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    so good to know the same old a

    so good to know the same old arguments going on,

    I am amazed as ever by the level of utter hatred you al feel for normal people, just wanting to love and find a place in this world. Exactly the same as you and me, and all our friends.

    No book, written by man, or God would make me hate any other being, whether they hate me or not.

    I firmly suggest that you all learn alittle about life before judgeing others. And for you info Homosexuality is NOT repeat NOT a choice no matter how often you repeat the oposite nor how hard you plug your ears, it doesn't change the fact that Gays are people, born to love their own sex. Live your life and let others live theirs, Homosexuals do not hurt others, any more than hetrosexuals do.

    Hate is a dirty dark creature, how sure are you that it is Gods hate of Homosexuality you feel and not your own deep dark fears?



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      I, first of all, do not hate a

      I, first of all, do not hate anyone. I do dislike some people but that is not on their choice of sexual partner. I do however "choose" to keep myself and family away from the homosexual lifestyle.
      I do agree with one statement you made though. "Gays are people too" Yes they are. Born that way though? I don't think so. It is merely a lifestyle that has been adopted and is now run rampant.


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        i hate every body on earth

        i hate every body on earth
        and i hope everyone gets leprosy
        of the gonads
        except jesus cause hes perfect


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          i bet jesus could have the flu

          i bet jesus could have the flu
          and he wouldnt even spread it

          i bet jesus could have aids
          and he would he'll any man hed give it to

          i bet jesus coulnt walk on water and rub his belly at the same time

          i bet jesus couldnt speak gringo

          i bet jesus didnt wear boxers, panties, or briefs

          i bet jesus had diahrea once or twice

          i bet jesus loved to make fun of things

          i bet jesus loved to gamble

          come on everybody i bet jesus