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Mario Murillo who is he and what do ya know about him

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  • Mario Murillo who is he and what do ya know about him

    Is there anyone who knows about this fella Mario Murillo an what type of ministry he does?

    What is his most current relations with Mr. C?

    Did he get back togther with his wife after all this came down?

    God Bless Y'all and Keep His love at the top.

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    This is not what Christ stands

    This is not what Christ stands for.


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      Ms. Faith,

      Can you explain

      Ms. Faith,

      Can you explain what you mean? What is the answer the question if ya would please stop bein' hostile and accusatory.

      Thanks Darlin'.


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        Read my last comment from the

        Read my last comment from the other post. You are just evil with what you plot. And how anyone would want to join in with you is beyond even what I can fathom.


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          Why'd you run, Bob? Can&#

          Why'd you run, Bob? Can't handle the truth? Want to stay away from it? That sounds about like it.


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            Run??? Honey Dew, I ain't

            Run??? Honey Dew, I ain't runnin'. I jest ate some California Pizza Kitchen Margherita pizza is all. An I was checking out some info on other sites about this Mr. C an the actress Patricia.

            Handle truth? Thats what you ain't willing to do or I should say y'all are tryin' to handle it instead of lookin' it straight in the face of humbleness an truthfulness.

            I ain't never seen people so justifyn' of someone's wrong doin to the point of hate, besides ole Hillary before she knew she was lied to.

            Why are ya bashin' me? Are ya like the enforcers of the town an want to meet me at the Town Square for a Showdown. I feel like ya want to kill someone or something, calm down an stop slinging the term evil around like ya own it.

            I ain't runnin' darlin', an I ain't hatin' like y'all neither.

            Ken I finish my pizza now?

            God Love Ya an Cleanse Ya.


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              Hey There,

              No one will fil

              Hey There,

              No one will fill me in? I hear all kinds o things an thought one of y'all would have facts on fact net? I checked the man's web an all it is, is under construction?????? Mario Murillo is a friend now of the man who stole his wife?

              Does that bug ya? It is hard to understand even if ya put Jesus name in it. Sure Sure Sure, ya have to, ya gotta forgive, but it ain't right to act like real things ain't real.

              Don't know why this girl has it in for me. I ain't evil, but her hate is.

              So I say, love an understandin' to you an the Spirit of our Lord fall upon ya. Mean it.

              Good Night


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                Bob O -

                I'll give you t

                Bob O -

                I'll give you the Readers Digest version -
                Mario and Carman were friends many (10-15) years ago. Mario gets married. Marios wife says shes in love w/ another man & leaves Mario.
                Wife goes to Carman and says Mario beat her, cheated on her, etc. She gets a divorce & Carman marries her.
                She starts to mess around on Carman too. Carman hires private investigator to follow Mario and se if allegations of abuse and fornication are true. Investigator tells Carman that MArio is a "g" rated guy and if he keeps following him, he (the investigator) feels that God is going to kill him.
                Carman and wife get an annulment. Carman and Mario reconcile.
                Thats it so far.



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                  Thanks much brother. I


                  Thanks much brother. I don't know what to believe bout all this. I still think it is not the best thing to have a get together on the TBN shows with these two fellas cause of the sleepin with the same woman, an public exampling an such the like.

                  Every time I pray, I get a sense that Mr. C was reaping somethings. Now I don't want to be pursuaded against him by posters who think he ain't saved, but I ken't get away from a sense in the Holy Ghost that he touched someone anointed by God an then went thru at least a taste of what he did somehow.

                  Only God knows it all.

                  Have you seen the controllin', manipulatin', dependent on his momma man that so many are sayin'? If yer afread to be honest cause I guess, people say he's a suer ( not right in my Bible) I guess ya ken't answer.

                  But hey thanks a mill bro. I would like to know what kind of ministry that Mario Murillo has accomplished an if he is bigger minister or a musician. I ken't find much about him an his web site is under construction.

                  When you said that the investigator felt like God was goin to kill him that feels like a signal to Mr. C about someone in his past. Now, I know that seems a might fishy, but it is how it feels when I pray.

                  See, it looks a bit to me like God is speakin' or dealin' concernin' him on the web. There are some folks that are plainly hurt, mad an hateful an others who are blind in love or somethin'. But I had to ask myself, why is this an what things are being said comin out. It ain't all the Devil.

                  Still figurin', still prayin',

                  God Bless and Give you Joy in your Journey.



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                    It was my understandin


                    It was my understanding that Carman was not able to get an annulment and had to get a divorce.

                    God Bless,


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                      For Wanda,

                      Tribute to a fr

                      For Wanda,

                      Tribute to a friend and true Child of the King

                      Hey kid.

                      Wow. If you could hear me now, what would I say?

                      Well, my first thought is, You should have seen your funeral.

                      Strange thought, but true.

                      There were over 400 people there!

                      They didn’t call it a “funeral”.

                      It was a “memorial service.

                      And, You deserve to be remembered.

                      You were a real woman of God

                      Not many women could ever measure up to you.

                      How many times did I ask you, “Where do you get your energy?”




                      You were the healthiest person any of us ever knew.

                      How many times did you get onto each and every person you knew? “You need to eat better.” “You need to excursive more!” “Take care of yourself.” “Your body is the temple of God!”

                      Guess breast cancer doesn’t care how healthy a person is.


                      What can I write as a tribute to you, dear friend?

                      Is there anything that was not said at your memorial service?

                      Oh, you should have seen it!

                      There were over 400 people there!

                      All ages, all walks of life.

                      One of your co-workers stood to tell that you were the reason she was able to get off of drugs.

                      She said, “Sometimes all you need is just one person to believe in you, and Wanda was my one person.”

                      John stood to say that, “WANDA LOVED OU FOOTBALL!!”

                      Bless his heart!

                      He said, “she came over to watch the games with me, because I have a big TV and my house is quiet, so we could watch the game with out anything interrupting it.”

                      “SHE REALLY LOVED OU!”

                      Then, his voice quieted, “Wanda was a good friend of mine.”

                      Big John. Bless his heart.

                      I wonder if I’m the only one who knows that you hated football?

                      Bet there are a couple of others.

                      But don’t worry, we wont tell him.

                      John will be OK. His cancer is in remission. We’ll watch after him for you.

                      I wanted to stand and tell everyone about the time you insisted on babysitting our newborn twins!

                      But, I just couldn’t.

                      Or the goofy things you would think up for Sunday school parties and gag gifts.

                      Mike sang, “God Still Loves the World.”

                      He had a hard time, but he did it for you, and for Melinda and Rob.

                      Micki sang.

                      She couldn’t talk, really, but she sang so beautifully, for you.

                      DJ, beautiful, sweet DJ, stood to say, “For a woman who hated cooking, she sure had us over for lunch a lot!”

                      She told of all that you did for the College and Career group, and how you always hosted parties and sleepovers for the girls, and how you were always there for them.

                      That was a repetitive theme.

                      “Whatever the need, Wanda was always there.”

                      So many people talked about all of the times you opened your house to someone who needed a place to stay.

                      BUT, MY FAVORITE PART!!!

                      Was the young man, from the night job that you had for a while!!

                      I remember asking why you would take a night job, when you had such a high day position and so much stress during the day.

                      You said “because I have some debt to pay, two kids to put through college, but also, GOD TOLD ME to work there. There are some young people there that need a mother figure and a Christian influence, and I’M IT.”

                      And now, years later, at your memorial service, one of those “young people” from that job stood to say that there were so many in his office who were doing drugs and “the wrong things”

                      “Wanda always talked about the Lord. She knew what we were doing. She didn’t judge us, she just kept reminding us that God was there and we needed to get right with Him. She ended up leading several of us to the Lord.”

                      He said that he had been running from God, and that “Wanda just wouldn’t give up on me.”

                      He said, “I didn’t have family, or people who supported me or believed in me, but I always knew that I had one person praying for me, and that was Wanda.

                      He said, “Now, I’m in Bible College, and I’m going to be a Pastor.”

                      Oh, Wanda, the whole place just broke out in praise and applause!!

                      Later, that “future pastor” told me that he was one of the few that you had called and told about your illness, back when this all started.

                      He said, “She told me that she was telling me, because she knew that I knew how to pray.”

                      He knew that he was one of the few that you had asked to pray for you, those many months ago, when all of this started.

                      He said that he felt “honored” that you had confided in him and asked him to pray.

                      I told him that had been the same word that Mike and I had used back then:


                      I had gone up to the young man, (was his name Adam?) after the service, and told him that there was “no such thing as only having Wanda praying.”

                      I told him that you had that whole office on the church prayer chain, and that you used to talk about the “young people” in that office, EVERY TIME that I saw you.

                      You would say, “Gods got these kids on a hook, and we have to keep praying for them, They are running from the Lord, and I know he’s called a couple of them into the ministry, They don’t believe it right now, but that is why God has me there to bug them!!”

                      Our pastor stood to say how many times you would call to let the church know of a member, especially one of the youth group, or college group, who had a need.

                      Crystal stood to say that you were ALWAYS there for the teenagers, and you did more than just show up for youth services.

                      You called them, visited them, cared for them.

                      One of the kids stood to say that you always had money for Pizza!

                      “Wanda always had time for us!”

                      I can remember so many times, watching youth service from the back, or a group of “kids” talking, and at first glimpse, you always looked like one of the teenagers.

                      How many times did I ask you, “Where on earth do you get your energy?”

                      Misty stood to say how many times you asked her to pray for your own kids.

                      All of us got that request often.

                      One of your employees went up front to say that you were “always the one watching over everyone, taking up collections for employees that had a hard time, collecting food and clothes for one who’s house had burned down.”

                      How many times did you write or email me to see if we had a job, or knew of a job, for someone who needed one?

                      One of your old business associates, stood to say what a blessing you had been to him and others, and he had driven from 3 States away to be there.

                      There were people there from at least 4 states that I know of.

                      I lost count of the number of people who stood to say what you had done for them and what you had been to them in their lives.

                      More than a dozen I think.

                      Over 400 people sat and listened for almost 2 hours.

                      TWO HOURS!

                      The pastor said that, “Wanda was always smiling, always positive, never complained. So when she came to me with a concern, I listened, because if Wanda was concerned about something, then there was something to be concerned about, You know what I mean?”

                      Damon, can’t you just hear him? He did a good job directing the service.

                      But he was so sad, he barely got through some parts.

                      He kept having to stop and swallow.

                      Janet is sad too. She really loves you, kid.

                      Pastor Damon also said, “Wanda could say things that other people couldn’t get away with, because, well,,,,she was Wanda.”

                      “Like, she told me one time, Pastor, you shouldn’t wear green, it doesn’t look good on you.”

                      He said, “I never wore green again.”

                      Everyone laughed.

                      It was the only funeral, or rather, “memorial service” that I’ve ever been to, that people laughed so loud, so much.

                      You would have loved that.

                      But mostly, dear friend, we cried.

                      I hope that you don’t mind.

                      I watched my 3 older sons cry streams of tears.

                      Andrew stood close to Amelia and I when everyone went outside at the end, Tears streaming down his arm and soaking his sister’s long hair.

                      You were a true friend.

                      You didn’t just care for me.

                      You cared for my children.

                      You were a light and a counselor, a helping hand, and a true friend to them.

                      And, to the children of so many others.

                      To the littlest children, through children’s church events,

                      To the teenagers, through youth and college events.

                      And to the elderly people.

                      And to Mike’s Sunday school class.

                      And to your co-workers.

                      And to your neighbors.

                      And to your sisters and your own family

                      and to your ailing father.

                      How many times did I tell you?

                      “Wanda, God’s got to heal you, because if He doesn’t, He’s going to have to come up with 10 or 20 people to replace you?”

                      Guess what the Pastor said?

                      Almost those exact words!

                      He said that all of us left here have to take up a lot of slack now that you are gone.

                      And several of us have made commitments to do just that.

                      Out of the 400 or so there, surely there will be more than 10 or 20 of us?

                      And maybe those 10 or 20, can go out and convince 10 or 20 more.

                      To be like you.

                      How can we be more like you?

                      Guess, it is really simple:

                      Be more like Christ.

                      Janet has about 40 new volunteers to the Ambassadors and Care ministries.

                      Most of them where at your funeral.

                      It made me wonder.

                      Wonder, if this is the answer to the question of why?


                      I’ve asked that so many times these past few months, watching you suffer so much.

                      Asking why, and trying not to get angry and frustrated with God.

                      But you never wavered in your faith or love for the Lord.

                      Nothing affected that.

                      Not the open bedsores.

                      The swollen body.


                      Sleeping upright just to be able to breath.

                      Really, not sleeping or resting at all for so long.

                      And the constant pain.

                      You never said that you were asking why.

                      I wonder if you did.

                      Many of the rest of us did.

                      We didn’t mention it to you though.

                      Because you never seemed to doubt.

                      Never seemed to ask, why.

                      You just kept saying that you were healed.

                      You just said that you were ready to go home, and happy to go home,

                      IF that was the way the Lord wanted to heal you.

                      The only time I saw you cry, was when talking about leaving your children behind.

                      You said, “I know they are grown, and they can take care of themselves, but they’re young, they still need somebody to watch over them.”

                      I knew what you meant, between the lines.

                      Young in the Lord.

                      You also cried when worrying that you were becoming a burden to others.

                      You were so uncomfortable receiving help from others.

                      I told you, God’s telling you that you don’t have to be the Lone Ranger any more.

                      You were always the giver, always the minister.

                      All of the things life threw you.

                      Disappointment, divorce. Debt.

                      You handled alone.

                      So many people didn’t even know that you gotten a divorce, and moved from the big lake home.

                      I think, even after the funeral, they still don’t know.

                      Quiet strength.

                      As always.

                      Depth and concern for others more than for yourself.

                      Even more beautiful on the inside, than you were on the outside.

                      Most women who are blessed with beautiful faces and beautiful figures are shallow and selfish.

                      In all the years that we have known you, I’ve never, ever witnessed you have one shallow or selfish moment.

                      Perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect figure, and perfect clothes.

                      But you never talked about those things.

                      Always avoided talking about yourself around others.

                      I never worried about my husband being one of your best friends.

                      Not once.

                      Because I knew you.

                      I always laughed to myself, when any other female would comment that were “so refined and high class”, “wealthy,”, “she always dresses up” “Wanda is so perfect” or that they were “intimidated” by you.

                      It was usually someone new to the church.

                      I would just tell them, “Wait until you get to know her.”

                      But, to get to know you, they had to be a person who was willing to get their hands dirty!

                      Shaun and Brad and I were saying that, “No one ever heard from Wanda, unless they were her latest project, or unless she wanted them to help with the latest project!”

                      There was no “hanging out” or “girlfriend to girlfriend” relationships with you.

                      No shopping.

                      Ha, that makes me laugh.

                      You just weren’t the type for women’s brunches.

                      I never saw you at a single one.

                      So, sad to say, many of the adult women just didn’t get to know you.

                      Because you were out there, taking a group of teenagers to lunch.

                      Stocking a home for yet one more houseguest.

                      Collecting food and clothes.

                      Or watching football with an elderly man who had cancer.

                      Or calling one of my kids to check on them,

                      or invite them to have a party at your house,

                      Because you knew they were rebelling, and I was at my wits end.

                      And now two of them are pastors also.

                      How much do I owe to you?

                      How much do all of us owe to you?

                      “Not to me!” I can hear you say, “to the LORD!”


                      Tuesday, when the service ended, everyone went outside and released pink balloons.

                      In honor of you.

                      And with prayers for all of those with breast cancer.

                      It was such a beautiful day, almost 70 degrees, the air was still.

                      Quite an amazing thing in an Oklahoma January!

                      And this huge cloud of balloons stayed together in a group, floating up slowly over the city.

                      Pink balloons darting and, literally, dancing back and forth, long ribbons streaming behind them.

                      So many people stood in the sunshine, in silence, just watching, as the balloons disappeared.

                      Everyone said that they wished you could have been there, to hear what was said about you:

                      the wonderful things that were said this past Tuesday afternoon.


                      I guess, the words that you heard Friday night, January 21, 2005, were much more important.



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                        From what I have gathe


                        From what I have gathered about Mario Murillo is that he is a man that is not hesitant to stand up for what he believes God would have him say or do. I don't see him as being part of the TBN let's get along crowd regardless of if the cost is departing from the gospel of Christ.

                        Because of your posts . . . I well . . . I just emailed him a few days ago. I did not get a response back from some other person from his ministry. I got a response back directly from him.

                        I will not go into all the details of our emails (because if anyone wants to talk to him, it appears you can email him directly); however, I will say that based on our conversation, that I gathered that Mario is a "real" man of God who is not willing to compromise the word of God. I was very, very impressed. This is what my desire has been for Carman Ministries . . . to take a stand and not worry about the celebrity Christian circuit. Mario reminded me of my own husband in his willingness to stand for what he believes in. Having said that, I cannot understand why Rose would leave him and hook up with someone like Carman (I realize I'm getting on the rumor fringe here so I will make it quick and sweet). I just suppose it was satan attacking and that she was deceived.

                        God Bless,

                        PS Sorry for your loss lu.

                        (Message edited by hillbilly on January 31, 2005)


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                          Good to hear someone&#3


                          Good to hear someone's being 'normal like'... when ya contact him. He seems to have a tremendous amount of integrity from what I have been hearin'. I could not believe all the secrecy an mafia type a stuff people have been reportin' in their experiences.

                          Ifn I was Carman, I would take a realistic look at it an edure the irratation, time consumption an go to a time of prayer without arrogance or dismissiveness.

                          Don't understand why he was a guest on Mr. C's TBN show? Did he say anthin' bout that to ya?

                          I wish that Mr. C would repent fer whatever he really needs to repent fer an that he could be a happier an nicer person an that people were not so dern rude an hostile that surround him an so charmin' when they wanna be.

                          Ten sighs an ifn I don't head out to read my Psalms it ain't gonna happen. Know how people have down time, I have me some Psalm time.

                          God's Generous an Patient Mercy to ya an all who post here friend or foe. Glad to hear bout Mario.


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                            You are crazy! Anyway


                            You are crazy! Anyway, as far as a Valentine gift . . . I don't know what kind of budget you have but I'm thinking something like "spa treatment" - you can get something like a manicure or pedicure (about $50 together) or the whole day (massage, etc.). Can't go wrong with something like this in my mind. And I'm sure you will get hugs and kisses as a result.

                            My husband gave me a full day at the spa for Christmas and boy was I a happy camper! I told him if he did this every year, he couldn't go wrong.

                            I found Mario to be extremely normal and yet extremely dedicated to the salvation message. That is the reason he has appeared with Carman on TBN. To "remind" (or loving "rebuke") everyone that it is not the psychoanalytical babblings that we hear today in the churches (my phrase but I believe he agrees) that it is the Gospel message of salvation that we are called to preach and teach.

                            God Bless,

                            (Message edited by hillbilly on February 02, 2005)


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                              God bless Mario Murillo.

                              God bless Mario Murillo.
                              Already wrote him and he will have my wholehearted prayers and support.

                              "What a man, what a man what a man what a mighty good man".

                              And somebody needs to fire the spin doctor

                              WHo wants to start a ground zero church???