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Cult Awareness and Education

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  • Cult Awareness and Education

    Steven Hassan, in his book Combatting Cult Mind Control: A Guide to Protection, Rescue and Recovery from Destructive Cults, lists what he feels to be the four main types of cults:

    1. Religious cults -- those focused on religious dogma.

    2. Political cults -- those focused on a particular political dogma.

    3. Psychotherapy/Educational cults -- those which hold workshops and seminars to provide “insight” and “enlightenment,” usually in a hotel meeting-room environment.

    4. Commercial cults -- which believe in the dogma of greed, and manipulate people for little or no pay in the hope of getting rich, usually through pyramid-style or multi-level marketing organizations.

    Hassan maintains that the deciding factor of whether a group should be labeled with the term “cult” is that the members are secured and maintained as members through what he designates “Cult Mind Control,” which consists of control of behavior, control of thought, control of emotions, and control of information.

    Hassan’s book unmasks the methods employed by destructive cults to recruit and control their members. It explains the psychology of those techniques as well as practical means of identifying them and protecting against their influence. Because the mind control techniques practiced by destructive cults can seriously interfere with an individual's ability to think for herself, Hassan stresses the importance of approaching cult members with compassion rather than condemnation. Specific guidance is given for distinguishing destructive cults from legitimate organizations, and invaluable advice is offered for rescuing a loved one from a destructive cult without coercion.

    Hassan has seen that the techniques of mind control can be imposed on virtually anyone. Educating the public about the cult phenomenon is, he says, the best possible defense. For those whose lives are directly affected, for their friends and family, mental health practitioners, educators, clergy, and others in the helping professions, it will be indispensable.

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    I am sitting and wondering about this, if you all have a handbook, or a teaching guide for your teachers to use. It not enough to share a testimony, to make people aware of a bad situation. bad cultic situations breath in all areas of society. Even down to neighborhoods. Even if you got one problem solved there will always be another. Sometimes the situation is the person and not the group and sometimes it is the group and not the person reporting a problem. Now with that said. How would a handbook be created if not based on the tools these people currently use. For example the twisting of scripture to suit one's own goals. The suiting of atheists to rule out religion is just as mind controlling. The idea utopia is free thought and understanding we all right to our own opinions or own beliefs. HOwever destruction that breaks laws of our land now that different. That is where law enforcement is suppose to help. However when the law is against truth then there is problem.

    Correct mentality is equality, rights to live in cultic situation as long as the law is being abided by. Understanding the difference between spiritual which atheist deny, and what is not is important. For example Christ came He was hailed king on palm sunday, traditionally that would cause chaos in roman government. That normal.

    The problem is there the separation of spiritual leaders and government. No government leaders are allow to believe what they desire, as long as their leadeship does not do injustice to others rights as well.

    You want to educate then consider pointing out the evil in the since of law breaking, the crime and the injustice of the people and explain this is not typical of all groups. Even government have corruption in their ranks. That normal, so does religious groups. Tearing down evil is what it got to be about.

    I watched a documentary on history channel on cults. They did a decent job of education except when they label all groups to be the same. However I do think there certain characterristics in these groups. Education is important. Not labeling all is important as well for it causes hate. Hate causes murder.
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      Of course, the Admin is giving the generic definition of a "cult." For a Christian the definition of a "cult" is more as follows:

      "A cult is a perversion, a distortion of biblical Christianity and/or a rejection of the historic teachings of the Christian church. The Apostle Paul warned there would be false Christs and a false gospel that would attempt to deceive the true church and the world.

      For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you bear this beautifully...for such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ and no wonder for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their deeds (2 Corinthians 11:13-15 NASB).

      Walter Martin gives us a good definition of a cult when he says:

      A cult, then, is a group of people polorized around someone's interpretation of the Bible and is characterized by major deviations from orthodox Christianity relative to the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, particularly the fact that God became man in Jesus Christ (Walter Martin, The Rise of the Cult, p. 12)."

      Handbook of Today's Religions by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart 1984

      The Admin of puts orthodox Christianity in their broad realm of a cult. This fact would seem so when they attack a man, Bob Larson, who is a well known writer of orthodox Christianity against cults. Bob Larson is recognized even by fundamentalist as having written good reference books against cults. I think that your atheism, and unbelief were really reflected by the article you posted, and I think that you believe that orthodox Christianity is also a Cult. For Christians a Cult is one that deviates from the teachings of orthodox Christianity, (Creeds, Deity of Jesus Christ, Scripture, etc.). We are looking at the definition from a different perspective.
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        EAsetline, are you so naive not to think any group could be destructive. Any group could be filled with deception. I for one do not believe in deception, but everyone is deceptive to some degree. YOu speak lies as well even on these boards. Issue is to learn about difference and to know what you yourself believe based on fact is it not. If person does not believe in the fundamental doctrines of Christ based on original church historical recorded of belief is it not a teaching of change and falsehoods.

        Here the problem cult awareness should it ever deal with terrorist, will it does. They enter the church world to deceive and destroy. You have to know how to defend the truth. If you can not you should not be in leadership roles. if you can not defend the teachings of the church you are in you should not be in leadership roles.

        However Easeltine you seem to forget none of these things are punishable by the law for religious freed is in our land and hopefully to always be. Let me give you example Easeltine, of religious freedom gone wrong. Here is site for you. Now I view about thirty minutes of it and not 180 minutes of it. Defending of people or religion that is important here. Take it slow Easeltine.


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          Easteltine -- All admin did was point to a book by Steven Hassan, and what he thinks are the features of an organization that would make them a cult. There is no “generic definition of cult” given, just “deciding factors” like control of member’s behavior, thought, emotions, and information that Hassan uses to define what a cult is.

          Where does the administration of FACTnet “put orthodox Christianity on their broad realm of a cult?” Nabashalam posted a story about Bob Larson, claiming that it exposes him as a con man and how his daughters are “fleecing the sheep;” but at the bottom there is a disclaimer saying that it is an “editorial opinion.”

          Isn't Larson a radio and television evangelist who points out Satanism in rock music and performs exorcisms? Is this what Orthodox Christians do? Judging from your posts in the past that focus on such things, Larson would seem to be one of your mentors. Are you one of his disciples?


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            WEBSTER'S UNABRIDEGED DICTIONARY/Noah Webster 1979 - Pulling this big reference thing out of the closet

            1. worship; reverential honor; religious devotion.
            2. the system of outward forms and ceremonies used in worship; religious rits and formalities.
            3. devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a person, principle, etc., especially when regarded as a fad; as, the cult of nudism. (Noah Webster wrote that? LOL!)
            4. a group of followers; sect.

            One could put orthodox Christianity on the broad realm of a cult based on the actual definition of a cult. Actually, you as an Atheist and I as a Christian both pointed to the Satanism involved in these Metal Musics. Are we any different than Bob Larson on the duh that some of that Metal Music is Satanism? Minus the exorcism is that what an Atheist does? LOL. Bob Larson has been stated to me by many Christians as having written good reference material against Cults. I have nothing written by Bob Larson in my home, nor have I ever read anything from any of his book he has written. ...and that is a lot of books - I got to get rid of some of these things.

            I really do not know enough about Bob Larson to make any comment - the article pointed to his divorce - to his $69K per year salary w/ 10K expense account - The article was written in a very, very biased manner, from a real skeptic. I don't believe in divorce, but there are exceptions...the $69K per year salary w/ 10K expense account when you are traveling all the time does not seem too much, (especially in San Diego California standards). I don't like the way the skeptic wrote it. His 3 kids fleecing the flock? I do believe in deliverance from evil spirits.
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              Hi Easeltine -- that dictionary definition of a cult (worship, reverential honor, religious devotion, system of outward forms and ceremonies used in worship, religious rites, a group of followers) would put Christianity itself into that category, as well as all other religious systems. I don’t think it’s the definition of cult that FACTnet has in mind. One of the most important aspects of any group that can be thought of as a cult is control over its members, isolating them so that there is no outside influence. Scientology is a good example.

              FACTnet, in determining if a group is cultic, points to mind control (coercive persuasion). As a matter of fact, that’s the name of this website you’re on, “Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network,” They have a list of groups that are alleged to be using coercive persuasion mind control techniques.


              Bob Larson isn’t on it, neither is Lyndon LaRouche or Shepherds Chapel. Do you see any Orthodox Christian groups there?


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                Sorry people do you not realize that control can happen in these groups or by individual. Sorry but you missing the boat. You missing the point. I think being hit with a car would be consider abuse. Then again maybe being followed constantly would be abuse, however is it in the church, only if it coming from the pulpit as well and a message board. Which means it probably a government entity. As far as a particular source like hassan goes maybe it used because of just a particular article or information, yet not all is accurate.


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                  cult awareness should not be posted unless you know that they are a cult and have been at least in one of their churches


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                    Chad seems to me you my last statement got moved over here. How come and you Hassan, my post even got changed, to suit who?????


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                      turtle im sorry i dont know what you are talking about? i feel that one should not talk about something being a cult unless they know themselves and can prove it by THE BIBLE GODS WORD to us


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                        chad your reason to follow me is to harasse me. Maybe I should put your name again on this board. Because of your constant following me around. And you can only say a sentence at a time. However chad this is not my board this board this site does not belong to me it belongs to Rick Ross cult expert who has volunteers that help acknowledge what a cult it. Do you know Mr Ross chad. If not but out of my business it concerns you not. He does research into cult activities.


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                          turtle , since i dont belong to a cult i am not aware of some of the things the cult apologist say.


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                            Chad if you share scripture with someone, and know your Bible, then that is all you need to know in the since of apologetics. God provide the way to combat if needed. Otherwise do not worry about it. Sometimes the best thing to do is ignore certain things people say, but if opportunity arises to speak the truth of the Word of God that is what you do. However knowing church history could be a plus, and that is church history after scripture was written down.


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                              i know rhe history of my church and of the one i used to atted. i know them well. i always before i label any one a cult is i know about what they beleive (n0t from others ) but from them. some are not cults but are just a little well dogmatic in their doctrine and that i dont like either . thank JESUS im not in a cult