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Re: masterpath and Gary Olsen

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  • Re: masterpath and Gary Olsen

    I will not specifically respond to the earlier posts re: MP but I will speak from personal, direct, and longterm firsthand experience. I am a former member of the MasterPath, and at no time while living the life as a devoted student did I ever consider it a cult. However, upon leaving the MP, I quickly realized there are insights and realizations that can only be gained 'outside' of the group consciousness. And, I do know Gary Olsen personally, and I do know what it is like to be engaged in a discussion with this man when your inner direction appears to be in opposition to his outer direction. Sadly, a lifetime relationship built on the fallacy of his supposed sainthood ended with no love salvaged between the 'great Master Gary' and his 'lowly chela me.'

    The plagiarism is a very important consideration in not only assessing the efficacy of the teachings, but the integrity and authenticity of the leaders. Particularly when the supposed authors are claiming that the 'original writings and teachings' are a direct result of their own inner attainments and exploration. Easy to copy Radha, have someone edit it, then publish and print it as your own writing, and then charge 3xs cost of publishing. MP is a business. That is based on what I now see and know about the leaders, up close and personal. What I am writing is a super-condensed version of my experience with the group. Nothing is as it appears on the MP, and this I do know for sure!

    "None are so blind as those who refuse to see." I now see this is particularly true for those who are convinced they know the truth. And in reading most of the posts by 'current chelas' of the MP, their 'truth' is entirely based on what they've been told to believe, either through reading the MP writings, or in attending meetings by Gary, his wife, or the few 'higher initiates' representing the "Path." I used to be one of those people, glittery-eyed, swooning-in-love devotee of what I believed was a path of truth.

    I now see MP as just another psychic teaching created by a man and woman, a path of religious zealots ensared by the grandiose claims of exalted spiritual awareness.

    I now see Gary Olsen as nothing more than a man caught in the inflated bubble of his own self-serving, aggrandizing bubble of false spiritual authority.

    And, I see the "MP teachings" as false representation of truth. I do not equate Surat Shabda Yoga with the MP. I have studied both, and in my estimation, MP is NOT the representative of Surat Shabd Yoga in the West, in this century, or any future century.

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    Hi, thanks for your posts. So we agree that its not a cult.

    What plagiarism? This is an old claim that as far as I can tell has no current merit? Was never actually persued by anyone? it is as best I can tell also completely open to this being a mistake or a purposed misrepresentation. As far as I can tell there is way other then subjective opinion to ascertain the intent/mistake aspect.

    Basically I'm looking for facts, not disgruntled opinions from a disenchanted follower who seems personally affronted that some friendship/love didn't survive your leaving.

    As example, so what if MP is a business? How much of a business is it? Its really easy to see that its rates and fees are cheap in regards to other spiritual paths. Yeah a $16 book, a $6 tape thats a real business. $40 for a satsang, my word thats a business. Go try Andrew Cohen, $400 for an opening CD series, thousands for retreats, etc. Other then having some ridiculous debate that spiritual organizations shouldn't make any money at all, its a fallacy at best to imply something negative because an organization marks-up, has profit, from its materials. Lets have a conversation on whats a respectable mark-up, or allowable profit, before any spiritual organization is gets some negative spin for being a business.

    Of course you can attempt to nullify and discredit anything I say by slandering me as a blinded cheala, who cant think for himself. I am neither, I am not a 2cd initiate yet, I am not blinded and goo-goo eyed. However the point of fact is you have presented nothing of any substantial proof of anything.

    I appreciate your opinion of course, but thats all it is an opinion. Of course there are many reasons why MP might not be your cup of tea. Those reasons could rationally have as much to do with you as they do MP/Sri Gary. Good people disagree all the time, it doesn't mean either is 'bad'. Lovers later see faults in their mates, people who can't face their own issues blame their partners. The point again is there are many reasons you are where you are without it being MP or Sri Gary's issue.

    Aside from which, your posting seems to really have mixed up Outer and Inner master concepts of love and all that. I have growing respect for the man, Gary, but my love is internal, not for him. I've met and talk regularly with long term chelas, I get no indication what so ever that they expect any special treatment, in fact just the opposite. Whiel I've met the kind of chela that is infatuated as you say, most I know are vigourus free thinkers, we debate stuff often, we can hold each other to a standard of emotional honesty etc. Chela's seem to come in many shapes adn sizes, some get all goo-goo, some start this purity police stuff, but in general to label all of us that dont agree with your personal assesment as blind - well its sorta insulting and not a very honest argument.

    As to your 'judgement' that MP isn't official Surat Shabda Yoga, so? Who makes these things official? I mean I've looked at other more Indian derived L&S paths and don't agree with many of their practices, vows etc. If it wasnt for the MP version I likely wouldnt have choosen a Ligth/Sound path at all.

    Here's what I do know, its working for me. I don't see this the 'truth', just that its true in the sense thats its working. Should we have a discussion about how one 'judges' a spiritual path, its efficacy, etc. Of course clearly what works for me, doesn't have to work for you and vice versa. What ever path your on now, if any, may not work for me. Does that mean I should trash it as untrue, false?

    So you have your opinions, but sans any facts I just see you as a person experiencing some normal anger with an ex lover, so to speak. Which I just put out as a counter to you silencing me as some blinded fool.


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      Oh and I see your a big Anti- Gary Poster over here

      I've not had a chance to read things yet, but I will, perhaps I'll find a useful bit of objective evidence there.

      I will note that on that site you call MP a cult, here you said it wasnt.

      Perhaps you meant you only found it to be a cult once you left? Confusing


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        Originally posted by allan1015 View Post
        Here's what I do know, its working for me.
        Are you a student of Master Path? This is a group which has been identified by many experts (specifically, Steven Hassan) as a potentially destructive cult. Perhaps I am misinterpreting your objective questioning and the educational intentions of this forum.
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          I am in my second year of study, which makes me a student but still in the investigation / check it out phase.

          My investigation, which includes knowing a great deal of the material on this site, as well as direct discussions reviewing the practices with director(s) of Factnet, have lead me to the current personal conclusion that it is cultish, but not a cult. Much like a high school football team exhibits cultish like attributes.

          As to the educational intentions of this forum, I assume that open input from all parties are sought to make rational discussions. Does my being a 'student' somehow bother you?


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            Your opinion does not bother me. However, it appears to be inconsistent with the mission statement of this site in addition to being completely at odds with the numerous "cult experts" and links (on this site) which are highly critical of Masterpath. For example, the Ross Institute (link) has no less than a dozen articles regarding Gary Olson and Masterpath. None are very flattering to say the least and specifically single out Masterpath as a cult.

            I have great respect for all those involved with assembling the information and links contained on this site. A sincere thanks for your efforts in that regard.


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              On brother, please give me a break.

              There are no strong expert opinions on Masterpath. Ross hardly calls out MP with anything credible and when one figures MP has 30 years behind it and I don't know how many members, 10s of thousands I would think, and all there is are a few old scare things, look if thats your standard of proof so be it.

              Personally it was the underwhelming and lack of any real data on Ross's site that gave me the comfort to continue my investigation. Can you point out these numerous 'experts", aside from Ross website?

              Really seriously, if you think that turning around and only listening to one side is what open, honest, true communication is about, jeez, basically your just not thinking for yourself and letting others do your thinking, sorta cult like.

              But I personally don't think this site is about closing down ones critical thinking skills and not listening to ALL sides of an issue. Do you?


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                There are many cult experts with very strong opinions against Masterpath... Not everyone is willing to post it on their website like Rick Ross. It's entirely your decision to disregard the articles and information compiled by an Internationally known cult expert (as described on this site) with a nearly 20 year documented history of direct engagement with Masterpath and it's leader. Have you ever talked to Rick Ross or viewed his CD? He's a very well informed individual and has a lot of insightful information, especially regarding Masterpath.

                Steven Hassan and his referral network of licensed professionals are also a great resource regarding Masterpath. In fact, one of the psychologists noted on the factnet home site page has assisted several families of Masterpath followers- During and after their involvement.

                Allan, clearly you and I do not see eye to eye on this group. Masterpath is not a group which is stockpiling weapons or planning a mass suicide. However, there are many characteristics and tactics of this group which raise serious red flags in addition to documented cases of ex-followers (and familes) whose lives were shattered when they made bizarre life changing decisions based this group's doctrine. It is very unfortunate when these cicumstances include children.

                Steven Hassan's book, Combatting Cult Mind Control, is highly recommended for anyone seeking information to better evaluate controversal groups.


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                  We don't see eye to eye? is that how you differentiate your opinions and mine?

                  let me first point out that my opinion and data I present is based on experiences, yours is apparently only via third parties. And in fact third parties that speak in secret and behind closed doors.

                  Many Experts? - though you don't/can't name them, we cant prove their points. Your ready to hang this organization out to dry, and all of its followers - without the basics provided by any legit court - ability to see their accusers face, to see facts out in the open for discussion.

                  I'm not defending MP here, this isnt about MP at all.
                  I am aggravated by the way you present empty air as facts, so to speak. I am a bit disgusted by the 'standards' you use to in effect slander, the back room, closed door, way you appear to think its ok to make judgments on a spiritual path.

                  I mean Look at the hyperbole you use; 'Bizzare life changing decisions'
                  Bizzare to whom? Bizzare to someones deeply Christian parents? - I mean seriously what bizzare? and this claim that the bizzare things were the groups doctrine? I've met and talked to people that have followed MP anywhere from 1 to 13 years, indirectly to others that have been around longer - there are no bizzare life practices asked of anyone.

                  And look at how you dismiss out of hand the input from someone with direct experience. Not only dismiss but call it against board policy to hear any voices other then your 'experts' - your almost bordering on a cult of anti-cults - with blind devotion to your teachers

                  yes yes I know all about the guidelines of evaluating from m,any cult experts - none of them is a anything but a tool, a tool that is no one, not one expert, says is proof, just tools that one must use with objective/discriminating wisdom.

                  Here are Evaluation Questions I would probably ask about a path to see if it was cult-like (with my answers coming from my experience and also of several other chela's I've talked to):

                  -- Does the teacher claim his path is the only valid one, or that he is the only qualified teacher?
                  No. Everyone is considered to be on the path appropriate to them- even if it is no path, or a phase of "seeking". Gary Olsen has also claimed there are several other competent teachers on the planet capable of delivering students back to Self and God realization.

                  --Does the teacher claim to be better than his students?
                  No. He is made of the same stuff as anyone else, and only claims to have a special ability and duty to deliver sincere and readied souls back to God. This would be akin to a math teacher having a special ability and duty to deliver readied and sincere students to the "Calculus-realized state".

                  --Are students encouraged to idealize the personality of the teacher?
                  No. Idealization of Gary Olsen's personality (manner of speech, dress, fitness level, personal habits, etc.) is discouraged. What is individual to him need not be idealized, what is universal ought to be (among students). Students are encouraged to be themselves, and the individual expression of soul is greatly valued by this path.

                  --Does the teacher use followers for sexual gratification?
                  No. Never heard a whiff of this. As far as I know, he's only married once (prior to starting MasterPath), stayed married, and has no kids.

                  --Does the teacher personally abuse or demean any students or staff?
                  No. At a recent seminar I heard about how the staff for the seminar were discouraged from becoming too fixated on getting every little detail "right"- that they should feel free to maintain their inner spiritual focus, on their own inner spiritual essence, even then.

                  --Does the teacher use the group for undue personal financial gain?
                  No. There are modest dues- $30 per month. People unwilling to pay the full amount can request paying less or nothing at all. Gary Olsen appears to draw a modest salary (this information is probably in a public filing somewhere), enough for a cheap house ($600 a month in rent), car (Honda Civic, last I saw), and clothing (many of his students dress better than he does, frankly), and no more. I've only heard one specific request for funds during a seminar- but there was no passing of the hat, or anything like that.

                  --Does the path try to brainwash children into becoming devotees?
                  No. Parents are discouraged from foisting MasterPath on their children. Children under 14 are in fact prohibited from joining, and up to age 18 must have a parents' or guardians' signature in order to join.

                  --Does the path put people in any stressful situations?
                  No. The only activities of any kind are lectures, and people are encouraged to leave at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

                  --Does the path break any governmental laws?
                  No. Taxes are paid, forms filed, etc. I've never heard of any governmental sanctions against MasterPath. It is incorporated as a nonprofit.

                  --Are students encouraged to shun people who leave the path?
                  No. I and many other chelas I know have remained friends with people who have left MasterPath- though, frankly, few I know of have ever left.

                  --Are students encouraged to socialize mainly within the group?
                  No. Outside of seminars, there are no gatherings for students to socialize. It is not designed to be a path which provides social or worldy support to its devotees.

                  --Are students encouraged to convert new students, by any means necessary?
                  No. Students are encouraged to be available for one-on-oneing and the like, but no more than that. The role is essentially passive- the interest and direction to the interest should come from the seeker, flowing through to them from the spiritual power within the student, not from the student's personality.

                  --Now, some students will sometimes be overzealous (including on this board), but they have certainly been discouraged from doing that. Students are also discouraged from even posting flyers, when there is an event, in any incongruent posting places (which would be most places). Students are also discouraged from using the "Shabda" to attract mates, win jobs, impress people, etc.

                  --Are students' private lives dictated or monitored heavily?
                  No. I doubt there is any particular private behavior which, by itself, could get anyone kicked off the path, or sanctioned in any way. Students are not asked to share intimate personal details of their lives with anyone in MasterPath. MasterPath simply does not have a strong moral code, and in fact morality is considered dualistic and limited.

                  --Is the path a ripoff on another path?
                  No. Some have claimed MasterPath is a ripoff of Eckankar, but anyone familiar with Light and Sound paths would see that MasterPath has far more in common with other L&S paths like Sant Mat. The basic doctrine is almost exactly the same, across all L&S paths; either you could conclude they are all ripoffs of some more ancient path, or it's simply the basic doctrine of Light and Sound paths.

                  Realistically, the L&S paths attempt to represent, in an overview form, the nature of reality. Ideally, doctrines are a ripoff on reality. MasterPath does not claim that the bulk of its doctrine is unique or special relative to other paths- though there are a few tweaks that are considered to make MP more relevant for modern, Western devotees.

                  --Does the path practice nepotism- special privileges or rights for family members or close associates?
                  No. I've never heard of special advantages for office workers, either- not even better seating.

                  --Is investigation or open-mindedness discouraged?
                  No. In fact, particularly at the beginning, investigation, experimentation, questioning, and testing are all encouraged. Students are not considered to have really made a commitment to a path, until their 2nd initiation, which as I recall requires being a member for at least 1 year.

                  --Are people given a new identity upon joining the path?
                  No. No new names, no special marks, clothing, etc.

                  --Are students encouraged to lie about the path, or give it a false image?
                  No, never. It may not be appropriate to say some things to some people- if it would disturb them or if they had a malignant intent- but there's never any reason to try to make the path look better than it is. It stands on its own.

                  --Are students encouraged to wear their membership in the path on their sleeves?
                  No. Not that it should be hidden, either, but it's not something to be flaunted. We have no crosses, special symbols, in-group signs, etc.

                  --Are students told to think poorly of people outside the group?
                  No. Everyone is considered to be a part of God, inevitably to return to God, and all are at an appropriate stage in its journey, right where it should be. And nothing is considered unclean of itself.

                  --Are students ever blackmailed about their personal lives?

                  --Are there any metaphysical threats- of hell, dire consequences for leaving, etc.?
                  No. There is no eternal damnation in the doctrine, or threats of metaphysical curses for leaving, etc.

                  --Does the path promise worldly benefits to followers, or special psychic powers?

                  --Does the path promise worldly miracles in response to prayer, donations, etc.?

                  --Does the path have complex rites, rules, or rituals?

                  Some questions to which the answer is yes (which I obviously don't consider inherent features of a cult, but which may arouse initial suspicions if one is thinking in associative terms)-

                  --Is the path smaller than the mainstream religions?
                  Yes. I'm going to guess 10,000 students, but I don't know- or greatly care, for that matter.

                  --Is the path younger than the mainstream religions?
                  Yes. MasterPath was founded in 1987 or thereabouts. But it purports that its doctrine is ancient- "old win in a new bottle", etc.

                  --Does the path have a strong, living leader?
                  Yes. Gary Olsen's capacity is completely central to the credibility of MasterPath, and the teacher on any other Light and Sound path is considered fundamental to its value. Otherwise, it would just be another dead mystics' school.

                  --Does the path feel it offers something special?
                  Yes- for some people. For most, some other path will be more appropriate for them.

                  --Does the path claim to have a way back to God?

                  A comparison to Scientology, the "Moonies", and most other paths, simply isn't accurate when compared on a great number of the questions above, assuming what has been reported about those paths is accurate.

                  After reviewing this list, I conclude that the term "cultish" would be more accurately applied to almost any other social group, spiritual or secular, than to MasterPath. Take a typical high school football team- it has a strong leader (the coach), requires great personal sacrifice (hard practices), often regulates other aspects of the participants' lives (gotta keep your grades up, maybe you have to dress up for the big game), plays are ripped off from other teams, teams strive to be special and superior to others "We're number 1! etc.", players are given new identities upon joining (tailback, etc.), typically there's a lot of personality worship of the star players, it's a small group, individual initiative is discouraged, worldly benefits are promised, children play the game, are put in stressful situations, are often demeaned, and the participants wear their membership on their sleeves. And for some people, it is their God, perhaps purposefully so.

                  Certainly, I don't mean to demean high school football; it's simply representative of a lot of organized activities people partake in. MasterPath's lack of resemblance to other paths, in these "cult-like" questions I posted at the top, is a major reason I was attracted to it in the first place (having experienced paths that really are cultish, prior to that). Some information about MasterPath on other websites isn't accurate in the slightest.


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                    Open and objective discussion about groups which might be controversial or potentially destructive cults is a valuable asset of this website. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion in this forum.

                    It sounds like Master Path (MP) is working for you- That's great. Although there certainly are individuals who "go overboard" with their allegiance to MP and it adversely affects their lives and the lives of others. This is why Master Path has garnered the attention of some cult experts. Besides Rick Ross, I have repeatedly mentioned Steven Hassan and his referral network of licensed professionals as a resource for those seeking help in regard to this group.

                    Using sound judgment to make well informed decisions is what life is all about. When a Master Path follower "goes overboard" they seem to believe their MP based spirituality somehow legitimizes narcissistic behavior and alienation from "non-believer" family and friends. Unfortunately, this has also included declaring spiritual superiority as justification for child abandonment.

                    I do not see a valid parallel between membership in this group and an extra curricular high school football team nor do I agree with your extended delineation of why Master Path's structure is not representative of a cult. To the contrary, other than the fact that MP followers do not dress alike or live together, it fits within the definition of a cult for many reasons... Authoritarian leadership, an agenda fraught with thought reform in addition to loaded language and possible use of hypnotic suggestion thinly veiled as meditation. Furthermore, you would be hard-pressed to find any cult expert who would not view this group as suspect.

                    I would highly recommend reading either of Steven Hassan's books to better understand the tactics being utilized by groups such as Master Path. Additionally, a balanced investigation of this or any group should include input from experts affiliated with the ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) listed on the homepage of the factnet site.
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                      Hi, I know about overboard chelas, where I see your spin failing is that y frank, this is NOT an MP issue. I've seen this behavior/reaction on other paths, with other gurus, with Christians, Muslims, etc.

                      I also cant think of much that MP Teaches that would purposefully encourage this. In fact the calls for emotional honesty, for discrimination of false imagery, for flushing out, addressing directly our own bull****, is a pretty big part of the MP, and Light& Sound paths in general.

                      Also, the teaching specifically discourages things like leaving your wife, kids, making radical life changes, all that stuff. After 34 years of marriage and 8 month separation on 07, I am back with my wife because of the teachings and changes in me from practicing MP.

                      I personally don't know of anyone that has used MP as an excuse and know a few people that are back in the working it out, not running away, etc. I do know that using spirituality to run/hide/duck from issues/pain in your life is common to MANY spiritual paths. zen buddhist, christians, etc etc.

                      The very idea that behavior, independent, by a student is reflective of a destructive cult is - well silly. Its evidence of life and how stupid we are

                      I never said MP isn't representative of cultist like behavior. I said that it certainly has elements of that, and so does a high-school football team. The challenge here isn't the word cult, MP is a benign cult if you wish, but IM not sure if thats even true. There is no list that defines a destructive cult specifically, just tendencies.

                      Suspect? After what 25 years in practice, or 20 at least, and the best you can is some dudes suspect it? Come now, it was really like the CoS, or some other destructive cult, it would have much more data then this after all that time.

                      Anyway, show me a guru lead path that your experts don't suspect? The suspect anything that even looks like this. Its their job to suspect isnt it. To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To an cult expert ....

                      Look at the spin going on here:

                      Authoritarian leadership? - you mean like a pope? Or a Football Team Coach, Like any guru, I mean really how unusefull is that as a guideline.

                      An agenda fraught with thought reform? So a spiritual path isn't supposed to evolve us? increase our perspective, change us? What is this evil thought reform you speak of? Examples please.

                      Loaded Language? Is that really even a criteria, loaded language? I find your language pretty loaded with FUD

                      Possible Hypnotic Suggestions in Meditation?
                      There is no meditation practices, in fact meditation is not even recommended, there are no sessions where hypnotic trances happen, hell I only get to one satsang and see others a year, how would I be receiving the hypnotic suggestions?

                      Originally posted by Hassan Site
                      The fact that these groups appear on this list does not necessarily mean they are a destructive mind control cult. They appear because we have received inquiries and have established a file on the group.
                      So the dude got an inquiry and opend a file, thats enough for you to hold this guy up as strong suspicions of MP?

                      Oh and by the way, no data at all. Just a list entry for MP

                      I went over the Evaluation check list

                      What can I say. its a list, a very broad list - so let me see I am on a path looking for change, growth, new perspectives and that list basically says - if the dude changes look out?

                      I loved the person going form irresponsible to responsible - an improvement, a positive change, is a red flag because its a change.

                      How does one use that list? let say there is a 1000 students, if 1%, 2%, 5% one person has what, 10 or so of those changes, that means we can call the cult destructive, we can slander the teacher and students etc?

                      Destructive mind control takes the "locus of control" away from an individual. The person is systematically deceived about the beliefs and practices of the person (or group) and manipulated throughout the recruitment process- unable to make informed choices and exert independent judgment.
                      and yet every chela and even those just investigating will tell you thing path is all about thinking for oneself, I can not even make the usuall guru/student commitment for almost 3 years have passed, in which I am/have investigated, and really decided I really want to continue. There is nothing quick and easy here, there is no rush to sign people up.

                      I constantly see/hear the teaching telling to think - we don't meditate, we contemplate, we think, we introspection, we notice, we try to look at a 360 degree view of things, we try to broaden perspectives. I really in all honesty dont see where such assertions fit on MP.

                      These are from Hannan site as well - they directly apply and are valid in my experience to date of MP.

                      "people are free to participate at their own comfort level. A healthy skepticism toward dogma and exclusive elitism is encouraged. People can and do ask penetrating questions."

                      "Being in control of your own mind includes: being in touch with your feelings; having the ability to question and think analytically; the freedom to act independently as well as the ability to look at issues from multiple perspectives."

                      If you have been involved with a person or group for a long time, can you have time away to take a vacation, visit friends or family, or just be by yourself? Are you irrationally afraid to really evaluate for yourself any critical information, including speaking with ex-members? Do you have the access to this "negative" information?
                      Again, no issues with MP here , like I said not afarin of evaluating critical information. What I get irratated about ios the silly, blind, biased information

                      Like the person thats going to come here and tell me all those thinsg about thinking for one self are lip services adn I am a fool. Offering nothing but assertions as if they were fact.

                      Really, seriously do I seem afraid?

                      "A destructive cult is a pyramid-shaped authoritarian regime with a person or group of people that have dictatorial control."

                      No pyramid in MP, its totally flat, just me and Sri Gary,
                      aside from the office for admin things I am not required to talk to, listen to, anyone else.

                      It uses deception in recruiting new members (e.g. people are NOT told up front what the group is, what the group actually believes and what will be expected of them if they become members).
                      Totally opposite from my experience

                      I've no time to go on, but I looked at your guys site. I've made some comments, but overall, its just making more convinced MP isnt a destructive cult.


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                        I just ahd this short thought, while falling asleep

                        a benign cult would recognize, encourage the individual

                        which means it also has to be patient with the individuals personal journey, how they respond to changes, teachings, their baggage and expression will be individual as well

                        Yet, yet

                        If a man's personal journey has them use the whole experience as an excuse to leave thier kids, some people are so ready to let that describe and judge the whole organization

                        it just seems sorta out of balance. let people be themselves, but suspect the organization when they do stupid things.


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                          There is a lot of information regarding masterpath (MP) posted by many former and current members at (Religion and Philosophy forum) with over 900 MP related posts and 50,000 views. Linked here:

                          The above noted forum includes information provided by several former long-time MP members illustrating the insider's view of an egomaniac leader (Gary Olsen) who is essentially operating a financial scam under the guise of a spirituality awareness group.

                          I completely agree with one particular description/definition: In sum, Master Path is a cult that feeds on troubled souls. It kills self-identity and the ability to think for yourself. Its group structure is authoritarian, its methods are insidious, and its net effect is truly toxic. If you have loved ones who are involved, seek help before it is too late.

                          If anyone genuinely does not believe masterpath is a cult and/or needs additional information, please contact any of the Cult-Help Experts listed on the FACTnet Home Page. The personal damage caused by membership in a destructive group is many times worse than addiction or physical and emotional abuse. Cults are a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and masterpath is (unfortunately) a classic example.
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                          • Mazzyma
                            Mazzyma commented
                            Editing a comment
                            I have a dear friend who has been in Masterpath for 16 years now. In the past year, I have watched his mind deteriorate into a drone like existance. He is glassy eyed and spooky when discussing anything Masterpath. He says a lot, "I can not discuss that, I have told you too much." in the middle of saying anything about it.

                            He just came back from a seminar and he said to me, "I know Gary is the true Master, he is the living Master, God." I was FLOORED.

                            My friend is a very bright, talented person.... but he lives out of his car and has no future goals. He can not hold a job, and is sparadic in thought. He used to laugh and have fun, but lately, he'll sit in his car and read for HOURS the masterpath material. He used to read for about 30-40 minutes each morning, now it's anywhere from 2-4 hours, then he will again in late afternoon and again in the evenings.

                            He is VERY defensive and very vocal and emotionally abusive when asked questions about Masterpath, and it has evolved to all aspects of our friendship. I am sad, and must end the friendship (he just SCREAMED at me in a public place, and made no apologies for it,but blamed me for asking a simple question, and said I was not worthy of an answer !!!)

                            My friends and I want to help him, we miss our friend- what can/should we do? Anything? Anyone have insight for me? I have been reading about Masterpath to help bring insight, and I am just in shock at what I am reading. I wish I could grab Gary Olsen around his leather tan neck and shack him. His voice when I hear him talk is incredibly annoying (nasaly) and I can not believe anyone, much less my friend, would believe this guy is a 'living master' and compares himself to Jesus. What a crock of ***.

                            Ugh, I am so frustrated.