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  • Marty Rathburn Blown

    “If the blown Marty Rathburn surfaces somewhere before Scientology drives him insane and to his death though reverse auditing on the RPF or through covert operations Factnet and Lawrence Wollersheim will assist him.

    A Rathburn abuse payoff by Scientology is truly worth at lease 100 million to him. Factnet has the attorneys and support people, hiding places etc to help him get it and/or the government support he may need if Scientology goes or the edge on this.

    Please put the word out if Marty is truly blown.

    Lawrence Wollersheim


    Director for Factnet

    Keep speaking the true harms of scientology IMHO Tommy Gorman
    This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.