I try to state what I believe while agreeing to disagree agreeably.&#40;say that ten times fast&#41;

                      Some of you are fellow members in Christ.Others are not.&#40;the church is people not a building&#41;
                      That&#39;s life in any group of believers.No matter what they call themselves.
                      No one has a corner on the truth,no one.
                      No one is above another.
                      &#40;I think someone in SC stated that too&#41;

                      I&#39;ve said it before and I&#39;ll say it again,
                      &#34;I look for the body of Christ in many places&#34;.

                      My dispute with GGWO is because I was a member there for decades and the leadership wants to continue in error instead of submitting to biblical correction.
                      Beyond that I don&#39;t know what you are referring to.




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                        we did not need anot


                        we did not need another thread reminding us of our disagreements with others.

                        Your creating one just looks like you are instigating more of the same

                        I to believe that the Church is a multi-membered body of Christ made up of all races,denominations and levels of understanding.

                        There is no one true Church&#40;building/Denomination/sect&#41;

                        Deciding who is of Christ and who is not by mere evaluation of written posts is not wise

                        I cannot comment on the GGWO because I know nothing of them or why you are including them in your post to me.

                        But I do hope that you find a church were you are happy and spiritually feed.


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                          Whether you see it or not, Sta

                          Whether you see it or not, Stardate One I believe is an effective anti cult awareness site. It helps give people courage to realize that cults can be defeated. And it is role playing so the characters are fleshed out to be real. We just defeated a faith only healing cult and now we are going to Yarrum to stop a racist civil war. Then we will go wherever there are other cults and bust them up too. You got a problem with that? The godhating atheists over here on factnet have a problem with it too. They make the same comments you do. After I moved it to cultbusters the factnet moderator deleted it at the demands of the factnet atheists.

                          I have no problem at all with SCers being cultbuster members. But unlike factnet where anything goes is allowed the administrator requires civility. I respect that. So if the best you can do to trash cultbusters is to knock my and others role playing thread then you align yourself with my only other critics. The God hating atheists here on factnet. Great company you keep.

                          I appreciate watchman and kimberly&#39;s support in dealing with the atheists here on factnet. There we are fellow children of God.

                          When have you ever stepped out of this little box, Smyrna, and took on an atheist trashing Christianity and Christians? Never that I&#39;ve seen. Where your priorities? To Arnold or to God?

                          I will continue to defend God and believers in God here on factnet and cultbusters and the Galactic Cultbusters threads on cultbusters against the attacks of anyone. You or the atheists.


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                            Well well, if it isn&#39;t one

                            Well well, if it isn&#39;t one of the lost members of the Fab Five.

                            I&#39;ll give you a freebie Franklin, otherwise it will cost &#39;ya.

                            You ask &#34;When have you ever stepped out of this little box, Smyrna, and took on an atheist trashing Christianity and Christians? Never that I&#39;ve seen. Where your priorities? To Arnold or to God?&#34;

                            My priorities are to Christ, and the truth of Scripture, no matter who happens to teach it.

                            I do try and find who I believe to be good teachers, and this hopefully will rattle the detractors, at least the ones who actually believe that all Chapel students walk in lockstep to Pastor Murray. He is an excellent teacher, but their are other excelllent teachers in this world, both past, present, and the future.

                            Why don&#39;t I engage athiests? Because the Bible says that they are fools. &#34;The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.&#34; Psalm 14

                            You can&#39;t reason with fools. I believe many who call themselves Athiests are really agnostics, i.e those who believe in a higher power, but just do not know what to believe about that higher power, intelligence, or however they wish to call who we call God.

                            Everyone has their calling, Franklin. Mine right now is to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. I don&#39;t spend too much time on Factnet or other forums, at least when compared with all of my other activities.

                            I administer to a fairly large Catholic oriented fellowship, and that really takes the majority of my time.

                            Though I&#39;m Catholic, I have a very high respect for Pastor Murray, and whenever his teaching is at odds with Catholic teachings, I simnply weigh those differences as they come across my mind, and prayerfully consider the possible answers to any questions raised, using any number of research tools, Scripture of course being first and foremost.

                            In closing, if you want to defend your intergalactic cultbusters, &#40;what are your priorities, Franklin? God, or your Star Trek/Zealot cult busting role players, who spend more energy playing Star Trek than actually cult-busting?&#41; that&#39;s your business.


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                              Hello Franklin,

                              Thanks for

                              Hello Franklin,

                              Thanks for the compliment however, I do not view myself as being very effective with the athiests.

                              I do commend you for fighting the good fight with them! And you have my full support out there in the threads, whatever thats worth.

                              I&#39;m still in learning mode and I find there tactics wearing me down from time to time. Plus, you guys get into subjects which my dimely lit crayon&#40;LOL&#41;can barely comprehend.

                              See you on the battleground!