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Life in a Korean Moonies town

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  • Life in a Korean Moonies town

    Hi everyone,
    If you're interested I've been writting about my recent experiences living in a small Korean.
    (I'm an Australian teaching english here)
    A few months ago I discovered that my quiet little town is the base of a Moonies type Messiah cult,

    Its got around 40-50,000 members in Korea and its trying to grow overseas, especially in theStates.

    Here's the link:
    In the Korean-related Open Forum
    Topic called "The Ultimate Male Fantasy...or all that glitters"

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    The Moonies are really secreti

    The Moonies are really secretive. There are much more than you think! I was riding my car through NJ and I saw the Unification flags on peoples houses, and Family Fed flags. Many families dont even tell people.
    How can you tell if they are a moonie?
    Well they are clean cut.
    A lot of times half Japanese.
    And know a lot about religion!


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      Yea dude...i have a few friend

      Yea dude...i have a few friends who are moonies...I know alot about the religion but am not part of it..if u have any questions u can ask me and I can answer it!!!


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        I am actually very close to th

        I am actually very close to the church. I was raised in it. Right now... I don't know. I am spiritually open which is a term that means "are sensitive to seeing spiritually". I have been since I was little, and a lot of members in the church are. Especially the blessed children. A lot of them see spirits, and have dreams... psychics and such. I forgot where I was going with this. But um... yeah. I wouldn't say it's a cult.