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    Dear Truth_Shiner, You might h

    Dear Truth_Shiner, You might have posted the above posting for myself also. I never mind. I am an individual living a spritual life without participation of others. Some body said my experiance of GOD is like metaphysics. So I posted my "" in this metaphysics. Somebody who experienced similar can appreciate or somebody may not appeciate. I am not involved in any cult activities, but I am a truth speaker. I speak only what I experience. I don't have enough money to go to U.S.A. air ticket also. But I am happy about what I posses. Only our ego to become a "Great" may lead us to involve in cult activities. I don't have both hate or love for anything. So I can live only according to me. Yours, mksugumaran


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      Something else about the metap

      Something else about the metaphysical school. The Chancellor has fondled many female students and hides it from the students. All the other Doctors know about it. Is that integrity. If this was a large organization, what would happen? The woman think that it was just learning from past lives or from this current life time. The Chancelor is married with a child also. Just ask, you'll find out. Truth is important and this thought form of illusioned righteousness existsin most organizations like many of the world religions. All is seen by the eye of life, at any moment when self connects with the infinite,all is known. I only offer the truth. Any questions?


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        Dear_truth_shiner, You are tel

        Dear_truth_shiner, You are telling what you have seen/experienced in the metaphysical School. I don't know anything about those things. I think it is common in U.S.A. because I have seen lot of XXX films in my life only from U.S.Copy right certification. I am not telling that the activities of School is correct. I want to know who is the Chancellor and to whom he is married? Even in the website also I saw the Photographs of females who are heading the 3 Regional centers of School of metaphysics. Whether the Chancellor is male or female? I don't blame sex with students as crime if the student is interested to have it in U.S.A. Ofcourse it shows the integrity of Students with Masters. Similarly it is possible to happen that female teachers would have fondled many male students, male students would have fondled female teachers, female students would have fondled male teachers and I think you are hiding it. Please open that also. Do you Know why the U.S.A. is the richest country in the World? That is the Secret of Integrity and freedom in sex. Onemore thing that these Schools of metaphysics are headed by females shows that it is the Generic effect of all the old destroyed western schools of metaphysics were headed by females only. When I saw the photographs of Regional heads of SOM, I thought of returning back of the very old female saints. These are my views only and I have not gone into School of metaphysics. You can answer my questions. Yours, mksugumaran


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          Wow. I never thought that my

          Wow. I never thought that my message would result in such interesting conversation. I have to say that when I posted it I was in the middle of feeling hurt, confused, betrayed and manipulated. I no longer feel these things. I know that I made my own decisions and that, ironically enough, it took everything I learned in the SOM in order for me to leave it. There are some amazing truths available there that can change your life in profound and fundamental ways. I am now grateful for all the things that I learned and experienced. I know myself better than I did before and this is always a good thing. However, like some other experiences in my life, I wouldn't choose to repeat it. Nor would I recommend the som to others. Too much arrogance, too much judgement, too much control. One of the causal thoughts of my choosing to leave was when I realized that if I wanted to I would never have to make another decision about my life ever again. There would always be a teacher who would tell me what my next step should be. To me this does not seem congruent with teaching people to be self-aware and self-directed.

          Saying all that, I've since realized that no organization is perfect. There are always imperfect people in them which will influence whatever is being taught. And as a friend of mine once said, "The closer you get to the fire, the more you will get burned." Or, the closer you get to your own enlightenment, the harder it is. I believe that through the study of metaphysics most anyone could become more aware, and that this also means that they will have to come face to face with whatever issues they haven't dealt with up until that time.

          To my friend universalmon, I am disappointed that you now think so poorly of me. I would have hoped that you could have extended some understanding and compassion instead of so much judgement. I guess "I love you just because you are" doesn't count since I no longer toe the som party line.


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            Hello dhyana, Have you seen my

            Hello dhyana, Have you seen my postings on MetaPhysics in this board. What about your comments on ",htm".


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              I suspect a lot

              I suspect a lot of of what offends you, whether real or projected, in Dhyana, is in you.
              You don't like her anymore because she is against you indirectly by being against what you identify with.
              You said
              <font color="0000ff">When you don&#39;t have a personal purpose for what you do, resentment follows. Then anger. Then, if you are so inclined, revenge. Revenge against an imagined enemy that doesn&#39;t exist.</font>
              Could your purpose be your ego? Do you feel threatened by what she says? Perhaps she felt some fear and is projecting that fear to you and you respond in like manner because there is a place in you for it. Or perhaps she has become a mirror for you to reflect on.

              <font color="0077aa">Too much arrogance, too much judgement, too much control.</font>
              Some things show.
              Universalmon, as witty as he is, didn&#39;t make his point to me but did compliment what I quoted from you.
              I find it interesting that you said <font color="0077aa">I am a former student in the School of Metaphysics,</font>
              and Universalmon answered <font color="0000ff">I am currently a student in the School of Metaphysics,</font> and then
              <font color="0000ff">I am a teacher in the School of Metaphysics.</font>
              I felt he was reacting to you by opening in a similar manner.
              When he was erroniously insulted by curious 1 he opened his defence <font color="0000ff">To curous 1 -</font>
              but to Pho who said things that complimented him while agreeing against your observation of SOM as cult &#40;whether your observation is true or not&#41; <font color="aa00aa">I too was involved for a while with the SOM. My experience was actually pretty good. Never had a cult feeling and thought Jerry Rothermel was a great guy.</font> he answered <font color="0000ff">Hey there Pho - Greetings to you first of all,</font>

              You spend much time defending your self, I believe ignoring mksugumaran etc and ultimately the spirit. A humble man once said &#34;If you only love those who love you what reward do you have?&#34;

              WHY do we experience?


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                If you only love those who lov

                If you only love those who love you what reward do you have?- nothing. But if you start loving those, who hate you what reward do you have?- love and understanding.


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                  I have read everything that is

                  I have read everything that is on this chat and find myself to be curious. I am curious to those who are currently, not currently and like mksugumaran never been associated with this organization. I have discovered through my studies the importance of listening. Listening heals a broken heart, listening soothes hurt feelings, listening energizes the idealist, and calms the egotist. I invite those to search for the truth and listen to those who offended you as well as those that agree with you.
                  this is to dyana, I love you, you are a strong individual and you always have been. No one ever could tell you what to do the choice is always yours. I believe you learned this through the school, and I would encourage you to be grateful for what you have acheived. Saying this organization is a cult in many ways is misleading. You say you were &#34;high up&#34; in this organization then you would know just as much as anyone who researchs it, that it is created through all the students.
                  I encourage all those interested to research yourself and you will see the great strides in peace, dreams, humanity this organization are providing.
                  I send my circle of love


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                    To know how much &#34;high up&

                    To know how much &#34;high up&#34; I want to tell a small story. Once there was a School of Metaphysics in old age. Every night The Mater of the School and The Cook &#40;One who cooks food for all the students and the Master&#41; of the School meet at night and discuss for some time. Every night the students happen to see this meeting. The cook was older than The master as he looks. Oneday The cook died. At that time The Master opens the secret that The Cook Was the Real Master of This School and I was running this School according to His instructions and That was the reason for our daily meeting in the night. Also atlast Yesterday He has given me a letter to open it next day. Now he is dead. I am opening and reading the this letter before you. In that letter it was written &#34;Please keep my dead body in the old isolated building in the School and watch the building for 1 month and open it after one month.- The Cook.&#34; So the Master and students of the school did the same and started watching the building at night. They were seeing diffrent colors of light beams connecting the sky and the building frequently. Atlast after a month the door of the building was opened and found there was no dead body other than his nails, hair. The students came to know the Real Master who was preparing daily food for them without any ego.
                    I hope this story may help you.


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                      I would agree listening heals,

                      I would agree listening heals, yet it depends who the self is listening to. The som is built on a structure that makes choices for others. THe reason you ignored what I have said, and responded only to dyana is because you know who she is. Honesty is truly how one heals and communing with the inner teacher that is always present. Though this could be taught in the som and even individuality, yet it is not. If you are not a student in the som, you are not welcomed to the college. If you are not on a certain lesson, you cannot go to the college on all student weekends. THey teach anger is productive, Hitler did to. Plus the Chancellors wife was married to another woman and to the founder of the school at the same time. NOw thats some wierd stuff. Plus she hasn&#39;t relinquished her grip yet. Let the sun burn the secrets. Let the Truth Shine


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                        I never ignored you truth_shin

                        I never ignored you truth_shiner. I love you too. Your statements has half truths and are based on opinions. There is no reason to bring out what is not there. The light is to look at your own life and examine what you have done. DO you want others to judge you fro your past sins only? Look at what you are doing right now. WHo are you hurting? WHo are you serving? I never once through my studies learn that anger is productive. Keeping anger inside, having it and not recognizing that you have it is very unproductive and causes harm. Thought is cause and hate leads to cancer. I would advise you the same as I did both universolmon and dhyana is to see what you are grateful for and share those experiences. Gratitude is an awesome light of truth, love and healing.
                        I send my circle of love


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                          I spent 12 years in the SOM. D

                          I spent 12 years in the SOM. During that time, I served in a National position in the organization. I know Universmon and Dhyana very, very well.

                          During these twelve years, I subscribed to all of the belief systems of the SOM because I figured that if I was truly going to learn, I needed to give it all by fully absorbing myself there.

                          With full authority I can say that the SOM has a beautiful side and a dark side.

                          The beautiful side is the spiritual growth and friendships you develop there. I could write volumes about this.

                          The dark side is that there is quite a bit of manipulation by those at the top. For instance, you subscribe to beliefs like, &#34;those who leave are in some way giving up on learning.&#34; This is a hook because afterall who wants to give up on learning?

                          The straw that broke the camels back for me was that as I decided to give up my national position, get married and pursue business opportunities, &#34;THE&#34; leader of the school gradually shunned me and my wife and went so far as to tell us that we were not welcome at HQ, unless we had a specific purpose for being there. Again, so much more to little space.

                          In my opinion Dhyana was done wrong and has every reason to sue the author of &#34;Wisdom of Solomon&#34; which could also be named &#34;Hitpiece on Dhyana-Disguised as Spiritual Growth&#34;.

                          My belief is that &#34;THE&#34; leader, who also wrote &#34;Hitpiece&#34; suffers from &#34;I-have-all-the-answers-and-if-you-dont-listen-to-me-then-you-are-broken&#34; syndrome.

                          After you leave the SOM after such a long time, there is a deprogramming process. I did realize that I was loved and excepted if I responded to SOM opportunities but shunned and told I was making the wrong decisions if I wanted to do my own thing.}


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                            P.S. Symptoms of a &#34;cult&#

                            P.S. Symptoms of a &#34;cult&#34; are when people are influenced to &#39;give it all&#39;, making family or important family events come in &#34;2nd place&#34; to your &#34;spiritual growth&#34; or are told that if they leave the group then their life will not be the same.

                            Three or four people at the top of the SOM do practice this and influence those who are trusting and nieve to think the same way.

                            I ruined several great friendships because I turned my back on my friends. I thought that &#34;only spiritual growth is important.&#34; I know for a fact that I was put down after I left SOM and will probably never get my precious pre-SOM friends back. I feel regret for that and I found myself in a place of starting over when I left SOM. My main friends now are those who have left the SOM, because word has it that a few SOMers consider my wife and I a &#39;bad influence&#39; on those still in the SOM.


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                              Well, well... It&#39;s been ve

                              Well, well... It&#39;s been very interesting reading all your comments. I have pretty much identified most of you - dyana, universal,listening,truth,12yrs etc.. I am very glad dyana started this whole thing. It gives us a chance to discuss our true feeling and thoughts comfortably. What can I say - I was too - a member of the School of Metaphysics. Yes, the SOM is a cult and the people in it, don&#39;t know it. That&#39;s why universal &amp; listening will never admit to it. They don&#39;t know because they&#39;ve been in it for soooooo loooooong that their whole life is SOM - they don&#39;t know how to live otherwise. So I totally understand their perspective in thinking it&#39;s not a cult. Now, looking at this organization from a technical cult description, it matches every description of what &amp; how a cult functions.
                              WE KNOW THAT because we are out of it and have by now &#40;most of us &#34;broken hearts&#34; yes- listeningheals - the SOM broke our hearts&#41; have informed ourselves through talking, reading, comparing etc.. Dyana was not saying that SOM is a cult out of anger, but out of warning. Dyana like any of us who left the SOM don&#39;t want others to have to deal with the tremendous amount of psychological and emotional damage that being a part of this organization produces. It is not even funny people! a lot of ex members have suffered terribly because of thinking that they are broken, bad, don&#39;t want to learn, irresponsable, etc. Teachers of SOM this is for you two universalmon &amp; listeningheals: if you really love the people in it, out of it, the SOm etc. YOU HAVE TO TRANSFORM IT INTO SOMETHING DIFFERENT IT HAS TO BECOME AN ACADEMIC INSTITUTION With academic rules of behavior and consequences so we don&#39;t run into situations like yes, the Chancellor hitting on students, volunteers being overworked and mentally &amp; emotionally abused &#40; now don&#39;t be blind to this people, hang with me here&#41; and please don&#39;t tell me things all of the sudden have changed because they havent. I know you teachers want the community to respect the SOM and people to want to be part of it. It will not happen until you truly open you eyes, and LISTEN. Some ideas? stop forcing people to teach, eliminate teaching fear thoughts &#40; if you leave you are running from your learning&#41;, value your volunteers instead of slaving them. Let them fulfill their personal dreams, there is a reason why they are called to do that instead of telling them those are distractions etc. I could go on forever, you get my point.
                              I have a loving heart and I love all of you very much and I miss you all dearly because I kNOW like a little someonoe once wrote in a poetry: all of us are good inside. But good inside has to match outside. No more cult creating please, no more manipulating people please - you have all the information you need to destroy this cult and make it something new, something good.
                              Good luck to all of you!


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                                Couple of things:

                                Couple of things:
                                Firestarter - you have obviously been in the SOM for a little time - you express yourself &#34;the SOM way of talking&#34; FYI - changing the way you communicate &#40;your relatives and friends have already noticed and told you by now&#41;as well as your apperance and your interests is one of the signs of being sucked into a cult - inform yourself before you keep going - go to, see BITE model .Be cautious.
                                Don&#39;t confuse metaphysics with having to learn it the SOM way.
                                Dreamer - be cautious with the relaxation tapes... &#40;more like brainwashing tapes?&#41;and teachers pushing you to teach. To learn how to visualize and concentrate is extremelly helpful.
                                Artwank64 - You obviously were not a college student.Good for you.

                                On Prosperity and Abundance -
                                Yes SOM teaches about Prosperity and Abundace, it does not mean any of the teachers are prosperous or abundant. In fact, you talk to any current HONEST teacher &#40;it only happens behind the curtain&#41; and they will tell you they are basically pretty close to broke. The reason why they are poor is because they have to work for the SOM for free with little time for a real job. Most teachers are very low paying jobs or no jobs.
                                A word of advice to new students:
                                Do not make the mistake of thinking your teachers can read your mind, or are super siquic or enlightened. Not even close to. There are always a lot of miraculous stories dancing around about people&#39;s abilities to do things with their minds- specially who you see now to be your authority figures- not true. Have common sense. Do not be fooled. And please, I cannot ask you enough to inform yourselves as much as you can.
                                One last thing: I can say most of what others have said about weird stuff going on at SOM is true. And worse. Former members have been advised to have abortions; to miss important family events for attending SOM meetings; for married couples to live in different states just to name a few. Forget ever going on vacation, pursuing hobbies or hanging out with family or friends. That will all end pretty soon if you keep at it. Consider yourself lucky to have access to this website.
                                Having a loving heart means also having good common sense. Emotional Intelligence people! Good Luck.