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  • Where to Send Your Condolences

    To send condolences to Gary Genazzio and John Morris's families, write to:

    Gary's mother

    Ms. Amy Brandt
    4000 South El Camino Real, Apt. 241
    San Mateo, CA 94403

    John's parents

    Hal and Barbara Morris
    68 Del Mesa
    Carmel, CA 93923


    • Not a Good Word

      Although nothing about John or Gary has appeared on any LaRouche website, at least as of yesterday, a cold, dissociated, autistic notice did appear in the morning briefing two days after they died--that is, the briefing of Wednesday June 18.

      There was no mention in the lead of the briefing (written, as always, by Jeff Steinberg)--an outrageous omission.

      The announcement of the deaths appeared right after the lead, and was written by chief Detroit honcho Bob Bowen (initials RSB). It read in full:


      I regret to have to inform the membership of the ICLC and its affiliates that Monday evening, June 16, John Morris and Gary Genazzio, both long time members of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, were killed in an accident on I-94 en route from Chicago to Detroit. Both John and Gary's families have been informed, and service arrangements will be announced as soon as they are known. Authorities are continuing their investigation and details will be made available as soon as possible. Please see the Operations Bulletin for addresses to send cards and condolences. [rsb]

      In the Ops Bulletin appeared the addresses which I have posted above.

      The powerful sense of dutiful indifference pervading the above paragraph is physically sickening. Thirty-five years in the Labor Committee and this is what Gary gets?

      No mention of either man's work, their friends, their achievements, their personalities. Not even their ages are given. The local press coverage in Albion, MI was more human.

      But now, no doubt, after all we ex-LaRouche/anti-LaRouche-ists have raised such a fuss, someone will decide it's politic to run obituaries. Maybe Nancy can write them. With the advent of "LYM Editorial" maybe she doesn't have much else to do these days, and we all know from Ken's obituary last year how readily Nancy writes bilge to fit the requirements.

      In closing, I just want to add: God bless Gary and John, and their families.


      • What LaRouche critics who were not LaRouche-organization members do not understand is that all of these dead were heroes. What they actually did was to help perpetrate the crimes and fraud of a very small "man", a "man" of no gratitude, a "man" with no human decency. But in their minds, they were contributing to human progress, yes, to truth, justice, and beauty. Perhaps that's the tragedy of all cult members, regardless of the cult: the gulf between what the members believe they are doing and what they in fact are both doing and blind to doing.

        I for one am so grateful to this message board and all its contributors for allowing me to see what it was I was really doing, as opposed to what I thought I was doing in "fighting for human progress": all I was actually doing was "fighting to cater to the ego, whim, insanity, and other needs of a very small 'man' and his harlot consort."


        • They Were Heroes.

          Originally posted by candor View Post
          What LaRouche critics who were not LaRouche-organization members do not understand is that all of these dead were heroes. What they actually did was to help perpetrate the crimes and fraud of a very small "man", a "man" of no gratitude, a "man" with no human decency. But in their minds, they were contributing to human progress, yes, to truth, justice, and beauty.

          They were heroes and they did contibute to truth, justice, and beauty, and not just in their own minds. Knowing each of them enriched my life. I am a better person for having had Gary Genazzio and John Morris as friends, and there are many others who can say the same.


          • Originally posted by candor View Post
            What they actually did was to help perpetrate the crimes and fraud of a very small "man", a "man" of no gratitude, a "man" with no human decency. But in their minds, they were contributing to human progress, yes, to truth, justice, and beauty. Perhaps that's the tragedy of all cult members, regardless of the cult: the gulf between what the members believe they are doing and what they in fact are both doing and blind to doing.

            I for one am so grateful to this message board and all its contributors for allowing me to see what it was I was really doing, as opposed to what I thought I was doing in "fighting for human progress": all I was actually doing was "fighting to cater to the ego, whim, insanity, and other needs of a very small 'man' and his harlot consort."

            How true, how true. Many of us were part of this whole lunacy for years and in one way or another contributed to it. I always feel a lot better finding out as time passes about how many people I know whom have left and restarted their lives. For those in, I may mention them here, but always hope that they eventually leave. The sadness is over people you know who should have left and will not be leaving except by a pine box like Genazzio and Morris.

            You can leave the LC and find out that many of the people you knew were very good people. The waste of spending decades and decades in service to a cult of personaity is what is troubling. People I know who have left recently I welcome with open arms. There are however, a supply of LaroucheTrash who were part and parcel of carrying on the lies and filth whom it will be pretty hard to look at without spitting on the ground. The pain is seeing just how many talented people were denied the ability to enjoy everything life has to offer. The cult limits what you can do and will serioulsy effect your ability to make correct choices in many aspects of life. You don't figure thisd out to easy until you leave and catch up with life.

            To me it is like yesterday the posters we used to throw up on billboards with wheat paste from a bucket with the picture of Lyn and the caption:

            "Die for Rockefeller or take power with the USLP"

            Today we might as well make up some posters, get a bucket of wheat paste and throw up some posters in LaroucheTown which say:

            "Die for Larouche and have no power"

            Never in my early years would I have imagined one death ever another with a cold blooded cult led by a madman where the only product is chewed up bodies, bankrupt people, looted members, scammed vendors, endless lunacy , prison sentences, dead student supporters, suicides and outright thievery of the elderly and supporters.

            I can take a guess of a dollar figure of over 250 million spent by Lyn to persue his delusions. I can not in any realistic way calculate the full dollar amount of just how much damages and destruction the cult has heaped upon the world.

            Try your hardest to find a sentence in the cult about the suicide of Steve Parsons several years ago. He ended it with a shotgun blast to the head in CT according to a few sources. Dr John G passed away at the very early age of 66, gave tons of money to us, blew many years of his life with us, lost his ability to practice medicine after meeting us , was Lyn's medical MD and it all ends with Lyn's stunt madman double Tony Papert showing up at the funeral. Who knows if he would have shown up if the driving distance was more than a tank of gas away.

            Marriana Wertz gets a few pages because she furthered this whole criminal cult by taking care of Amelia and doing PR for this insanity. She kept her mouth shut being married to the personal kapo of Lyn , Will Wertz who ran the fundraising scams. The two of them enjoyed life on the Ibykus farm and were mentally lightyears away from the harm which was being done to members and supporters. She lived in a F'ing fairy tale world where she was stopping the New Dark Ages and translating poetry while hundreds of the eldery, the same age as Amelia were breaking down and crying to their kids about how their entire life savings were taken by the cult in our promissory note scams. She visited poor Will who had to be Lyn's bitch in jail for a while and in all probablitiy, never gave one iota over the 30 million or so dollars stolen from the now Will Wertz created poor.

            The cult has wonderful pictures of them on Mountain Tops in Europe, laughing and giggling at the views, so far away from the miserable lives of members who are getting 5 stinkin bucks a day to live on. Go on and play your violin you dead skeevosa. Anyone wish to take a guess at how many unlucky members were badgered to sell THEIR instruments to be used for matching fund contributions for Lyn's campaign?

            Maybe Will Wertz can carry on her tradition and read word for word to Amelia how Lyn is a great friend of minorities and is looking forward to potential first African American president via his LYM address about Obama a few months ago. He can further use his German translation knowledge and provide Amelia a few choice tidbits of what Helga's German bodyguards have to say about Blacks among themselves.

            The whole cult is an obscenity and the way the deaths of members in the lC is handled is just an extension of seeing members have to interact in the real world. In the Bizarro world of Larouche, all of the madness and axiomatic drivel makes sense. You can communicate among each other and high five over those one dollar bills you get at the card table shrines.

            For some mysterious reason last night, I was reading a few pages from text paperback I found in my teenage son's backpack , preparing to store it for the summer. After a few pages of chapter on the history of philosophy I came across this quote from Voltaire:

            "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

            Yep, Voltaire knew Lyn and the cult many years before Lyn knew Voltaire.

            Last edited by xlcr4life; 06-25-2008, 04:33 PM.


            • Members and critics

              Originally posted by candor View Post
              What LaRouche critics who were not LaRouche-organization members do not understand is that all of these dead were heroes. What they actually did was to help perpetrate the crimes and fraud of a very small "man", a "man" of no gratitude, a "man" with no human decency. But in their minds, they were contributing to human progress, yes, to truth, justice, and beauty. Perhaps that's the tragedy of all cult members, regardless of the cult: the gulf between what the members believe they are doing and what they in fact are both doing and blind to doing.
              Having never been a member/supporter, or even on the periphery, as I noted in my first posting, I feel confident in saying that not all LaRouche critics are blind to the virtues of people in the organisation. While polemical settings do make it virtually impossible to empathise with one's opponents (not helped by LaRouche's sub-Leninist tendency to always go over the top in vitriol and abuse), from time to time people let their guard down - their 'public face' (so necessary for enthusiastic activists of all kinds), and a sensitive critic needs to be aware of this.

              So yes, I can be comfortable with the idea that these guys had heroic qualities, as long as we recognise how flawed heroes often are. (Given the thankless workloads that many in the organisation have shouldered over the decades, it would be crass to think otherwise.) I know - even without knowing individuals - that there are many decent people still in the organisation. I also know that some of them are likely to have the same sorts of doubts and discomforts that propelled other people out of the group over the years.

              And yet sadly their loyalty to Lyn prevents them from seeing the emptiness of a community that can't even be bothered tracking down its dead members' birth years (even the miserable Sparts dedicate a couple of page or more to their departed), and what that implies about their own capacity to genuinely love and honor each other. Some non-LaRouchites may well have difficulties recognising the heroic qualities of their opponents. But I suspect many LaRouchites are incapable of recognising the heroic qualities and sacrifices of their own comrades and friends, and that is heartbreaking.


              • Gary Genazzio

                I never knew John Morris, but I knew Gary Genazzio fairly, though not very, well. He joined the LC, as someone here mentioned, in 1973-74 in New York, where he'd been involved with a small leftist group -- not unusual for that time and place. I can't say I know the whole narrative of his whereabouts and doings over the years, but he certainly lived and worked in Pittsburgh in 1974-75, very shortly after he departed New York, and, subsequently, in one or more other cities in the Midwest, including Detroit in the end. Others mentioned that he was in New York for a while in the late 70s and maybe thereafter.

                The comments of others here are completely on target, both in terms of the high ideals he thought he was advancing and the selfless dedication he showed overy many, many years of hard and thankless work. I don't have any way of knowing what misgivings, reservations, second thoughts, disagreements or anything else Gary might have had about the organization. He was a sweet guy and could be mildly gregarious, but he was also somewhat taciturn, or at least guarded about his thoughts. I think it's absolutely fair to infer that he saw his work in the LC, as the rest of us saw it at one time (though maybe less and less so as time went on), as a meaningful and measurable contribution to its professed ideals, which we'd periodically strain to remember, maybe to deflect attention from the absurdity of many of its rantings, its low-down conduct (which after a while can't be dismissed as minor aberrations), and its overall destructive and self-destructive tendencies.

                The fact that he may have been misguided is a separate question from his good intentions, which count for a lot and can never be entirely erased by other factors. It's a tragedy that so many good intentions and Herculean labors, like Gary's, were in the end so poorly spent.


                • You will notice that The Schiller Institute "Heroes Page" link is now dead. They have deleted it.

                  The google cache is still there, though that should disappear fairly shortly.


                  • Originally posted by howie View Post
                    You will notice that The Schiller Institute "Heroes Page" link is now dead. They have deleted it.

                    The google cache is still there, though that should disappear fairly shortly.
                    Can someone get and save the google cache? It just shows you that not even the cult reads what it writes as that was up there for a decade. But, maybe it was up there because the cult reads what it writes, so confusing.

                    How will the world be able to send money to Helga for the Michael Gelber Memorial fundraising campaign?

                    I have about a 100Kb of various LYM and LYMette hard work the last month to post very soon.

                    We also have to take a look at Webster Tarpley's book on Obama. He handed over a good chunk of the proceeds of his mother's estate to Lyn in the 1980s. Lyn later called him a "Uriah Heep". Being a boomer, I thought Lyn was insulting Webster by calling him a washed up British rock band at first.Webster and Chaitkin go way back and you can smell Larouchemania in just about everythng Webster writes. At first glance, I thought I was reading copy/ pastes of old USLP pamphlets .

                    Last edited by xlcr4life; 08-12-2009, 03:20 PM.


                    • link

                      Originally posted by howie View Post
                      You will notice that The Schiller Institute "Heroes Page" link is now dead. They have deleted it.

                      The google cache is still there, though that should disappear fairly shortly.
                      it is still at


                      • Not any more

                        Originally posted by shadok View Post
                        It's certainly gone now.

                        This isn't necessarily a bad thing. If they've taken it down to fix the appalling gaps and update the bios, then it indicates that someone in charge has some small sense of decency.

                        And if they've taken it down for it never to return, it indicates the utter contempt they have for their membership, past and present, and will forever act as a warning to current members of how easily they will be forgotten.

                        We'll know soon enough.


                        • Why Wertz went to prison and why people die for Lyn

                          Originally posted by eaglebeak View Post
                          TO: ALL POINTS BY: WILLIAM F. WERTZ/SSU
                          Morning Briefing
                          Wednesday, May 14, 2008
                          LYN: THE GREATEST THING IS
                          TO CREATE GENIUS IN ONE’S OWN IMAGE

                          The meeting last night between Lyn and the LYM and the NEC was taped. The tape will be posted and a transcript will be made on Wednesday. What follows is a summary report on the meeting pending the availability of the transcript.

                          Lyn emphasized the changes he has initiated in order to create the conditions under which the generation of young people ages 24-35 can begin to take on responsibility for the organization as a whole. In principle, he said, he no longer will he (sic) accept briefings from Boomers on what the youth are doing. The “cattle car” way in which young people are moved around has been degrading and destructive, and will end. [Fiddlesticks. The “cattle car” approach is as old as the organization, was implemented with a vengeance in the ’70s, destroyed countless marriages, burned out countless organizers, and was entirely sanctioned by Lyn. To blame the Boomers for doing this to the youth can mean only one thing: Watch out, Barbara Boyd!] Changes are being initiated which are an augury of what is to come.
                          This great slug appeared over a month ago. Since Lyn shared a cell (more like Lyn ran the prison cell then shared) with Will Wertz, let us see what the results are after :

                          -250 million dollars is spent by Lyn to amke himself the genius the world awaited.

                          -a few years in prsion by Will Wertz and many other LCers.

                          - 4 decades of organising daily and distributing millions of pounds of paper and millions of dollars of TV media .

                          -At least 8 hard working, poverty filled years and dropping out of college by LYM and LYMettes.

                          The past few weeks have yielded quite a few blog comments and here is a pretty good selection for the nightly Larouche Victory dance party.

                          What happens when you ask strangers if Lyn is democrat?


                          Has anyone here heard of this Lyndon Larouche guy? He claims to be part of the democratic party, but I have no idea who he is...

                          My friend sent me this link about him and it doesn't seem like he is part of the democrats... Does anyone know anything? I have also seen a bunch of people quote him on the daily kos... help please
                          Sam I am | Homepage | 06.20.08 - 9:08 pm | #

                          Lyndon LaRouche is a nutcase--stay awy from him. Vote Democratic.
                          Missouri BIrd | 06.20.08 - 9:09 pm | #

                          Has anyone here heard of this Lyndon Larouche guy? He claims to be part of the democratic party, but I have no idea who he is...

                          He's a f*ckloon.

                          He owes me a phone. I broke a perfectly good 'un hanging up on one of his cult followers, back in the day.
                          hillbilly ragger | Homepage | 06.20.08 - 9:10 pm | #

                          Larouche is the more severely mentally ill cousin of Perot's crazy aunt in the basement.
                          JeffCO | 06.20.08 - 9:11 pm | #

                          LaRouche is a major loon.

                          Avoid like you would avoid a Republican.
                          Terry C, Obama/Clinton 08 | Homepage | 06.20.08 - 9:16 pm | #

                          LaRouche used to sell heroin to Queen Elizabeth I believe. He also is a tool.
                          trifecta | Homepage | 06.20.08 - 9:18 pm | #


                          Has anyone here heard of this Lyndon Larouche guy?

                          Guy's run for President more times than George Romney. Has the same kind of appeal as a Ralph Nader combined with Norman Bates, which appeals to a certain portion of the population.
                          edub | 06.20.08 - 9:18 pm | #

                          Guy's run for President more times than George Romney. Has the same kind of appeal as a Ralph Nader combined with Norman Bates, which appeals to a certain portion of the population.

                          And, like the Moonies and the True Father, his followers are even more bat**** than he is.
                          montag | Homepage | 06.20.08 - 9:19 pm | #


                          My farmer uncle from Idaho was into Larouche at one point. Love my uncle dearly, but he's a little crazy in the head when it comes to politics. At least he hates Bush.
                          edub | 06.20.08 - 9:21 pm | #

                          George Romney II | 06.20.08 - 9:22 pm | #

                          For old times sake I had to include Lyn vs Gamers. Great comments here.


                          This one has 69 pages of comments including banter between the LYM and gamers. You will see why the order came down to not participate in any forums by the cult to LYM and LYMettes.


                          This is from a gamer who offered Lyn and the LYM space to debate videogames. You can see after reading what happened in 2007 why no Lyn, LYM or LYMette bothers to show up unless it is a controlled webcast with a few sycophants in the room.



                          This guy shares his lunch time adventures


                          "The double-edged sword portion of this comes when someone tries to inform me. Be it Lyndon LaRouche supporters trying to convince me of irrational economics with Fibonacci spirals or"

                          Lyn has a certain moniker which seems to stick with him for life


                          Sunday, June 22, 2008

                          Lyndon LaRouche is a Bigger Douchebag than I Thought

                          I had dismissed LaRouche, early in my teenage years, as an economist with political ambitions that go beyond what he is actually capable of and serious desire to monopolize the minds of youth.

                          Clearly, he is a little more than that.

                          I have talked to many members of the LaRouche movement, which is adequately hammered in Berkeley as the crackpot organization it most certainly is. The members of the LaRouche movement that I have talked to have found me (in their own words) "unswayable" and "well informed," which has made me happy, but also given me the illusion that they are informed themselves.

                          The more I read, the more apparent it becomes that they are, as the piece puts it, "rank-and-file automatons." While I am not personally afraid of this organization, it is clear that many a re, and that their reasoning is, rather unfortunately, based realistically.

                          While normally I would not harp on an individual so certainly protected by the first amendment, the failure of this organization to act as a reasonable body, and some of my more recent interactions with older LaRouche-ites, has infuriated me, and while I am not going to attack their first amendment rights, I have to say that I dissent from their opinions and resent the loathable nature of the organization so built on blindly following an old white guy.

                          Posted by Joshua Stein at 11:18 PM
                          Labels: Bat**** Craziness
                          atrioss said...
                          Thanks for the comment. Your post was insightful.

                          Keep checking back, we post more information daily.


                          June 23, 2008 12:56 AM
                          Lpac said...
                          Did you ever read what Larouche said to his youth movement about Obama a few months ago?

                          "Now, I saw that in Germany: in Hitler Germany. It's exactly that. There's no distinction between the mechanism of the Obama movement and the Hitler movement--none! Because the essential thing is not the particular prejudices you have. What functions is the way you think. In a human being, it's the way you think that's important, it's not necessarily what you think. Because it's the way you think that will lead you, ultimately to what you will think. And the Obama movement is a fascist movement--by any historical standard. And you get an intimidation of people, who respond to what? They respond to a sense that there's nobody in society, in political power, who's doing a goddamned thing, about saving this nation, and its people. So people say, "You've got to go along, to get along. Don't try to change the rules, adapt to them." Go with the majority popular opinion, even if it's stupid. I mean: Obama is a racist. I mean, with an African father--he wasn't much of an African father, but was an African father of Kenya. He was part of a British operation, which took over Kenya, through MI5's operation. But this guy was away from Kenya, and he married a Margaret Mead type, a woman who had a number of successive husbands, like Margaret Mead did. Went out to the poor, brown people, in Asia, and had sex with them! It was called "Coming in Samoa." [groans, laughter] And she wore through a number of successive husbands, and by them, had various children. And therefore, you'll find Obama's ancestry, if you chase his family tree, everybody's climbing and swinging from the branches there--from all over the world! All parts of the world! This guy is the universal man. Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him. And he works for organized crime--which is a branch of British intelligence.

                          So why are people sucked into this thing? And what's wrong with the way we react to this phenomenon, as it affects the population in general? It's not just Obama. Obama is a disease, but he's not the infectious agent that caused the disease. He's a product of the disease, not a cause of it"

                          This is from


                          and straight from the Larouche internal memos for the cult.

                          June 23, 2008 10:38 AM
                          atrioss said...
                          I just posted an entry on a book written about Barack Obama, written by a Larouche affiliate, that has been selling frighteningly well on



                          June 23, 2008 11:05 AM

                          Conspiracy sites make fun of Lyn.


                          Eat your heart out lyndon larouche the trilateral commission is so 1970s it's really "the fellowship" that's really running the world according to rel
                          "Eat your heart out lyndon larouche the trilateral commission is so 1970s it's really "the fellowship" that's really running the world according to religion professor jeff sharlet"

                          If you wish to call someone unstable, phony, crazy and a bunch of other negatives, you describe them as Larouche like


                          The trouble is Ahmedinejad is on record as wanting to destroy Israel, and while he probably has the credibility of Lyndon LaRouche, he's reflecting Iran's hard right contingent, methinks.

                          Our former Mid East desk NC Bob Dreyfuss and Jeff contact makes the blogs




                          The attempted takeover of the Cyronics community heats up



                          Wednesday, June 18, 2008
                          Rick Potvin (Bon/Philossifur) Cryonics Bashing Abounds Today - Profit Motive
                          Potvin is always preaching to cryonicists to "do Google blogsearch on Cryonics" and today's pops up three pieces of drivel from him, on as many blogs. We wonder how he finds the time to do all this, and also play the piano. And go to work, or has he lost his job and gone fulltime promoting LaRouche? That might be a good idea, then the children he tutors on piano will be less likely to be recruited for the cultish LaRouche Youth Movement.

                          We are beginning to suspect that Potvin's real motive for all this tainting of cryonics' image with political cultism, is an attempt to start an organization with himself at the top raking in all the money. He says he already has DVDs for you. What a rip. One identifier of a person with such motives is that he tries to tell us all what to do, rather than politely present his point of view and then let us decide for ourselves. "Why cryonics must adopt Larouche's plans" is the subject of one of his articles . Must? We don't "Must" have to do anything, Rick. And "cryonics" is not an intelligent entity that must or even can do anything on its own. That article is simply more twisting, bashing, maligning and defaming of the subject of cryonics.

                          And why would any cryonicist adopt anything from LaRouche, a convicted felon who does not himself even support or care about cryonics?

                          We think Rick Potvin sees all the money that LaRouche gets for his "EIR" periodical subscription, in the high three figures annually the last we looked, and if he manages to wash the minds of enough supporters, start charging his own fees for his rabid publications containing not only BS but rampant misspellings of common words and even of the word "LaRouche". Happily, reason abounds elsewhere in the cryonics world, and thus far not a single soul has been snared by Potvin's political evangelism.

                          If you got to any of Potvin's posts by mistake, looking for information about cryonics, we recommend the links in the sidebar to the right of this post. They are written by people of sound and objective mind.

                          More Information on Rick Potvin:

                          Posted by Cryonics Anti-Defamation Committee at 11:10 AM
                          Labels: cryonics, rick potvin

                          The LYN and LYMettes are to view Lyn as the greatest scientist in their life time according to one briefing we posted here. Go outside of LaroucheTown and the words are different.


                          "The noted pro-nuclear nutcase Lyndon LaRouche received much of his campaign contributions from universities. "

                          Jeff Steinberg has a bright future in aliens, conspiracies, false prophets and anything else Homer Simpson warned us about.



                          Disinformation by cults? Ickes was blasted by Jef Steinberg for taking EIR material and using it for his own material, Ickes runs a far better operation in terms of attendence at his meetings.


                          "If we think that all Conspiracy Theorists are people like David Icke, Ian Wishart and Lyndon LaRouche then are we not guilty of the same inference to any old (psychological) explanation?"

                          Tremendous impact at the DMV. What is spooky is how when you expand the posts you can read about how Scientology and Larouche seem awfully close by one writer.


                          "While I was at the county office I passed a table loaded with LaRouche
                          (however it's spelt) information. It was outside the building and under the
                          overhang; and the woman told me he wanted to get the price of oil down to
                          GWB's IQ. Well, that's about 145, and said I'll go for that. I asked her
                          if she was a Libertarian, but she would not admit she was. She wanted a
                          donation, but I said no. "

                          Whar happens when you bring Larouche in as an expert witness?



                          "That article was written by LaRouche Publications, which is run by
                          Lyndon LaRouche, a crazy wacko who has no grasp of reality. Therefore
                          your information source has zero credibility with anybody other than
                          Lyndon LaRouche followers and crazy conspiracy theorists."


                          "Who care what the tax evading lunatic says?"

                          The cult does it big in Texas at the Dem convention. The big LYM candidate has no name, just "Larouche woman.


                          "Layered on top of all of this, there are latent (though not organized) feelings that are leftover from the 2006 TDP Chair race between Boyd Richie, Glen Maxey, and Charlie Urbina Jones (and that LaRouche woman). But because so many of the delegates are brand new this year, their mood pretty much overrides everything else."


                          "We all jammed the sidewalks, sweltering in the heat and rubbing elbows with the omnipresent Ron Paul and Lyndon LaRouche followers passing out flyers emblazoned with their preferred candidate’s favorite brand of paranoia."

                          "During Sen. Watson’s address Friday night, Capitol Annex must have been taking a bathroom break. No, seriously…we never could find the bathrooms in the convention center (as one of my fellow bloggers said about the Austin Convention Center, “function in no way inhibits form”) and every time we tried, someone tried to hand us buckets of LaRouche material and, frankly, scared us."

                          Lyn sure has earned his life long legacy, even in obscure mentions


                          Crazy Ass Wingnut™²³®© said,

                          June 14, 2008 at 21:29

                          Dragon-King Wangchuck said,

                          June 14, 2008 at 21:04

                          Would someone please explain what any of this has to do with Lyndon LaRouche.

                          Everybody knows Lyndon LaRouche is a crazy ass!

                          If the topic is doing dirty tricks against Obama, Lyn's name is coming up. I would take a close look at Webster Tarpley's book about Obama myself though. Reads like an EIR/Chaitkin production.


                          "This has been percolating for quite some time with some of the seamier sites on the internet and I strongly suspect the involvement of extreme leftwing crank Lyndon LaRouche whose strong support of a Clinton restoration as well as his loathing of Obama is evident."

                          What does Lyn get called after sending countless LYM and LYMettes to hand out crap they can't sell anymore in DC?


                          Thursday, June 12, 2008
                          The British are coming! The British are coming!

                          Lyndon LaRouche, that nut-job seven-time candidate for the Democratic nomination for President who believed the CIA and KGB jointly trained a Manchurian candidate to kill him in 1974, was nowhere to be seen during the 2008 primaries. I can’t recall his name coming up even once during my New Hampshire travels. Yet just when you thought it was safe to go in the water again…

                          Attractive you members of the LaRouche movement were outside the Union Station Metro this morning, right alongside the man who insists Obama is a cannibal and the omni-present "Conservative?" fellow with the convention hat and Willy Wonka golden tickets. They were passing out some slick looking magazine to passing Senate staffers and lobbyists, and quite a number of folks took one. I didn’t know who these well-dressesd magazine peddlers were and might have taken a copy myself until I overheard someone behind me say to them, "Hey hey! Yeah! LaRouche! Go LaRouch! Haha!" They asked this guy which Senator he and his friends worked for, and they replied, “We’re all with Mikulski.”

                          “Ah, Mikulski,” said the LaRouchie. “Which state is that now?” There’s tip number one – don’t try to talk to Senate staffers about politics if you live in Northern VA yet don’t know the who’s who of DC. The Mikulski staffers were bewildered to say the least, but told the LaRouchie they were from Maryland. He started going off about some alleged scandal in Maryland, but the walk signal mercilessly changed, allowing us to escape that LaRouchie…

                          …right into the clutches of three more across the street. They were the most aggressive yet. One stuck her magazine right in my face, and I couldn’t help it, I yelled in my best British accent, “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” and kept moving.

                          Then, two blocks later, no joke, a bird flew into the back of my head.
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                          Lyn is now slowly fading away and becoming an obscure footnote who will eventually be an answer on the Jeopardy TV quiz show


                          Having slipped beyond the walls of the establishment, Bob Barr resides now in its shadows, in a place known as the fringe, whose primary inhabitants are few and familiar, among them Ralph Nader and, long ago, Lyndon LaRouche

                          More encounters with a card table shrine. Unlike my era, these people in one day can research everything about the cult, post pictures on their web sites to be seen by more people than a card table shrine sees.



                          "The Leesburg, Virginia based LaRouche campaign has been trying to get on the ballot for years promising an energy-efficient monorail system across the world. I fell for their campaign one time, just one time, about two years ago, and had a 45-minute conversation with someone who honestly believed what he was saying, before I realized I was getting spun like a top.

                          Included in the LaRouche campaign’s literature this year is a flier, “Lady Gorgon Macbeth,” which I think talks about Hillary Clinton, or maybe Shakespeare.

                          Even in an unrelated sports blog, Lyn gets a plug, sort of.


                          "...and the big reason why I'm ****ed is this probably at least a little out-of-context clip I saw on The Daily Show. Look, I'm a freedom-loving guy; I don't care who you vote for (except those LaRouche *******s, of course) but for the love of all that's good and true about humanity come up with a better reason than this:"

                          Interesting thoughts about Lyn and Soros. Also, is "Sleeping toilet" are very own Steve R who used to post here?


                          urday, May 31, 2008

                          LaRouche promoting anti-Obama Soros conspiracy theory
                          The Lyndon LaRouche organization is promoting a byzantine conspiracy theory portraying George Soros as puppetmaster for Barack Obama (see excerpt and link below). He may be calculating that this theory will appeal to Republicans, giving his fringe views an air of legitimacy.

                          LaRouche has a history of success using similar tactics involving Soros-related conspiracy theories. In 2003, he and his minions charged Soros with profiting from an international drug cartel (read here and here). During the 2004 presidential campaign, that charge was actually repeated by mainstream Republicans such as then Speaker of the House Rep. Dennis Hastert (read here), David Horowitz (read here) and Accuracy in Media (read here).

                          LaRouche has a long history of recklessly charging political figures with drug dealing -- most famously Henry Kissinger (read here) and Queen Elizabeth (read here). Those accusations were laughed out of the market of public opinion, for obvious reasons, but the Soros accusations seem to find more receptive ears. For years, Republican organizations such as the National Legal Policy Center have promoted a world view featuring Soros as Satan (read here), a trope readily pi cked up by Fox News. (Googling 'Soros +"Fox News"' gets 465,000 hits. He's their favorite target, and no charge seems too wild for them if Soros is in the story.)

                          So LaRouche may be calculating that this will be another way for him to sneak the camel's nose of extremism under the Republican tent. The Republicans should take care if they let that nose in. Pretty soon, the whole camel could follow.

                          Here's the rough draft of the conspiracy theory, with the LaRouchian paranoia still intact. Watch for cleaned-up versions in the Republican rumor mills. Some of his charges actually originated in the Republican blogs and media outlets, so his views may resonate there.

                          from LaRouche Political Action Committee: "How Soros Financed Obama's Campaign"

                          In late 2006, George Soros, the British empire/Wall Street gatekeeper of the Left, vetted Senator Barack Obama's potential Presidential candidacy on behalf of financier oligarchs. Soros then introduced Obama to a selected financier group, and Obama soon afterwards announced he would seek the White House.

                          By the way, in January, LaRouche was absolutely certain that Obama was a stalking horse for a Bloomberg presidential bid (read here: 'Obama Will Get Chopped Down To Prepare Bloomberg Run'), a certainty which he now seems to have forgotten.

                          What does the daily Kos think of Lyn's support of Hillary? LYM and LYMettes, you can vote for Lyn!


                          "an attempt to disrupt the proceeding and foment internal strife by either Limbaugh inspired dittoheads or by LaRouche lobotomites."

                          What happens to all of those pamphlets the LYM and the LYMettes give away on college campuses ?


                          "Others, like so many LaRouche manifestos and a chipped shot-glass formal favor, never made it further than the hallway trash can."

                          Here we have someone who had close contact with someone who read whatever Larouche lit there was and reveiewed the cult.


                          Putting Yourself in a Trap for Fun and Diversion (Hello to the Son of the Widow’s Son, Wherever You Are)
                          May 26, 2008 by cadeveo

                          We worked together for one year in Japan at the same school. He lived in Hiyoshi, same as the tiny groupuscule from the Fellowship of Friends that I ran into during that year. He taught English, went to Temple University, and lived with a Japanese wife with whom he seemed to have a pretty happy, still-fresh marriage. I also thought he fit the bill as the doppelganger to a college friend I’d called The Captain. Difference was, The Captain was the son of a minister. The Son was the progeny of a Southern police chief and Freemason.

                          The Son of the Widow’s Son read tons of Graham Hancock, smoked cigarettes like he needed to personally deplete the world’s supply, enjoyed Kirin beer, and scoured the internet for all sorts of alternative news, which he’d dutifully print out and share with his Japanese students when he saw an opportunity. He also refused to use e-mail.

                          “It’s not secure. All of it is monitored,” he said.

                          At that point, I already had been introduced to the early (helmed by Richard Metzger) and knew about Project Echelon, Carnivore and the like. Yet, I felt that somehow, if you weren’t writing certain key words in your e-mails, you had nothing to worry about. Of course, now that it’s obvious that things have advanced far beyond Carnivore, what with several recent publications letting Main Core, out of the bag, there’s still nothing to worry about. If they know about you, they know about you. It’s a waste of ene rgy to worry or get paranoid about; that way leads to inaction and a crack-up that only the most skillful and the most lucky come out of for the better.

                          Still, I lost track of The Son of the Widow’s Son precisely because he did not use e-mail. At some point, after I left Japan, I either lost his number or it changed, I forget which. A letter I sent apparently was not addressed right and so, The Son of the Widow’s Son ceased to be anything more than a memory to me.

                          There are several things worth remembering about him, which informed quite a bit of what I got up to after I left that Japan year, filled with so many synchronicities, so many RAW’ish 23s, so many changes.

                          See, it was The Son of the Widow’s Son who told me about putting the salts in all the corners of my room when those ghosts were terrifying me something fierce in my room in rural Japan, a room that had been unoccupied since the death of my friend-landlord’s very beloved grandmother. For that I thank him greatly.

                          The Son of the Widow’s Son was also there, smoking and smiling fiercely, on my first journey through the reality of Terrence McKenna’s fungal friends, as we both were guided through thick woods, run-down walkways, past hidden kami shrines, and finally to the ocean on one foggy night seven years ago.

                          And The Son of the Widow’s Son is who told me about Lyndon LaRouche, that ol’ dark intelligence trickster and dictator of his own insular kingdom, what he’d been saying on the radio while the 9-11 went down. I’d just sat down in the sauna room of a remote onsen, flanked by two wrinkly Japanese men in towels. This is the moment when the surreality of the attacks appeared through the hot fog of the room on the Japanese TV, Japanese reporter screaming and running, never once letting go of her microphone as she barrelled down a lower Manhattan street with swarm of gaijin, attempting to escape from the gray clouds of Christine Todd-Whitman approved, non-toxic smoke, dust, gas and debris.

                          “This guy was saying it had to be an inside job, an element of the government involved because the military jets were not scrambled, they were told to stand down. He said it was an attempted coup.”

                          It’s interesting how that suspicion was first sowed by such a suspicious person as LaRouche so quickly. But a man no less suspicious, though considerably less powerful (thankfully) than the folks he has wished to be for the past forty plus years–the presidents, the presidential advisors, the movers and shakers of Washington. But being a spook, a shadow has its perks, too, I suppose.

                          I knew LaRouche as the crazy old codger who ran for president from prison one year, the guy whose followers plastered telephone polls with run-on-sentence-heavy leaflets praising and pleading for the ear of President Bill Clinton while decrying the evil villainy of…Al Gore. I knew him as the guy whose local representative, out of misplaced curiousity, I had called back in college, only to be talked at for the next two hours before the compulsion to take a nap got me off the phone. I also knew LaRouche as a former Trotskyist who’d done a Mussolini turn, moving from the extreme margins of the Left in the 60’s to the extreme margins of the Right by the 1970’s. And I had read that he had a private intelligence organization.

                          Hmmm…what does it mean when a sketchy guy with a private intelligence organization says that a nationally traumatic event is “an inside job” and a “coup” while its still happening? What might a guy like that know and what might he just be pretending to know? And how different is the stuff he really knows from what he’s saying?

                          Curiousity killed the cat and all that. Hearing The Son of the Widow’s Son tell me about this LaRouche guy’s proclamation about 9/11, most certainly affected my reaction upon seeing a bunch of LaRouchers with a table out in my New York neighborhood a month later when I returned to the States. I handed them a dollar, wrote down my number and name and waited to get invited to a meeting.

                          I wanted to know if I could separate the wheat from the chaff. If I could figure out what the LaRouche people were really up to; but if that was the only reason I dove into the world of the LaRouchers, I could have simply cut to the chase and read a few books. The other truth (and I’m sure it’s not the only one), though, is that more than anything, I wanted to see if I could put myself in a trap and then get out of it.

                          I learned quite a bit, I think, in the bargain, but I’m just as certain that I wasted a good many months distracted from more worthwhile pursuits, attracting crazy energies to me. I could have been Jeremy Duggan.

                          I hope one day to meet The Son of the Widow’s Son again. I’ve got so much to tell him. Just in case that never happens, maybe he’ll stumble across Waking the Midnight Sun and read this.

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                          One Response to “Putting Yourself in a Trap for Fun and Diversion (Hello to the Son of the Widow’s Son, Wherever You Are)”
                          on May 29, 2008 at 9:11 pm1 Marcos Arroyos
                          Hi Cadeveo:

                          I heard the interview you did on the Kentroversy Tapes podcast which led me to your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it. I have a special curiosity (perhaps depraved) in Lyndon LaRouche and his “movement.” I’m fascinated with small groups that get so isolated from the world that they begin to believe their own press releases (metaphorically speaking). So, do tell more about your LaRouche experience, please.

                          Here is an example of how Ron Paul ends up being compared to Lyn , via the supporters. The writer does not know that Fulani is part of the history of Lyn via the Fred Newman cult which was part of the LC until Newman started his own cult franchise.


                          This morning's NY Times had a not very interesting article on the Paultards, supporters of bizarre and offputting Republican presidential hopeful, Ron Paul. Apparently he's a big hit among a certain group of not terribly bright, right wing youths, much in the same way Lyndon Larouche appeals to left wing psychopaths, creeps, and losers. Out of curiosity and boredom, I once attempted to engage some Larouchies in active debate at the corner of 16th and Valencia. It was a fruitless pursuit, as I had a really difficult time following their paranoid, rambling, and totally illogical trains of thought. It dawned on me that short of running to the nearest headshop, purchasing, and smoking some salvia, I would be unable to connect with these people because unlike them, I'm not a highly functioning schizophrenic. Basically, our brains didn't exist on the same plane of reality. I've never suspected the Queen of England of profiting from cocaine sales to inner city Blacks. Have you?

                          Certain humans accuse those of us who support Barry as being mindless drone kool-aid drinkers, but they need to take a step back and behold the much bigger picture. Barry supporters are islands of calm and sanity compared to the nuts who support Paul and Larouche. Does Dr. Lenora Fulani have a similar cult? One wonders.

                          Australia has their own version of the cult called the CEC with the same reviews


                          I'm constantly getting spammed by this bunch of nut cases.
                          I've repeatedly asked them not to spam me but they ignore it.

                          This is part of them spam that I get which is identical to the
                          mindless drivel on their web site.

                          Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
                          Media Release 21st of May 2008

                          So there it is, a month or so of what one finds about the cult after decades of work and hundreds of millions of dollars. I would have had all of this up much sooner, but the recent deaths of Dr. John Grauerholz, Gary Genazzio and John Morris bumped everything.



                          • The Ugliest of Souls

                            I don't think the cult is updating the Fallen Heroes list, or fixing it. I think they took it down because those "whose job" it is to read this message board are trying, as always, to batten down the hatches against attacks and criticism.

                            An impossible task--and a degraded one. If they were any kind of people, they would fill out the bios of those who have died. But I'll bet you anything they don't.

                            Meanwhile, let me share with you something absolutely atrocious that appeared in last Sunday's briefing--six days after Gary and John died on the highway:

                            From the Morning Briefing, Sunday, June 22, 2008

                            Under the lead "Windy Hill Dialogues Saturday, June 21, 2008"

                            In the sixth paragraph, toward the end, Lyn says that without XYZ, "Civilization can not be saved. I admit, it's in tattered condition, but we still want to say that. It's like an old car, it's the only one you got; you got to repair it [laughter]. You guys know that! Sometimes you drive a car that already died! [laughter]"

                            Got it? Six days after two longtime members are killed because their car died? "You guys know that!" Laughter!

                            There is no stone of depravity that Lyn has not turned; there is no perversion, no evil, in which he does not, vicariously at least, participate.

                            The fact is, he's not just crazy, he's not just stupid, he's not just megalomaniacal, he is truly, truly wicked.

                            And the "laughter"? The hollow sound of propitiation from a claque of cretinous cowards.

                            There are no words strong enough to denounce this man and all his works.

                            Instead of cleaning up the Schiller Institute Fallen Heroes page, Barbara and Bruce and Jeff and Nancy and Rick and whoever else is minding the monster--why don't you clean up Lyn?


                            • Anonymous takes on La Rouche?

                              Is this the same Anonymous who is chasing the Scientologists?


                              You're talking obits. I noticed this one at the Schiller Institute site.


                              Re-writing history.


                              • "There is no stone of depravity that Lyn has not turned; there is no perversion, no evil, in which he does not, vicariously at least, participate.

                                The fact is, he's not just crazy, he's not just stupid, he's not just megalomaniacal, he is truly, truly wicked."

                                No truer words can be said about LaRouche. His life goal seems to be seeing how far he extend Freud's original definition of polymorphous perversity. Imagine if that sniveling coward had ever by some miracle become President of the United States ...