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  • Borat

    What does the factnet community think of this movie?

    An orthodox, observant Jew who has brought humor back, totally disregarding any form of political correctness.

    Hmmmmmm.....doesn't seem like the politically correct religious fundamentalists and cult leaders would like it.

    What do you think?

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    It will not get a single red &

    It will not get a single red "ruble" outta me!


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      If politically correct religio

      If politically correct religious fundamentalists and cult leaders do not like BORAT I should like it.

      If I do not like it, I am an politically correct religious fundamentalist and cult leader.

      I saw some pictures and I did not like it at first sight, but I am no politically correct religious fundamentalist and cult leader.

      Do I have a problem ?


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        Nope. Saw it and thought it

        Nope. Saw it and thought it was very funny and well done. I remember the old Candid Camera days before everything was so PC. I can't believe that people are actually upset that they were used in the film, even though they signed releases. They are just money grabbers that want a piece of the pie. The movie is funny, period. Some people are just too tight.


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          Here's the review of "

          Here's the review of "Borat" on

          "Here's a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity consists of at least 17 "f" words, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered. All sorts of sexually related dialogue is present, a home-made porn film is briefly and partially seen and heard, male full frontal and rear nudity is seen live (including in a man on man wrestling match of sorts) and in photos, and other sexually related comedy (involving masturbation, homosexual behavior, prostitutes, and more) occurs."
          >> So yes, it's non-PC, but also vulgar, crude, and perverted. So I guess if you have NO Christian convictions, it sounds great!


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            Thank you cult-fighter for fil

            Thank you cult-fighter for filling me in on that. i certainly do not want to see any male nudity!!!!!!


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              Open your minds.


              Open your minds.

              Ya'll just don't seem to be able to laugh. Maybe that's the real problem.

              Rachel, you'll split a gut laughing at the male "nudity".

              Those darn religious convictions cultfighter refers to are bringing this country down. I am religious and I am convicted, but I wouldn't dream of pushing my truths onto another.

              I saw Happy Feet with my kids today and that was the last place I expected to see religion. But no, there are those penguins all praying to their penguin deity, as their leader speaks in a well performed sermon urging the penguins to pray, to not ever drop their egg.

              My goodness--people get pi$$ed about Borat (who makes fun of everyone) and then there's Happy Feet, putting Christian religious convictions sublimally put into our children's minds.

              Ya'll keep it to yourselves and leave the rest of us to have the freedom to have our own beliefs!


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                chesed, that was sarcasm on pa

                chesed, that was sarcasm on part...I may be a christian but I'm not uptight...

                (Message edited by rachelengland on November 20, 2006)


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                  I kinda like the idea of a big

                  I kinda like the idea of a big penguin god floating around in the sky......


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                    Rachel, I figured you were bei

                    Rachel, I figured you were being sarcastic, cuz that male nudity part is hilarious. And the one guy who does not have his .... blacked out is so fat you can't see it anyway!

                    dt, it is funny in a sad way how cartoon animals now have religion too.


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                      I bet when these movie produce

                      I bet when these movie producers are out trying to find funding for their cartoons, they get money from "family religious" groups that loan them money and then hold the producers hostage to get some religious messages put into them. Not too easy to get money for cartoons nowadays.


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                        Yeah I'm sure that's w

                        Yeah I'm sure that's what it is-christians holding the movie studios hostage(not). Grow up BW!


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                          The chances of Robin Williams

                          The chances of Robin Williams doing anything related remotely to "Christianity" are very slim... Furthermore, why would cartoons be hard to get funding for. Most children's cartoons go over the $100 million mark nowadays, Happy Feet will I'm sure, Cars did, etc.

                          Not sure maybe that you have a clear grasp of the Hollywood system... "We" make movies like "One Night with the King" and "Facing the Giants", funded by CHRISTIANS and no one (including Christians) goes to see them. We are the biggest hypocrites in the world... just read some of the Christian posts here.
                          However, having said that - there is no vast, right-wing, Christian filmmaking and Christian funding conspiracy in Hollywood.
                          THere are about three conservatives in Hollywood (Gibson, Schwarzenegger, Charlton Heston and The Growing Pains kid) and otherwise it is 99.9% left coast, liberals running the show... by the way, the majority of the studios were started and "funded" by Jews (Goldwyn and Mayer are not Italian names, for instance)...


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                            Very good getagrip!!!! haha th

                            Very good getagrip!!!! haha the growing pains kid-ahhh yes Kirk Cameron


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                              I was just kidding. Touchy, t

                              I was just kidding. Touchy, touchy.